Company profile trustpartners april 2013


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Company profile trustpartners april 2013

  1. 1. TrustPartnersCompany Profile 1 TrustPartners
  2. 2. AGENDA  Who we are  Our expertise  Contacts 2 TrustPartners
  3. 3. WHO WE ARETrustPartners is a Management Consulting Company, with deep knowledge and experience in highly regulatedmarkets (i.e.: Pharmaceutical, Gaming & Gambling , Tobacco), Energy and Public Administration • TrustPartners is composed of a network of consultants, the most part with a high seniority and Team several years of advisory experience in major national and international consulting companies • The Headquarter is located in Rome, with a branch in Milan, and its business has a Structure nationwide presence. TrustPartners has, also, developed business relationships with other consulting companies in other countries • i-Labs Digital, owned by TrustPartners, is a marketing Company focus on the development of Network/Investments digital marketing asset • Alliance with H2GC • We support innovative and successful Top Managers, during their strategic and operational Mission actions, to achieve sustainable economic and value growth; in particular we operate into 3 main areas: • Business Planning & Strategy • Performance Management • Organization • Team linkage and management ability to work with our Client as one team Strength point • Knowledge and reliability on results achievement • Continuous attention on the cost/performance ratio • Trust 3 TrustPartners
  4. 4. OUR CLIENTSOur experience give us the ability to find out several connecting points among our Client’s strategic views, issuesand needs • Spread knowledge about mid-short term strategic plan from the Top Management Our Clients … • Entrepreneurs involved in the launch of new companies • Clients “value added driven”: when they have to identify a consultant team, supposed to support its business actions, they do not care about the brand behind but they are just oriented on the personal abilities, business network and know-how • Under-equipped structure, overworking and not properly skilled employees do not allow to achieve their goals • Employees sometimes are not comfortable with extra-ordinary issues, such as structural changes, organizational adjustments and change management … and their typical • Request of short-term structural adjustments, in order to help the Company being competitive and surviving or growing into the market needs • Ensure suitable levels of market reactivity in line with the competitors and satisfy customers’ needs • Middle management cooptation as a key point 4 TrustPartners
  5. 5. HOW WE OPERATETrustPartners operates both in the planning and decision development stage Diagnostic Solution Planning Design Fulfillment Outsourcing • Issue • Alternatives • Final indication • Team and • Activities • Operational identification screening • Detailed organization coordination support in the • Benchmarking • Worst and best Business plan implementation • Planning fine outsourcing case analysis • Tasks assignment tuning process • Organizational • Risk Assessment issues • Feasibility • Design of a • Make vs Buy • Technology • Roll out Plan provider identification analysis progress analysis within • Change monitoring budgets /management if • Priority Analysis • Financial Management feasible evaluation system • Change and risk •Trend Analysis Plan • KPI management • Coaching MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS CONSULTING CHANGE MANAGEMENT & COACHINGManagement Consulting activities are strictly linked with change management activities. What we provide is • Fine tuning of designed solutions through field-based analysis • Support activities for the Clients’ Management, in order to let them focused on daily business • High skilled resources, with problem solving techniques and knowledge, in order to manage properly and inside Clients’ Companies all project challenges 5 TrustPartners
  6. 6. AGENDA  Who we are  Our expertise  Contacts 6 TrustPartners
  7. 7. MAIN INDUSTRIES Energy Gaming & Gambling Tobacco Pharmaceutical Public Administration 7 TrustPartners
  8. 8. MAIN AREASHere below we list the three main areas where we work supporting our Clients; each area has multiple activities inwhich we’re well skilled and experienced Typical TrustPartners Assignement • Business modelling and planning • Strategic analysis of the distribution channel Business Planning and • Strategic plan • Market analysis and segmentation Strategy • Product portfolio analysis • Supply chain optimization • Make or buy decision • M&A / start-up support • Cost reduction • Field force management Performance • Internal process efficiency • Distribution channel redesign Management • KPI definition, reporting & dash boarding • Promotional campaign analysis • Planning, evaluation and BPR Analysis • New product launch management • Customer Relationship Management • Time-to-market optimization • Organizational analysis and redesign • Training & E-learning Organization • Well sized analysis • Motivating system development • HR Assessment • MBO Design 8 TrustPartners
  9. 9. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY(1/2) Area Projects • Business strategy analysis to support, a leading Multi Utility Company, in participating Business Planning & in an international Bid for the gas distribution licence: definition of the key entry Strategy strategies, scouting of the possible relevant partners, negotiation strategy and support to the economic proposal • Evaluation of the acquisition of five power plants according to market conditions and trends, economical and operational evaluation, constraints, financial analysis, timetable, strategic flitting. • Support in the Electric power station acquisition, for a leading player operating in the Facility Management Italian market • Support in investment opportunities, for a leading player operating in the Energy market, and Plant building authorization process • Key factors analysis and support to an financial interest group for a joint Energy purchasing • Business plan developement for electric power station and gas fired power generation • Partnership and Joint Venture negotiation support 9 TrustPartners
  10. 10. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY (2/2) Area Projects • Review of the supply chain and the logistic model for the distribution of components/spare Performance parts to operational teams in Italy. Rationalization of number and localization of management Hubs/Warehouses • Analysis of the relevant economical and operative synergies among different regulated business areas below the same holding. Evaluation of potential savings related to efficiency and effectiveness actions and development of a detailed roll out implementation plan . Change Management implementation Plan definition. • Regulatory Asset Base analysis and evaluation of a Gas company value in accordance with the Regulatory requests • Commercial processes design, development of an offering portfolio and creation of a tableau de bord for commercial and management reports • Review of sourcing strategy for MRO items also through electronic tools • Support in in enhancement of the information sharing model used for planning and purchasing areas • Gas and / or Energy purchasing offers appraisal for a leading player 10 TrustPartners
  11. 11. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY (1/3) Area Projects • Strategy development for entering new business areas and strengthening of the pre-existing Business Planning & business for several multinational companies Strategy • Distribution and commercialization strategies for several companies in order to protect product values after the ending of the patent period • E-Detailing Projects for a Multinational Company to enter new remote tools to interact with physicians, pharmacists, wholesalers and final patients • Support for a global service offering development, oriented to the pharmaceutical market, for one of the leading international players of the pharmaceutical distribution market • Scouting for target companies to be acquired in the Health Care sector, for several Private Equity funds • Start-up support, focalized on Contract Sales Organization activities • Integrated business venture definition, between public and private companies, for some innovative sectors (such as Home Care, Residential Nursing Home, Tele-assistance…) • Promotional and marketing strategy development, CRM strategy screening 11 TrustPartners
  12. 12. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY (2/3) Area Projects • Optimization of the Quality analytical processes management model for a leading Performance multinational plant located in Italy Management • International Shared Service Center definition, planning and implementation for a leading multinational plant located in Italy • Intra-company planning and Supply Chain process review for a leading company in the Italian Pharmaceutical market • Supply Chain optimization project to reduce the Work In Progress and Finish Good inventory levels • Development of several operative marketing plans, promotional and CRM strategies for leading Italian Player • Business line handover analysis and evaluation, for several plants of many leading companies operating in the Pharma market • Suppliers evaluation, selection and transition management plan • Design of a communication system among operators (Pharma companies, distributors) and institutional data banks (es: Pharma traceability….) 12 TrustPartners
  13. 13. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY (3/3) Area Projects • Organizational structure and process optimization for several international Pharma Business Units Organization • Redesign of the field force organization and development of the targeting process and coverage strategies • Structural organization and internal process review, based on a “lean organization” approach, for several Pharma plant located in Italy • Change Management implementation projects to implement all organizational, implementation actions 13 TrustPartners
  14. 14. OUR EXPERTISE IN GAMING & GAMBLING INDUSTRY (1/2) Area Projects • Gaming & Gambling market analysis and online products and games benchmarking Business Planning & • Start-up support for the online launch of new games and products Strategy • Analysis of the strategies for the Gaming & Gambling “for pay” product launch, of an Italian player operating in the “for free” market • Support for the 2011 Video lotteries bid, in order to get the public license to distribute Video lotteries across Italy, for a new Market operator • Support for the bid creation in order to participate at the 2008 public competition for the online numeric games (games with jackpot) distribution, for a leading Italian company • Online Gaming and Gambling market report, focused on national and international market analysis (in terms of products, target, benchmarking analysis), with a detailed analysis for each single new distributed game • Support for the new online products and services launch toward the Key Success Factor identification, and launch roadmap management for selected products and services 14 TrustPartners
  15. 15. OUR EXPERTISE IN GAMING & GAMBLING INDUSTRY (2/2) Area Projects • Online poker launch toward market analysis, Key Success Factors and key development Performance points identification and business model definition Management • Online marketing plan development for different products (Betting, Instant lotteries, Poker, etc…) • Platform provider selection for new online games launch (Poker and Skill games) • Partner scouting and selection (horizontal and vertical web sites) for the online games and betting distribution • Organizational structure review and optimization support for a specialized online business unit Organization • Implementation of new logistic and administrative procedures and introduction of the Tableau de Bord 15 TrustPartners
  16. 16. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY Area Projects • Business opportunities analysis and identification of trade, marketing and distribution strategy, Business Planning & for a leading multinational company operating in the Tobacco market Strategy • Development of a new business model on products distribution and business relations Performance management with the retailers, for a leading Italian company management • Concept definition and development for the CRM activities management toward the retailers • CRM Concept model design and development for a leading Italian company 16 TrustPartners
  17. 17. OUR EXPERTISE IN THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION INDUSTRY Area Projects • Market analysis, positioning and competitive scenario evaluation for several offices of a Business Planning & national agency Strategy • Cash flow analysis and products/services pricing change aimed to improve revenues, of a national agency, in respect to the normative and fiscal bonds • Internal structure development model and detailed economical/technical analysis of the Performance related priorities to be launched for a national agency management • Development of a methodology created to evaluate profit and benefit returns for different activities planned out during the project • Top management support to launch of development plans and manage the communication plant with internal/external stakeholders, for a national agency 17 TrustPartners
  18. 18. FURTHER PROJETCS AIMED TO SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION Area Projects • Intra-company planning process review for a leading company in the Italian Pharmaceutical Supply Chain market Optimization • Optimization of the whole supply chain (from demand planning to finished products distribution) for a multinational company operating in the mass market • Scouting/selection of a logistic provider for the distribution of products of an Italian pharmaceutical leading company; negotiation of the agreement and identification of KPIs for performance monitoring • Business opportunities analysis and identification of trade, marketing and distribution strategy, for a leading multinational company operating in the Tobacco market • Design of the logistic infrastructure and operational model for the replenishment of more than 1.000 retails in Italy, for a Top Ten Italian company 18 TrustPartners
  19. 19. AGENDA  Who we are  Our expertise  Contacts 19 TrustPartners
  20. 20. CONTACTS TrustPartners Location Address Piazza di Pietra, 26 Zip code / city 00187 / Roma Phone no. (0039) 347 3561211 Fax (0039) 06 23317076 E-mail Web-site Activity Business Consulting • Business opportunity identification & Change • Performance management planning Management • Management support 20 TrustPartners