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Corporate presentation

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  3. 3. Vision Our vision captures the essence of who we are. We aim to have Customers for Life. To earn loyalty, we believe in being committed to our clients and giving them an experience of a lifetime. To create value in their eye we go the extra mile. We want to be known for our values‐ reliability, flexibility, ownership, responsiveness, our innovative solutions and exemplary customer service. We realize these every day in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction‐ Growth, Longevity and Financial Success are derivatives that follow course.
  4. 4. Mission To contribute integrally to our customers business growth through a judicious blend of team effort and experience, using technology innovation and result oriented solutions. We strive to build a premier entrepreneurial company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members, and shareholders.
  5. 5. Key Differentiations Comprehensive  Focus on Industry  Services to Global  Research & Value  Clients Added Services Rich legacy &  Rich legacy & Strong Leadership  experience in Statical  & Governance analysis & research Backward Integration:  Backward Integration: Extensive  experience Founders with strong  in Market Research  foodhold in Research Industry b3Intelligence’s comprehensive services help clients in achieving significant business  benefits realization by making their processes leaner, efficient, cost effective and faster.
  6. 6. Senior Most Researchers in the  IndustryOur Strengths Multi Country Research Capability Multi Country Research Capability Industry Tracking and Environmental  Scan Array of Syndicated Databases Largest Field Network for Custom  Research Strategic Marketing Consultancy International Toolkit in Specialized  Businesses Specialists with Industry/Sector  Knowledge
  7. 7. Why b3Intelligence? Skilled, Experienced Professionals in offshore services support for the US with an average of 6 + years’ experience in Diverse Research. We understand complexities which work well in a remote model and methodologies which do not yield desirable output. Focus on outcome based delivery models rather than simple cost and labor arbitrage solutions. Data integrity Our D t i t it ‐ O process and quality checks ensure you about th i t it i our d t at th hi h t l l d lit h k b t the integrity in data t the highest level. Security and Compliance Processes are deployed to ensure security of your data. Infrastructure with redundant capabilities to ensure High Availability. One stop One‐stop shop ‐We provide end‐to‐end services delivering high client savings We do this through a We end to end savings. combination of labor arbitrage and excellent execution, improving our clients internal process functionalities. We have proven references to validate these claims. Multiple pricing methodologies‐ outcome based approach.
  8. 8. b3Intelligence’ s success is driven by Technology Turnaround Time Cost Process SLAs Knowledge• Improved • 24/7 Approach: • Need to pay per • Strict guidelines • Subject Matter extensibility Work While You transaction basis to achieve Experts Sleep - no fixed Cost deliverables Like:• Blended • Transactional incurred for KPO • Low TAT Platform • Day/Night knowledge Vs Services • High Quality Advantage Domain• b3intelligence’s intelligence s • Flexible costing • Reporting Knowledge SOA ( Service • Faster Turn models for system Oriented Around Time • Re-engineering consulting • Performance Architecture) Process Vs • Agility and speed services eSCM, CMM for Coping the in completing the a win-win • Only variable process tasks as s proposition iti cost is incurred ti i d by the client for• Customized KPO services focus • Timely high• Remote and quality outputs Secured are delivered Processing
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  10. 10. Market Research Offerings Data Analytics and  Quality control Data monitoring Reporting Data Management verbatim analysis Database  Regular quality  Regular quality Regular survey results  Regular survey results Dashboard  Dashboard Tabulations standardization /  control monitoring reporting cleaning Database custodian,  Research quality  Coding Quota management Web reporting maintenance and  control updating Advertising creative  Data recoding  Data mining /  impressions  Presentations /reclassification  querying monitoring Advertising campaign  Data entry monitoring Market research  Media tracking panel cleaning /  maintenance SQL programming p g g
  11. 11. Advanced Analytical Capabilities  Structural Analysis of  Perceptual  Multivariate  Chi‐Square  Cluster  Discriminant  Factor  Logistic  Equation  Variance  analysis mapping  linear  analysis  analysis analysis regression regression Modeling  (ANOVA) techniques (SEM)
  12. 12. Advance Statistical Techniques Customer  Satisfaction/  y y Loyalty Market  Segmentation  Market Structure  Market Structure Insights and  Product  Positioning  Multivariate  Weighting
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Pharmaceutical Research offerings  • Survey reports, with consumer insights and information  categorically highlighted.  Medical Writing Medical Writing • Information and analysis of the latest medical practices, drugs sold  and consumer feedback. • Detailed secondary and online research regarding various medical  and drug related issues and trends.  Database Creation • Bio Medical Literature. • Patents. • Clinical Documents. Text Mining • Medical Literary Sources. • Biology and Chemistry related assignments.  Biology and Chemistry related assignments • SAR Relationships.  Web Mining Numerical Data Mining g Data Analysis
  15. 15.
  16. 16. b3intelligence strive for excellence in client delivery by stringent adherence to performance indicators  p Transaction  T i Process  P Service Levels Fulfillment  Transformation Value added per  V l dd d Turnaround Time First Time Right employee Operational  Operational Quality defects per  Quality defects per Project cost  Project cost Efficiency Million reduction
  17. 17. Transition ApproachTransition PreparationTransition Preparation (0.5 week) Transition As‐is  (Interviews and  Documents Collections)  (1.5 week) (1 5 week) Job Shadowing Job Shadowing (2 Week) Transition Completion (1 Week)
  18. 18. Transition Governance Structure Transition Program Management Office b3i lli intelligence Client Cli t Transition in  Transition Lead Charge b3intelligence  Team b3i lli intelligence Management   M Support for Successful Transition Quality Analyst
  19. 19. Standard Operating Procedure for Transition Project Tracking & Control Task Management Issue Management Risk Management Ri k M t Document Repository Communication Plans Communication Plans
  20. 20. Transition Communication Plan • Design Communication strategy and approach • Identify key audiences/stakeholders Plan Communication • Identify communication mode • Establish timeframe for communication • Develop Management approval documents for communication • Develop communication approval process Develop Communication • Finalize information distribution mode. • Identify feedback mechanism  • Deliver communication material Deliver Communication • Track Communication activity. • Evaluate feedback • Modify communication execution activities  for effectiveness.  Assess Communication • Modify communications activities based on feedback mechanism. • Report measurement result for management
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  22. 22. Case StudyOur client, a Honomichl Global Top 25 market research firm decided to move their tabulations model of internal support; to an outsourcingmodel, giving them the ability to scale their offerings and at the same time remove the headcount expense that would be accounted for at thebeginning of the year. The key for this being a success was for the vendor to ensure projects were delivered efficiently; meeting all timelinewith a high level of quality. After vetting multiple vendors, b3intelligence was chosen to run a test pilot with this company. The challenge inmeeting the needs of the vendor was the ability to adapt to non standardized software currently used. Our analysts were able to easily learnthis software, understand the project requirements, and ensure trends were not broken by moving to this new structure.Our experienced tabulations team not only learned the new software (using simply old scripts) and deliver the projects on time; they alsowent above and beyond to re‐create outputs for old projects for various client ad‐hoc requests. Due to our performance during this pilot, wewere selected as the primary tabulations source, completing over 100 projects in under 8 months.Some of the immediate benefits going this model and using our services can be broken out as followHeadcount: With increasing workload our services gave the client Cost: Our per project cost is 20‐40% lower than competitors due tothe flexibility to scale their tabulations offerings without having to which our services allowed our client to save over USD 30,000 overincrease headcount not knowing if the business growth is g g 8 monthssustainableScalability: Our tabulations team is staffed with very experienced Efficiency: We work in multiple shifts to ensure the work gets donetabulators, which allows us to modify the manpower requirements in shortest possible time. Our project turnaround times are some offor our clients at a short notice increase and decrease depending notice, the shortest in the industry including ability to turn projects aroundon long‐term project requirements over weekends
  23. 23. Thank you for taking out time in going through this presentation!Sadhavi K. DalalVice President – Global SalesM: + 91 9971311669 (India)M 91 9971311669 (I di )M: + 1 312 428 6387 (US)T:   + 1 888 224 6198 (Toll‐free)E: b3intelligence Pvt. Ltd. B 38 DDA Sheds Okhla Phase II B ‐38 DDA Sheds, Okhla Phase‐II New Delhi – 110020, India Tel: +91 11 41408327