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Heavy Oil Upgrading Catalyst Technology Presentation


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Heavy Oil Upgrading Catalyst Technology Presentation

  1. 1. December, 2013
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER  This document has been prepared by Bayshore Petroleum Corp.(the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) for the sole purpose of introducing the Company, and copying and delivery to others are strictly prohibited. Since the dissemination of this document within the jurisdiction of various countries might be subject to local laws, any individuals who will receive this document shall have a clear understanding of and comply with such laws and regulations.  There are no explicit or implied representations or warranties as regards the fairness, accuracy, integrity or correctness of the information contained in the document. This document is not intended to provide a complete or comprehensive analysis of the financial or trading position of the Company or its prospects. Therefore, any individuals who will receive this document shall be aware they shall not rely on the contents of this document.  This document does not form part of any offering document of the Company or constitute any offer or solicitation by or on behalf of the Company relating to any securities of the Company. This document is not intended to provide the basis of any creditor of the revaluation or form the basis of any investment decision in any securities of the Company.  The information and opinions provided in this document are up to the date of this document and might be subject to changes in the future in respect of which no further notice will be issued. The Company and its affiliated companies, advisors or representatives disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from using this document or its contents or from other aspects of this document (whether this is caused by negligence or other reasons).
  3. 3. Company Information • Bayshore is a Canadian Public Company with its stock trading • • • • in Toronto Venture Exchange (Symbol: BSH) Total issued shares – 16.4 million shares (October, 2013) 52 weeks Price range - $0.11- $0.45 The company develops conventional and unconventional oil/gas prospects in North America and International via: - Exploration and Development - Joint venture with local energy companies - Potential Merger & Acquisition Based in Calgary, Bayshore has Liaison Offices located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  4. 4. Introduction of Management Team Management Team Peter Ho (Canada): Mark Roth (Canada): CF Cheng (Hong Kong/China): CEO/President VP, Finance China Executive President Advisory Team Dr. Janusz Grabowski (Canada): Ken Sinclair (Canada): Technical Advisor Senior Technology Partner
  5. 5. Management Team Peter Ho – President and CEO of Bayshore Petroleum Corp. A Consultant with over 30 years of oil/gas industry experience in North America, China, Middle East, Asia. Mr. Ho is a registered professional Engineer and has worked in Multi-national companies such as BP, Texaco, Kerr McGee, TransCanada Pipeline. Mr. Ho has been involved in setting up a public company in Hong Kong, Canada and has strong relationship with PetroChina, China United Coalbed Methane Corp. and many other international oil/gas companies. Mr. Ho also has involved in numerous Heavy Oil, Oil sand, CBM projects in Canada and China for the past 20 years.
  6. 6. Potential Heavy Oil / Oil Sand Upgrading Technology Bayshore has secured a technology that is revolutionary in the energy industry The technology utilizes a proprietary catalyst to convert Heavy Oil/Bitumen into light oil (same as Diesel Quality) at normal pressure and low temperature Different than Conventional Upgrading technology and is a much more simple operation. Both energy efficient and environmental friendly than conventional process. Bayshore Management owns the right to market and manage the technology application worldwide. Market size of this business is well over billion dollars range
  7. 7. Conventional Oilsand/Heavy Oil Upgrading Complex Upgrading process involving High Pressure, Temperature and Hydrogen
  8. 8. CCC Heavy Oil/ Bitumen Upgrading Technology CCC C ATALYS T ONE SINGLE STEP !!! 420 Deg C Atm Pres. No Hydrogen Light Oil (>30 API Diesel Grade) Petcoke Synthetic Gas
  9. 9. Merits of the Technology UPGRADING PROCESS - CONTINUED  There are surplus high heating value synthetic gas and petroleum coke produced in the upgrading process.  The process is designed to upgrade the heavy oil directly to raw Diesel without other petroleum distillates such as Gas Oil, Kerosene, Naphtha, etc.  The yield of more than 0.8 barrel of diesel per barrel of heavy oil is much higher than conventional refinery which has less than 0.35 barrel of diesel!!  The new technology can be applied to upgrade Heavy oil or Bitumen from oil sand into light oil products in a much more efficient manner than the conventional conversion process.
  10. 10. Process Description Mixing Catalyst and Heavy oil/Bitumen in container and run through pyrolysis with no pressure or Hydrogen added Volatile products are collected and condensed into Diesel oil. The other product include Synthetic Gas and solid Petroleum Coke (PETCOKE) The complete pyrolysis batch process takes 3-3.5 hours to complete and the temperature slowly heated from ambient temperature to 450 degree Celsius.
  11. 11. Lab Scale Bench Test
  12. 12. HEAVY OIL UPGRADING Laboratory Scale Test Results
  13. 13. Formal China Oilsand / heavy Oil laboratory test reports prepared for Bayshore Petroleum. The Inventor is very keen to apply this Canada/China joint venture technology to Global Heavy Oil/ Oil Sand countries.
  14. 14. Potential Heavy Oil/ Oilsand Upgrading Technology Economic Benefit $60/Bbl
  15. 15. Scale Up Pilot Test Small Scale Pilot Upgrader has already been constructed and tested in Beijing Facility with anticipated Results
  16. 16. Scale Up Pilot Test Diesel coming out from the scale up pilot plant Unloading coke generated in the process Chunky Valuable Petcoke
  17. 17. Capital Cost Simple Operation requires only heating vessel Estimated Capital cost $10,000 US per barrel per day of heavy oil processing Example: $20 million US will be able to build a 2,000 barrels per day heavy oil processing plant that can yield 1,650 barrels of diesel plus synthetic gas and Petroleum coke. Design of the processing plant will utilize the gas for heating and save significant operating cost!!
  18. 18. Economic Parameters 1 Barrel of Heavy oil yield 0.83 barrel of Diesel oil using 0.02 barrel of catalyst Cost of Heavy Oil - $60/bbl Cost of Catalyst - $200/bbl Selling price of Diesel - $110/bbl Plant Operating cost - $8/bbl Net Profit - $19-$20/bbl !!!
  19. 19. World Heavy Oil Resources The BIG PICTURE !! > 3.4 Trillion Barrels !!! 19
  20. 20. Funding Requirement Bayshore is seeking Global Heavy Oil owners and funding groups to work together and expand the technology worldwide Bayshore is raising 5 million Cdn private placement from Strategic investors to expand the business opportunity. $0.18/share for a total issuance of 27.778 million shares Minimum Subscription -$0.5 million Private Placement to be completed by December 31, 2013.
  21. 21. Funding Requirement Proceeds of the funding will be used to conduct business development, marketing, sample collection, conducting laboratory and small scale test, commercial scale engineering design and general G&A. It is anticipated at least 3 major upgrader projects will be secured in the next 6 months which Bayshore will be able to participate or joint venture with other groups. If feasible, further fund raising by Bayshore will be conducted to implement the project in each country.
  22. 22. BAYSHORE PETROLEUM CORPORATION FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Exploration of better utilization of synthetic gas and Petroleum coke to provide Bayshore with another stream of steady income.  Expansion of the new catalyst technology can eventually be applied underground and turn heavy oil or oil sand reservoirs into light hydrocarbon reservoirs with high productivity and valuable products (synthetic gas and light oil). Bayshore will become the pioneer of the in-situ upgrading technology company and this development will open up even more opportunities for Bayshore to become a strong upstream operator. 22
  23. 23. Value Chain of Heavy Oil/Bitumen Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel product Catalyst Gas Surface Upgrader Mid/Down Stream Desulphurizer Petroleum Coke 5 – 20 API Heavy Oil In Situ Upgrading Upstream Operation 23
  24. 24. CONTACT For Further Information and contact: Mr. Peter Ho  Canada- +1-403-630-4355, Hong Kong +852-9160-4450