How Men's Wearhouse is Addressing Commerce in the Age of the Informed Consumer


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  • Brian will speak first.
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  • How Men's Wearhouse is Addressing Commerce in the Age of the Informed Consumer

    1. 1. Perficient Commerce Concept to Completion
    2. 2. Agenda / Speakers AGENDAPERFICIENT• About Perficient• eCommerce Evolution & The Empowered Customer• Traditional Commerce & The Business Sameer Peera Challenges Principal, National Commerce Practice• The Future of Commerce Sameer.Peera@perficient.comMen’s Wearhouse• Inside the Men’s Wearhouse• eCommerce Challenges• Selecting a Commerce Solution Vlad Kuznetsov• Benefits CTO & VP of Engineering• Project Plan• Lessons LearnedQ&A• Interactive Dialog
    3. 3. Perficient At A GlanceLeading Technology Consulting & Solutions Firm• Founded 1997• ~2000 employees• 2012 revenue guidance of ~$327 million• Major market locations throughout North America• National Business Unit Overlay with focused Expertise in Industry and Key Award Winning Solutions and Expertise Technology partners • Integration Excellence Award - 2012• IBM Premier Business Partner • Business Analytics Award Winner - 2012 14 years • IOD Best of Show “Retail Pathways – 2011 • Lotus Most Distinguished Partner – 2006, 2008, 2011• Industry Focused & Authorized: • 2010 IOD Industry Warehouse Pack Partner of the Year • Healthcare & Retail • 2010 Lotusphere Best WebSphere Portal Solution – Finalist
    4. 4. Our SpeakersSameer Peera is principal in Perficient’s national commerce practice.He is an accomplished eCommerce executive and enterprise architectwith experience in delivering large scale enterprise and multi-channelsolutions across various industry domains and technology platforms.Vlad Kuznetsov is CTO and vice president of engineering at The Men’sWearhouse, responsible for customer-facing applications, buildingnew generation customer experience in ecommerce, mobile and instores. Vlad has also served as vice president of engineering atShutterfly and director of web engineering at 4
    5. 5. E-Commerce Evolution• “Synchronized incremental digital integrated dynamic e-commerce’ = Information overload!• Ecosystem is evolving and stretching the boundaries of the traditional point-to-point interaction• What do we do with all this information and where do we start? 5
    6. 6. Age of the Empowered CustomerWe have entered the age of the Empowered Customer Customers expect to Customer This is changing Aberdeen Group calls engage with expectations of the entire way this ”The Source-to- companies when and service, price and products are sold Consumer Era”, how they want delivery is soaring sourced, and which is driving the distributed need for seamless Cross-Channel Commerce and an integrated approach to how companies take and fulfil orders on-line. Of the consumer goods manufacturers and retail industry companies surveyed by Aberdeen Group…
    7. 7. Business Challenge/Priorities• Customer Experience – Usability – Analytics – Quantitative & Qualitative – Search & Navigation• Mobile – Localization and Availability• Holistic Customer View – On-line / off-line interaction – Cross channel marketing / promo – Aggregate and leverage integrated analytics across all touch points 95% 68% 120 million Percentage of senior Percentage of customers that Number of people who executives believe that the interact with multiple channels participate in social networking customer experience is the when researching, purchasing, or next competitive servicing a product battleground 7
    8. 8. What’s Next? • Multi-channel – Isolated channel centric experience, silo’d • Omni-channel – Unified customer experience across channels – Holistic view of the customer• Perficient Offers • Holistic Roadmap & Strategy to understand, leverage, and optimize your ‘Commerce’ solution • ‘Smarter Commerce’ solutions to integrate your cross-channel on-line and off-line data [Analytics, Marketing, Campaign, eCommerce] • WebSphere Commerce Migration & Optimization to leverage enhanced capabilities for better customer insight, actionable analytics, targeted promotions, mobile support, and supply chain optimization 8
    9. 9. How Mens Wearhouse is addressingcommerce in the age of the informedconsumer.
    10. 10. Agenda About TMW E-Commerce Challenges E-Commerce Platform Selection Expected benefits Project Plan Lessons learned
    11. 11. TMW- Quick Facts:  1,200 stores  2.4B Revenue  Business: Apparel Retail, Tux Rental  Locations: US, Canada  Brands: Men’s Wearhouse, KG Stores, MooresE-Commerce  Multichannel  Brand Expression  Revenue growth
    12. 12. Challenges Low team productivity due to highly custom code:  Promotions  Catalog architecture  Endeca search  PageBuilder  DOM integration  Endeca SEO URLs Weak tools for business users High software license costs Lack of modern e-Commerce features 25+ integration points
    13. 13. E-Commerce Platform Selection• WebSphere Commerce – current platform – Enterprise level platform: • Fully customizable • Rich feature set with latest version • Supports rich integration options: MQ, ETL, WS – Existing investment in licenses – Internal expertise – Expensive – Heavy weight architecture• ATG – Enterprise level platform very similar to WebSphere Commerce
    14. 14. E-Commerce Platform Selection• Demandware – SaaS solution – Faster innovation cycle with SaaS – No infrastructure cost – but we already have it in place – Rev share model – can get expensive, especially if we start using it as engine for store POS – Limited integration options: WS only – integration with Enterprise can be expensive• Magento – Open source – no license cost – Less features than other solutions – PHP • Maintenance of large PHP application can be expensive • No internal PHP expertise
    15. 15. Platform decision• Stay on WebSphere Commerce – Upgrade to the latest version 7 • Version 6 was released in 2006 • Version 7 FP 5 brings e-Commerce to modern world – Reduce customizations – Take advantage of new features of version 7 – Optimize performance
    16. 16. Benefits Move inside the box  Customize presentation layer  Stay in the box for business rules / back end / business tools  CMC  SOLR  Page Composer  DOM integration framework  Store pickup  Promotions engine  Catalog / Attribute management
    17. 17. Benefits Precision Marketing  Build personal experience with customer  Need to be staffed from business side to utilize this capability  Integration with Corremetrics and Unica Interact
    18. 18. Benefits Multivariate testing  Test your ideas before rolling out to all customers  There is some overhead to build features to be supported for multivariate testing, but framework is there
    19. 19. Benefits Page Composer – integrated web CMS capabilities  Reduce Engineering involvement in day to day operations, give business users more control  Framework is in place with FP5 – you can start to build  Additional tools are to be released in the future FPs
    20. 20. Benefits Multichannel integration to support Store Pick up  Find product in local store, order to pickup  Can be used as customer facing or in store sales associate facing  Missing – store view – can be built custom  Requires extensive work on DOM, impacts store operations, requires inventory accuracy
    21. 21. Benefits Mobile support  REST services – you still need to build mobile app  Some REST services are too heavy would still need to be transform for mobile app consumption  Best for mobile web, but can also be consumed by native app  Reference implementation is provided – can be a starting point  Inexpensive mobile web alternatives: Mooveweb, UsableNet, etc
    22. 22. Benefits WebSphere Search / SOLR  Multi-select capability  Type as you search  Content search  High performance on top of Lucene Site Preview  Preview site at any date in the future  Limitation – ability to rebuild search index facets on the fly
    23. 23. Benefits Build and Deploy – improved release process management Improved Attribute Dictionary – better performance, facets management SEO capabilities  Get your site higher in natural search results  Tools are there, but to achieve a significant success requires a lot of content management: keywords selection, keywords density analysis, in bound links, etc.
    24. 24. Project Approach Phase 1 - Core Migration (March–June’12)  Migrate from v6 to v7 ‘as-is’. No additional features and/or interfaces will be included as part of this effort. Phase 2 - Version 7 Re-Architecture (June–Sept’12)  Determine which custom extensions can be eliminated. The identified processes would be re-engineered to leverage functionality provided by WebSphere Commerce version 7.  Real time WCM integration  New Promos implementation  Get ready for Phase 3: Proof of Concept for SOLR, Page Composer and Data Dictionary Phase 3 - Version 7 Enhancements (Sept’12 – Apr’13)  As part of the migration project we will identify version 7 enhancements and capabilities that fit TMW business requirements and strategy moving forward  SOLR  Page Composer  Attribute Dictionary  Out of the box DOM integration / Multichannel supportMultiphase approach allowed to reduce risk and to better control scope
    25. 25. Lessons• Get strong implementation partner• Be mindful of other integrated systems that are stateful: you may need to create a separate environment for them• Stage migration may not be done according to recommended approach• 32 bit vs 64 bit decision• Build strong partnership with business partners• Consider upgrade in place
    26. 26. Conclusion QUESTIONS Sameer Peera Vlad Kuznetsov Principal, National Commerce Practice CTO & VP of Engineering 27