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  • Cpm sales offering 10 06 2012

    1. 1. Logo clientCustomer Process Management (CPM) Increasing a company‟s competitiveness
    2. 2. – Draft – Agenda • Introduction • Our CPM offering, approach & recent assignments • The House of MarketingPresentation1 2
    3. 3. – Draft – Customer process management allows to tackle some major marketing challenges marketers face today Customer Process Management is about… * … understanding the voice of the customer … increasing a firm‟s competitiveness by reducing waste … building competitive advantages … aligning different channels … understanding who does what Based on the 2012 YMS, we see Marketing still needs to work on defining / reviewing processes Source: Yearly Marketing Survey 2012 – The House of Marketing * Indicating this challenge as one of their top 3 challengesPresentation1 3
    4. 4. – Draft – Objective is to do things better with optimized processes and to align the organization to deliver outstanding customer experience in each customer touch point Do things better with optimized processes … … and develop a customer-centric approach Coming from … • Weakly defined marketing processes Touch • Lack of clear roles & responsibilities Point Touch • Time to market depends on goodwill Point • Hard work leads to basic quality Touch Customer Point … and going to Touch • Processes are defined and shared Point • Everybody know who does what & when Touch • Time to market is shorter & more predictable Point • Qualitative results in line with efforts Strategy Customer Experience is the competitive battleground of today‟s economyPresentation1 4
    5. 5. – Draft – Due to internal & external challenges, lots of companies today need CPM in order to continue to be competitive External challenges Internal challenges • Mergers & Acquisitions • Silo management • Changing market conditions • Lack of dialogue between BU • Increasing competitive pressure Competitive • Unclear „who does what‟ • Lack of customer loyalty Advantage • Long time-to-market • Negative brand perception • Excessive costs • Unprecedented budget cuts • Repeated performance errors Customer Process Management (CPM) projects are centered on marketing and extends to surrounding sales, support and services organizations and aids firms in creating an organizational structure with aligned roles, responsibilities and processes to stay competitivePresentation1 5
    6. 6. – Draft – Processes are enablers to translate business objectives into business results Vision Mission Business ambitions Value proposition Value creation Value capturing Environmental & competitive scan Marketing Marketing Customer Equity Marketing value Auditing strategy drivers Segmentation & Products / Technology targetting Intention Behaviour Services Acquisition Business objectives Business objectives Business objectives Awareness Price Premium Engine Business Paradigms Purchase Process & Business results Experience Perception & Retention Communication Reputation Commitment Market share Balance scorecard Positioning Recommen- Relationship building Preference dation Channel Management Scope Price Positioning Marketiing Performance Management Deep Channel & Customer Insights Marketing plan Return on Investment Innovation Enablers Commercial Process Employer Branding Technology & Systems Management & OrganizationPresentation1 6
    7. 7. – Draft – Agenda • Introduction • Our CPM offering, approach & recent assignments • The House of MarketingPresentation1 7
    8. 8. – Draft – The efficient customer centric organization is closely aligned on 5 faces 1 Customer Insights • Understand Client Journey Strategy • Link measurable customer metrics Commercial Strategy to stakeholder value The Efficient Customer Centric 2 Tangible Business Results Core Commercial Organization Processes • Align the core and TO-BE process TO-BE with customer expectations Process The Customer Processes • Assess AS-IS process, identify value gaps and improve AS-IS Processes 3 • Define and align roles & Roles and Responsibilities responsibilities along end-to-end Organization processes Structure • Ensure optimal organizational structure 4 Culture and • Identify opportunities for training People Capabilities and coaching 5 Business Business • Ensure an enabling IT Technology Requirements Requirements infrastructure Processes are a crucial part in building a customer centric organizationPresentation1 8
    9. 9. – Draft – THoM supports companies in developing efficient processes and to define clear roles & responsibilities Most CPM projects start with improving the core processes… Core AS IS TO BE process Processes processes Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 DISCOVER MAP ANALYZE IMPROVE CONTROL Process • Perform an • Map AS-IS • List pain points • Map TO BE • Define KPI‟s and inventory of core • Gather SIPOC processes based and identify processes and control processes on interviews • Model areas of validate during improvement • Conduct an •AS-IS AS-IS Confirm improvements workshop metrics. analytical review processes during on AS IS process • Define detailed to rank process processes workshops • Propose, process in terms of • Verify results evaluate and descriptions, criticality prioritize RACI and tools • Select most improvement specifications critical processes opportunities • Implement new for review processes … followed by defining roles & responsibilities within the organization Roles (departments, people) involved in the process Organization R – Responsible A – Accountable C – Consulted I – InformedPresentation1 List of activities and decisions
    10. 10. – Draft – Companies face some important challenges to implement an efficient customer-centric approach Give a „central‟ role to your marketing Optimize processes to improve overall department to ensure consistency across all marketing department performance and touch points. This can be synonym of reviewing efficiency and also guarantee a better the company‟s organizational structure, or at communication and collaboration amongst least the roles and responsibilities. different departments. 1 2 Review Marketing Optimize marketing organization processes 4 3 Integrate customer Integrate online & insights offline channels Integrate customer insights in the decision The integration of online and offline. Reinforce making-process and follow impact of consistency at all touch points to improve marketing actions through well defined KPI‟s. customer experience. This can only be possible if you start mastering data internally.Presentation1 10
    11. 11. 1 Review Marketing – Draft – organization Optimize marketing processes Integrate customer Integrate online & Review Marketing Organization insights offline channels Central role of marketing Our approach To implement a customer-centric approach across the whole company, marketers will need to play a central role : • Screen marketing department CPM Strategy • coordinate and oversee customer-focused functions including R&D, customer internal organization to service, market research, and CRM assess efficiency • ensure consistency at all touch points • Review the role of Marketing • remove obstacles to the flow and quality of customer information department within the • use KPIs to measure (by metrics such as customer lifetime value and customer company equity) company‟s overall performance • Set-up a revised organizational design The design of the new organizational structure should be based on 6 main • Map or define business principles in order to: processes where marketing should be collaborating with Processes • gain consistency and flexibility other departments to ensure • convey a positive message to all people working within the company customer-centric activities at all levels of the company 1 4 Empowerment enforced with end-to- Design of a customized structure in • Define validation and end responsibility, increased which quality, expertise, added- reporting processes autonomy and accountability value and creativity can be • Implement and follow up KPIs demonstrated 2 5 Simplicity through the reduction of Integration of „Brand building‟ and • Review roles and hierarchy levels and assessment of „Positioning‟ activities and new responsibilities to empower Organization department size initiatives to reinforce the brand marketing department identity • Review organizational 3 6 structure and define which Efficiency & Performance gains due activities should be to improved processes, tools and Improved internal and external supervised by Marketing overall time to market (automation & collaboration outsourcing)Presentation1 11
    12. 12. 2 Optimize marketing – Draft – Review Marketing organization processes Integrate customer Integrate online & Optimize Marketing Processes insights offline channels Marketing process optimization Our approach The reason for launching a Marketing process improvement (MPI) project is mostly to improve the day-to-day work of marketing team by tackling all • Performing an inventory of CPM Strategy pain points they face. core processes to scope the most critical processes and • Some processes are inefficient and can be optimized prioritize their review • Processes are often not documented • Map the AS IS processes to • Roles and responsibilities of the marketing sub-departments are not always clear understand the current and not properly communicated internally nor towards other departments situation • Understanding of detailed job description and content may disappear when a person leaves the company • Analyzing pain points to identify areas of improvement and propose action plans Processes • Proposing „TO BE‟ In that perspective, we conduct in-depth review of your marketing processes that contain the processes to understand AS IS situation, identify pain points and propose improvements customized TO BE processes as well as clarified roles & responsibilities. Our objective is mainly to help your department achieve performance: • Propose realistic solutions with regards to the company‟s culture • Analyze interdependencies to reinforce roles & responsibilities of the department • Defining KPIs to control • Focus on improving lead times and efficiency Organization proper implementation and • Propose changes as well as quick wins & prepare the transition with good change improvement matrix management tips to acquire the internal buy-in • Define KPIs to monitor and share progress made on efficiency & performancePresentation1
    13. 13. – Draft – Review Marketing organization Optimize marketing processes Integrate customer 3 Integrate online & Integrate online & offline channels insights offline channels Cross-channel approach Our approach Our hyper-fragmented world with numerous communication channels explains easily the importance of a cross-channel approach • Reinforce consistency at all CPM Strategy touch points to improve • The modern customer is a cross-channel customer customer experience • Different messages are launched via different channels • Leverage customer insights • Lack of understanding across online and offline - When an online message is relevant or when mass media will do the job • Analyze how various media - Of the cross-channel interactions of the customers tactics are performing - Of the importance of the integration of online and offline • Lack of data quality & KPI‟s to measure ROMI • Organization isn‟t adapted to the integration challenge of online & offline • Develop a process to integrate online and offline marketing efforts Processes In that perspective, we want to develop a structural marketing • Define KPIs to measure ROMI reorganization as well as a process adaptation to obtain the integration of of offline, online and their online and offline channels. interdependency (cross- channel measurement Our objective is mainly to obtain a strategy of online and offline synergy : framework) • Identify ideal media mix • Understand cross-channel causality (impact online research on offline sales; online content on offline sales; store visits on online sales; online marketing activities on offline sales and vice versa) • Define an organizational • Develop a cross-channel measurement framework structure to integrate online Organization (metrics & data points to analyze the performance of various media) and offline departments • Integrate online and offline customer intelligence to make better decisions • Define RACI for the • Define the ideal media mix collaboration of online and • Provide consistent branding throughout the different channels offlinePresentation1 13
    14. 14. – Draft – Review Marketing organization Optimize marketing processes 4 Integrate customer Integrate online & Integrate Customer Insights insights offline channels Understanding customer data Our approach Companies are today confronted with a mass of data but often don‟t know how to understand this data and to translate the data to customer insights. • Mapping of Marketing & CPM Strategy Business needs related to • Increasing amount of information available. What should be measured? customer intelligence • Lack of measurement is an issue to deliver strong customer experience • Identify potential data • How and who should derive customer insights? sources within the company and analyse usability 1 2 Define what to • Develop a data quality measure Gather process • Define KPI‟s to manage & Processes customer measure data quality data • Define processes to share customer insights internally Evaluate & fine- tune Derive 5 customer • Define roles & resp. related to insights 3 data management Organization • Define organizational structure to optimize usage of Define action customer data / intelligence & roles 4Presentation1 14
    15. 15. – Draft – THoM develops a tailor made approach for your specific CPM challenges ... Analyze current Define pain points Implement the TO- Control & monitor situation & and the TO-BE BE processes & TO- (KPI‟s) understand AS-IS processes & BE organization processes & organization organization Deliverables: Deliverables: Deliverables: Deliverables: • Analysis of existing • Workshop to discuss • Internal communication • KPI‟s to manage info on processes & the current pain points of the To-Be processes efficiency of To-Be organization • To-Be processes and and roles & processes and roles & • Internal interviews to roles & responsibilities responsibilities responsibilities are understand AS-IS are clearly mapped • Professional Change defined & measured • All stakeholders are Management plan to • Action plan to react on involved as from the implement successfully evolution of KPI‟s start Project duration & budget depend on company needs & scope. (high level budget estimation: 80 k – 120 k EUR)Presentation1 15
    16. 16. – Draft – ... and offers the possibility to perform a CPM quick scan in 6 weeks to identify pain points within the organization FROM: Chaos TO: Efficiency Scan the surface (internal interviews) 2 weeks THoM CPM Quick Scan High level analysis of AS-IS processes & organization 3 weeks Discuss identified pain points & how to improve (workshop) 1 week Deliverable: high-level analysis of the AS-IS processes & organization and identification of the pain points. Development of the To-Be processes & organization and implementation aren‟t included in the CPM quick scan. A CPM quick scan can be performed in 6 weeks to identify process & organization pain points. Budget estimation: approximately 45 k EUR (budget varies according to company needs)Presentation1 16
    17. 17. – Draft – CPM projects are a long-term investment. More efficient & customer-oriented processes will generate a positive ROI. Increase efficiency Reduce costs Competitive advantage & client satisfaction Improve quality Customer orientedPresentation1 17
    18. 18. – Draft – THoM CPM Credentials • HR Services Company – Defining the sales & • Waste Management Company – Improvement of lead marketing organization to support the customer generation processes and optimization of oriented strategy and more efficient commercial relationship management activities • Pharmaceutical Company – Analyze the current • Financial Software Developer – Redefinition of innovation approach and formalize the innovation Marketing Organization to enable the client to reach process into a market driven innovation approach its growth objectives • Retailer – Develop customer centric marketing • Manufacturing Sector – Implement a customer processes centric approach & define roles & responsibilities of product managers 1 2 Review Marketing Optimize marketing organization processes 4 3 Integrate customer Integrate online & insights offline channels • HR Services Company – Define processes and • Utilities Industry – Formalize process to align online segment-oriented marketing dashboard to increase & offline channels usage of market & business intelligence in daily marketing activitiesPresentation1 18
    19. 19. – Draft – Agenda • Introduction • Our CPM offering, approach & recent assignments • The House of MarketingPresentation1 19
    20. 20. – Draft – CPM is closely related to our other marketing expertises • Market Intelligence • Business & Marketing Planning I. Strategic • Segmentation • Employer Branding Marketing • Branding & Positioning • Sustainability • Pricing • Social Media • Product/ Brand/ Category • Shopper Marketing II. Go-to-Market Management • Customer Relationship Management • Communication (offline & online) • Customer Process Management • Marketing Audit • Organization & Change Management • Marketing Coaching & Training III. Organization • Customer Expectations capabilities • Marketing Dashboards IV. Performance • Marketing Performance Management Management • Customer Lifetime Value & ROMIPresentation1 20
    21. 21. – Draft – We are delivering tangible value by bridging the knowing doing gap… CLTV Targeting ROMI Segmentation Industry Analysis Positioning Strategic excellence Competitive Analysis Marketing Strategy Market Branding Intelligence Strategy Customer & Product & Brand Equity Channel Mgt Marketing Mix Evaluation Communication Mgt Customer Satisfaction Marketing Planning Operational pragmatism Marketing Audit Organization Mgt Coaching CPM & Training CRMPresentation1 21
    22. 22. – Draft – … and combine strategic excellence and operational pragmatism in a unique way Strategic excellence Operational pragmatismOur marketing consultants Our marketing consultants• Have proven track record in • Have demonstrated capacity to make strategic marketing advice things happen within complex companies as well as in local action-• Team up with your “best in class” driven business units high potentials • Apply practical knowledge of• Create relevant insights in the successful corporate sales & business marketing organizations• Identify the true leverages for • Turn initiatives into tangible action significant improvements plans• Turn opportunities into structured • Help you to implement successfully and prioritized business initiatives strategic recommendations We help you building & transforming strategic objectives into well- considered and successful business initiativesPresentation1 22
    23. 23. – Draft – We are testing, challenging & consulting the marketing community for more than 15 years…Presentation1 23
    24. 24. – Draft – … and have a clear vision on how marketing has to evolve • Strategic consistency • Prioritize & choose the right target group • Consistent brand across all channels • Seek leadership in specific category • Customer centricity • Detect trends & act • Early warning systems & processes • Willingness to change • Flexibility & Speed • Innovative company culture • Diversity of profiles • Idea generation process • Idea valuation • Porosity & open-mindedness • KPI‟s & dashboards • Scenario analysis & ROMI • Connect with marketing intelligence • Analytical culture & skills • People: yours & every stakeholder • Planet: ACT on innovation, packaging, promotion... • Profit: business-minded marketersPresentation1 24
    25. 25. – Draft – Contact The House of Marketing Grégory Delens Mobile: +32 (0) 479 749 746 E-Mail: gregory.delens@thom.be The House of Marketing Kardinaal Mercierplein, 2 B-2800 Mechelen Belgium Office +32 (0)15 444 000 Fax +32 (0)15 444 044 www.thehouseofmarketing.be Join us on LinkedIn Follow us on TwitterPresentation1 25
    26. 26. – Draft – Back-up Agenda • Introduction • Our CPM offering, approach & recent assignments • The House of Marketing • CredentrialsPresentation1 26
    27. 27. – Draft – Back-up Optimize commercial processes and organization to recover sales increase French player in the services industry C H Due to increasing competition and the shift to a volume BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMER A L based strategy in the market, customer had to reinforce L the structure and processes of its commercial E N department. • Starting the new year with a reinforced commercial G E structure at national level, clear objectives for each commercial and a more attractive commissioning  Analysis of the French‟s market‟s full sales potential system  Overview on current sales ratios (per commercial, • New segmentation of client‟s portfolio with specific geographical area, sector, transformation rates for commercial approach for each segment opportunities into sales…) • Strong adhesion of directors and commercials in the  Development of a new client segmentation changes involved by the project  Redefinition of commercial sectors based on the quantification of the potential and identification of the • Reduction of sales force by 5 FTP (using current optimal sales force to reach. Match between these two vacancies while optimizing the coverage of sales M criteria to reallocate accordingly the commercial force potential) E among the country. • Increase of sales objectives by 21 M€ T  Review of the data bases to ensure the good H reallocation of new client portfolio to each commercial O Benefit of THoM assignment:  Development of sales plans at national and local levels D +7% O  Mapping of the optimal commercial processes and the roles and responsibilities involved at each step  Assessment of the management team and recommendations on the ideal structure to reach  Setting up of new objectives for the coming year per +7% commercial and review of the commissioning system 100% 107%  Establishment of clear missions for both sales and marketing teams with the objective to ensure effective communication between both departments S • Duration: 1,5 FTE for 5 months C O • Function: Consultant Actual Setting up of Targeted P • Role of THoM: Project management; development of revenues new new E revenues tools; planning and conduct of workshops; analyses commercial objectivesPresentation1 27
    28. 28. – Draft – Process Management: Decreasing marketing project lead- Back-up times by 50 % B2B Marketing Department, Utilities Sector C Implement business processes in B2B Marketing H BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMER Department Belgium in order to: A L • Decrease costs of marketing campaigns/ projects L • Decrease lead-times of marketing campaigns/ • All core Marketing processes on paper (11): a platform to E projects not only question what they are doing but also how they are N • Improve collaboration between internal doing things. A continuous improvement mindset across the G departments: M&S, Legal, Comm., HR department. E • A Marketer toolbox was created with all relevant tools, or documents that needed to be used throughout marketing 1. Map the TO BE processes processes/ projects. Analysis of core tasks within the marketing team lead to the creation of optimal core “To Be” processes: from planning, to • Proposal made wrt a consistent project management product development, to launch and KIR. 11 processes in total. approach to use during all Marketing projects. 2. Map the AS IS processes • A clear roles & responsibilities charter with all interacting Analysis of the current way of working in the form of departments: consensus on key tasks workshops and interviews. Identification made of pain points, gain points and improvement opportunities M 3. Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan E • Decrease in lead time by 50% and in some cases 70% - Gap analysis made of the TO BE and AS IS processes. T - Action plan definition to realize improvement opportunities H 4. Implementation and testing of processes O - Allocation of process owners within the organization. D - Trainings conducted. O - All processes were tested through pilots to ensure the optimal results could be reached. 5. Meeting charter and Project Management method - Design meeting charters to be used in key meetings. - Validation process created with key tollgates and quality KPI‟s. 6. Inventory of Marketing Tools: 56 tools were provided in total S • Duration: 1 FTE during 18 months C • Function: Project manager O • THoM‟s role: Project coordination, project management, P design of process related, validation meeting, tool E developments, KPIs definition, training material developmentPresentation1 28
    29. 29. – Draft – Back-up From product to customer focus: Increase client and market dimension within product management & into mkt processes? Belgian market leader in switches and socket outlets in the sector of manufacturing C Today the marketing department lacks clear definition of the H roles & responsibilities within the team. Also the efficiency can be BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMER A optimized in the team since no sufficient procedures and L processes exist with clear defined ownership which leads to L • Defined clear roles & responsibilities of different Product inefficiency since team members developed different ways of E working. Further the product mgmt (PM) department focuses too Managers (junior PM, PM, Senior PM) within the Marketing N much on the product solutions instead of the customer needs and team. The „good‟ practice helps to create focus in the team G expectations. and facilitates decision taking on which projects to be done E and when they can be done (resource planning). Project Purpose: Clarify roles and responsibilities within the marketing team and increase process driven working to increase • Developed a process for each of the defined process in efficiency and market & customer orientation within the scope which will enhance the efficiency within the Marketing marketing department by optimizing following processes: department and which clearly states and identifies ownerhip of − Roadmap process defined actions with with clear roles & responsibilities − Commercial planning Process (Yearly Budget Cycle & Marketing Plan) − Roadmap process − New Product Launch − Detail the role of product mgmt within new product development − Commercial planning Process (Yearly Budget Cycle & − Marketing communication: Promotion process, product catalog process, Marketing Plan) collateral process − New Product Launch M To define the roles & responsibilities within PM following method − Detail the role of product mgmt within new product E was used: development T − Performed several interviews to gather input on all tasks performed − Marketing communication: Promotion process, product catalog H − Performed a 1 day training with all pm to list consolidate all tasks and established list of all day-to-day product management tasks – with RACI process, collateral process O model D − Performed a refreshment workshop with all pm‟s − Established „good‟ practice time spending on day-to-day PM tasks Performed interviews and workshops to develop the optimized • With the defined processes developed templates (e.g. processes for the Marketing department. For each process a 4 Briefing document between PM & communication to step approach was followed develop collateral or promotion action, e.g. Marketing − Analyze AS-IS situation: perform desk research & interviews − Workshops to describe the AS-IS & identify improvement area‟s plan,...) to facilate and support the developed processes to − Workshops to define the TO-BE process decrease time to perform the process (e.g. Develop a In total 60 interviews were performed and 29 workshops (3h) promotion or collateral will be facilitated and shortened by were conducted. introduction of a clear briefing template). • 1 MC for 7months 38 md‟s & 1 senior consultant 50% during 7 months - 90md‟s => total # md‟s = 128 day‟s • Increased customer orientation with the Marketing S C • Function: Consultant project within Mkt department department. O • Role of THoM: desk research, perform interviews, prepare and P execute workshops, consolidate findings into finalized • Defined an internal responsible for each established E processes with clear ownership & timelines, develop process in order to assure follow-up and continuous templates, feedback to marketing director and management improvement of each of the defined processes.Presentation1Team of Niko.
    30. 30. – Draft – Back-up Aligning an organization towards a B2B operational excellence A leading mobile operator • Agree upon a Group strategy for a newly created BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMER C business unit H A • Agree upon the value proposition (commercial offer) L we can commercialize today • Definition of the possible business models L • Agree upon core processes, macro-processes & • Alignment of 3 organizations on the same processes E detailed processes with clear organization and Roles & Responsibilities N G • Agree upon the detailed RACI model • Clear communication flows towards B2B customers E • Align 3 group entities that were recently integrated • Identification of into the Group on the same way of working • Open strategic questions • Key gaps in organization • Core team definition; 1-2-1 meetings M • BPM Super system definition "The structured, tested approach THoM took in working E with our team delivered clean, documented results T • MVNO Strategy validation bought into by all parties. The precise basis we needed H • “MVNO” offering definition O for taking the business further. An exceptional result.“ D • Core processes identification, definition & design – Lead Manager, Belgacom Mobile O • Detailed processes & RACI definition • Validation • 1 FTE during 5 months S • Function: Project manager C • THoM‟s role: Project coordination, project management, O P design of process related to product innovation, E development & management, coaching of customer‟s teamPresentation1 30