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AMDIA Integra '12. Presentación de Walter Penfold: email Marketing best practices workshop.

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  • I am Walter Penfold, Managing Director of Everlytic, an global email marketing software platform for emerging markets based out of South AfricaToday we will talk about email marketing best practiceEmail marketing has been around for a long time, but because of the changing landscape of email and email delivery, the way we execute email marketing campaigns is changing. In this workshop I will share some insights into methods of getting the best ROI out of your campaigns.The statistics and insights in this workshop were gained out of analysing the last billion emails we sent in South Africa and other emerging markets
  • Email marketing is no different to other forms of marketingBecause it is relatively cheap to do, people don’t spend enough time on email marketing and drop the ballWe encourage people to look at email marketing a necessary channel in your marketing mix and to approach it in the same way you would other marketing activitiesToday we will talk about the five key elements of email marketing, Building and managing a database of contacts, ensuring your content is relevant to the target audience, designing emails that look great and get the necessary attention, making sure your emails get to the inbox and tracking and measuring your results to continually optimise your campaigns. Throughout the presentation I will illustrate some of the principles with case studies we have done and statistics from our own experience sending for some of the top brands in the countries we are in
  • Typical email marketing used to start by buying a database of email addresses and broadcasting messages to themThis method of building a database is old school and no longer worksToday you need to build your database organically and proactively to get engaged subscribers.Remember, when you interact with people via email your brand is at stakeHow you respect them and there personal information is important for your brand reputationIf you spam them you damage your brand
  • So the bottom line is you shouldn’t buy databases, unless you are 100% sure that these people have given their permission to receive email from youAssuming your have permission is not enough, you have to get specific consent from them to send.There are also other problems with buying databases like spamtraps which I will go into in more detail later
  • We did research which is representative of the entire online population of South Africa and then compared this to our experience in other emerging markets.The results showed that people are generally scared, or couldn’t be bothered to unsubscribe from a nesletter. Most will just ignore or delete the emailThis means that a large proportion of your subscribers could actually not be interested in the content your are sending outThe problem with this is that you create negative brand association with these people which could be damaging to your brandIn addition to this you could get complaints from these people which will affect the delivery of emails, especiually in web-based clients such as gmail and yahoo who have built in feedback loops for spamThe other reason, of course, is that you pay for these emails to be delivered, but are getting no ROI out of those people who are not engaged.These days email marketing is more about quality than quantity
  • Start internally building your databaseSingle vs double opt in – submit and you are automatically subscribed – double opt in a confirmation mail goes to your inbox (double is better)Always send an invitation first and get them to opt inAll the people that you interact with as an organisation could be potential subscribers
  • Most email service providers will do this for you or provide tools to do this – abuse@% (wild cards)Doesn’t go to one specific person, and those people haven’t specifically signed up for those communicationsIncorrectly spelt email addresses will bounce – esp will take bounces off automaticallyEsps will dedupe for you but if they don’t make sure you clean these off first
  • Proactice – advertising, competitions, etc.
  • Health magazineEveryone ate to much ice cream and food over holidays4 week program with exercise and health tipsExtended an invite to all subscribers, fans and followers to get them to opt in Highest unique read rate was 79% which is way above average
  • Don’t sent to entire base because of brand reputation, and it will cost you money (IOL – culled there database – better return on investment)Everyone who hasn’t read a mail in the last 6 months was sent a reconfirmation mail
  • Amazon of South AfricaCoupons (you get all three, choose which one you want)Valuable insights about recipient needs
  • Don’t send PDF (many ISP’s will block pdf’s, it is not a great experience for the user having to open an attachment, and emails tend to be too big)The best emails these days are designed in HTMLMake sure width fits preview pane with logo and nice portion of mailOpen mails don’t want to be scrollingProperties of table in wiziwig
  • Images as images and text as text (needs to be a balance – 60% text 40% images)Compatibility with receiving clientsWeb clients – event forms not always compatibleCascading Style Sheet – every heading has to be this font, etc. (convert to inline styles) – gmail trips style sheets out
  • What about videos? Not a problem sending it out but the receiving server can’t render it (outlook uses words – can’t render animated gifs, videos)Have an image in your email and take them online to let them view itKeep size small - When images don’t want to download it is unprofessional (100 kb for total message max – ideally 30-60 kb)Include plain text because certain organisations don’t allow HTML and people may have HTML switched off in clientReference to fetch image (absolute path – http:) Use alt text – if image doesn’t display then text describes itSome clients strip background imagesEmbedding images – not a good idea – triples size of mail and doubles spam score – mails go out slower and load slowerNot everyone will understand but designers will understand
  • Location, where is it can people see itImage and text should have links (if images don’t display then text can still be clicked)Links should be a different colourImportant – view message online, unsubscribe, update profile
  • Landing pages very important – what is a landing page?Where are they sending people to once they click on a linkBrand consistency so they don’t fee lossTransparency – don’t change the offer or alter a message from email to landing pageRedundant – have the whole article in email and onlineCorrect landing pages: Click on camera
  • Send me directly to the landing page relevant to the image you clicked onIf you send me to the home page then I will get lost trying to find the camera on the websote
  • Who is the mail coming from and what is the subject line (trusted source) – content has some relation to subject lineScan through content (pluses and minuses for good and bad) – higher score the more likely you will be rejectedEach receiving server works differently but these are generic tipsProblem with mail – whole email is one image (no content to read – we don’t trust it)
  • Not too technical – but how do you get it into the inboxAuthentication (SPF and DKIM) – name must be associated with IP address (Sender Policy Framework) – Prevents spoofing: create a SPF record on the DNS which identifies which domains can end from which IP addresses – recently in the news a guy stole the identity of Larry Page and sent an email on his behalf to Sergey Brin – google quickly picked this up and increased their email securityDomain Keys Identified Mail (encrypts header and content with private key which receiver decrypts with public key on DNS – ensures that the message was not altered during transit and that the sender is the actual originator)Most email service providers will have the tools in their product to allow you to set this upLet’s talk about reputation – this refers to your sender reputation and especially how ISP’s trust your IP address and domain name which the emails were sent fromIf you have poor quality data with bad email addresses in them or if you get too many complaints your sender reputation will diminish and ISP’s will block your emails – what they call blacklistingOne of the sure fire ways to get blacklisted is too hit a spam trap – explain spam trapsContent filtering – spam looking mails
  • Snowball effect
  • News publications – daily mails – but high engagement rateEcommerce – conversion will be higher
  • Engagement rate – period of 3 months
  • When we talk about measurement, the one thing you mustn’t forget is to track ROI – this is especially true for ecommerce customersWorked it out on profit not revenueClearly defined objectivesTrack the whole sales funnelSpecial discounts and exclusive content
  • Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels – but only if you do it rightCompanies such as Groupon would not exist without email marketing – their entire strategy revolves around it
  • Targeting mails – perfume to femalesAutomating – triggersSubscriber behaviour – series of mail second mail doesn’t go to anyone who didn’t open mail (based on whoever clicked on toyota – send them more info on that topic)
  • Financial content sight – can compare products with each otherContent advice on financeA/B split testing over 3 weeksNewsletter A had articles at the topNewsletter B best buy at the topPeople are interested in content first, and sales secondNewsletter A people read the entire mail
  • Email marketing best practices workshop walter penfold

    1. 1. Powerful Email Marketing Presenter: YourPhoto Walter Penfold everlytic.latamHere Managing Director, Everlytic everlytic_latam
    2. 2. Database Content Design• Your own • Meaningful • EffectiveDelivery Analytics Case Studies• Get it into the • Measure • What others have inbox Everything done
    3. 3. Database“How you build yours reflects directly on the values of your business”
    4. 4. Acquiring Databases? PermissionAssumption
    5. 5. Resources in Online Offline organisationWebsite – Subscription forms Business Cards ClientsSingle Opt In vs Double Opt in Point of Sale Potential Clients Forward to a friend Events Helpdesk Mobile Telephone / Call Centre Social networks, etc Hard Copy Forms Departments Invitation Opt in
    6. 6. Database Cleaning • support@domainRole Accounts • accounts@domain • sales@domain • Wrong/ Bad • spambox@ address’s • abuse@ • Some ESPs will Duplicates automatically remove
    7. 7. Invite ContactsDatabase Growth Competitions Advertise Content Refer a friend Social Sharing
    8. 8. The TheCampaign Results Kick-Start Challenge 79.51 % Unique Open Rate Opt-in ProgrammeSocial Media encouraged 71.06% Click Rate registrations (Highest Click Rate) Email alert to existing subscribers Relevant email content resulted in email being Weekly Email over 4 read more than once Week Time Period
    9. 9. Shape Case Study Fully Opted in DatabaseKey Learnings Extended invite to current newsletter subscribers Quality Data oppose to Quantity Data
    10. 10. Content
    11. 11. Which of the following would make you more likely to subscribe to a newsletter / commercial mail 74.28% 61.78% 29.92%A friend referred it to me The information is relevant to me Well known and trusted brand
    12. 12. Get the basics right Relevant Subject From Name | Recipients respond to a brand Be concise / Keep it short Have something to say / Relevant Content / Clear Purpose Check your spelling  Check your tone Demonstrate that you value your readers
    13. 13. 1st - 15% off 2nd - Free Delivery3rd - R50.00 off
    14. 14. Design
    15. 15. HTML Design Spam Images inRelated email Issues Design Considerations Call to Landing Action Pages Links
    16. 16. HTML Width: About 500 to 600 pixels Preview Pane
    17. 17. HTML FormatHTML Simple Tables and Layouts work bestFlash: compatibility issues (movies)JavaScript: compatibility issues along withsecurity warning issues.Forms: we suggest you rather host your formsonline.Background Images: Certain email clients do notrender background images properly.CSS: Will be stripped out in most web clients
    18. 18. Images in email Keep image files sizes small Animated gifs and email Include plain text Use Absolute URLs to Link to Your Images Use alt text Avoid Using Background Images Embedding Images
    19. 19. Call to action linksLocationPresentationTrackingTestImportant Links NB Links: Unsubscribe View in web browser
    20. 20. Landing PagesBrand consistencyTransparencyDont Be RedundantCorrect Landing Page “35% of the landing pages analyzed didnt match the emails look”
    21. 21. Spam FiltersBright red fontsToo many coloursDon’t yell with !!!!!!DON’T JUST USE CAPSFREE, LIMITED OFFER, ACT NOWBalance Image and TextPlain text alternative
    22. 22. Delivery
    23. 23. Main focus of Email marketing – Reaching the Inbox!!!!SPF = Sender Policy FrameworkDKIM = DomainKey Identified Mail
    24. 24. ISP Regulations The Email Reputation Ecosystem isManagement Web ClientsRequirement Constantly Changing No Tolerance
    25. 25. Spam Score increasesLoss of data Bounce rate increase Read Rate / Click rate Delivery issues decreases
    26. 26. Analytics
    27. 27. Measure / Track Have I met my objectives? Increase Retain Grow Read Rates Drive Traffic Brand Sales ExistingDatabase and Click to Websites Awareness Conversions Clients Rates (Loyalty)
    28. 28. Average Email Marketing Metrics (emerging markets) Magazine NewsOverall Ecommerce Publications Publications15% Open 20% Open 14% Open 13% Open Rate Rate Rate Rate 3% Click 5.6 % 7% Click 2.6% Click Rate Click Rate Rate Rate
    29. 29. Message Single ListContact Reporting
    30. 30. Campaign ReportsMetrics to track:Opens (reads) | Clicks | Social Opens | Unsubscribes | Bounces | Complaints
    31. 31. New Metrics: Engagement Rate Opens and clicks per campaign are great, but an engagement rate tells you howindividuals are interacting with your email campaigns across messages and over time
    32. 32. Email The ResultsCommunications Every Tuesday and Friday reminder 4% - 5% of total website traffic comes from email marketing campaigns Each Mail contains a unique coupon code Free Delivery | R50 Off | 10% - 11% of total Sales are 10% or 15% off generated from email Coupons are used to track conversions For every $1 spend Tracking: Integration with receives $3 Google Analytics Everlytic in return on profits. Reporting © 2012 Prefix Technologies | pMailer
    33. 33. Clearly define your email marketing objectives in Key Learnings order to implement right measuring tools Measurement is crucial to establish whether you are meeting your objectives Your measurement needs to follow through the whole sales funnel in order to establish your ROI. SpecialFirst to Exclusive offers / know content discounts © 2012 Prefix Technologies | pMailer
    34. 34. Source:
    35. 35. Active Growth of List Segment byTest (A/B Split Testing) Subscriber Behaviour Strategy Segment by Automation Demographics
    36. 36. The TheCampaign Results A/B Split Testing Subscriber Behaviour Newsletter A had: 246% more leads 2 Templates Database Split Strong Call-to-Action Newsletter A had: Content was Identical 61% Click RateMoved Best Buys Section and change in colour palette
    37. 37. Key Learnings Valuable and Reliable Content Promote content → result in Sales Insights onA/B Split Subscriber suitable Testing Behavior elements
    38. 38. Best Practice Email Marketing Balance Manage MeasureBuild your Create great your and own meaningful design sender optimisedatabase content with reputation campaigns practicality
    39. 39. Powerful Email Marketing Presenter: YourPhoto Walter Penfold everlytic.latamHere Managing Director, Everlytic everlytic_latam