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Research at AfricaRice – Processing and Value Addition


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Africa Rice’s Perspectives on Processing and Value Addition

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Research at AfricaRice – Processing and Value Addition

  1. 1. Research at AfricaRice –Processing and Value Addition John Manful22nd to 25th November 2011, Cotonou, Benin
  2. 2. Africa Rice’s Perspectives on Processing and Value Addition• Post harvest and value addition issues have been made a priority in the National Rice Development Strategies of many African countries.• Training programmes lined up for national scientists, extension workers, farmers, millers, parboilers and marketers.
  3. 3. On – going work
  4. 4. Grain quality evaluation• Basic support in grain quality evaluation to agronomy and breeding projects• Physico-chemical analysis carried out on 470 O. glaberrima varieties.• Another batch of 500 O. glaberrima samples have been prepared for analysis.• Starch structures and pasting properties as well as the glycemic indices will be determined for this batch.
  5. 5. Analyses and equipment available• Milling characteristics - Dehullers, polishers, grinders, broken separators• Physical properties Grain length - Statistic Rice Analyser Grain shape - Statistic Rice Analyser Chalkiness - Statistic Rice Analyser Grain colour - Minolta Chromameter Grain hardness - Kiya Hardness Tester
  6. 6. • Gelatinisation temperature - Alkali Spreading Value• Cooking properties• Pasting Characteristics - Rapid Visco Analyser• Textural properties - TA-XT Texture Analyser• Gel consistency• Amylose content - Amylose Auto Analyser
  7. 7. Mechanization- The following equipment for mechanization are being evaluated : - Planters - Row weeders - 4 different models of mini-combine harvesters.
  8. 8. By-product utilizationBriquettes from rice bran and husks 2011 AfricaRice Science Week and GRiSP-Africa Science Forum
  9. 9. Critical Issues: - Shape - Compressive force - Binders (type and concentration)
  10. 10. Rice bran as substrate for ediblemushroom cultivation
  11. 11. Compost bagsMushroommyceliumCompostbags Freshlyinoculated preparedwith compostmushroom bagsspawn
  12. 12. Oyster mushroomsP. ostreatus strain EM-1 P. eous strain OT-3
  13. 13. MerciThank you