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Getting to the inbox: email best practices


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Getting to the inbox: email best practices

  1. 1. Conference Call # 866.634.1106 Code 469.916.8280 Getting to the inbox Email Marketing BEST PRACTICES
  2. 2. Ascendix Technologies Webinar Series A few words about your host Ascendix Technologies Wes Snow Co-founder/Partner Ascendix Technologies, Inc. • Founded in 1996 • Located in Dallas, TX • CRM is all we’ve done for the past 13 years • Over 75 years of collective experience in project management, development, training and implementation • 2008 President’s Club Member for Microsoft • Business partner w/ MSCRM and Sage SalesLogix products • Developer of Real Estate AdvantageTM and other productivity tools on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform • Developer of Sponsor AdvantageTM on the Sage SalesLogix platform
  3. 3. Ascendix Technologies Webinar Series E-Mail Marketing in the CRM portfolio
  4. 4. Ascendix Technologies Webinar Series Email Marketing Best Practices Guest Speaker – Rhonda Wunderlin Director, Marketing Best Practices and Training @ Eloqua
  5. 5. “Customers’ buying <<processes have evolved in our world of ubiquitous, instant, global communication … but companies’ selling processes have for the most part stayed the same.” - Thomas Stewart, Editor Harvard Business Review August, 2006 Issue Editorial
  6. 6. Marketing Today - Build Relationships $ Acquisition Retention Development Measured and Managed Cost Effectively
  7. 7. Understanding Your Customer Interest Evaluate Purchase Marketing Effectiveness Determines Volume and Velocity
  8. 8. EMAIL Design and Deliverability
  9. 9. It isn‟t just an email… From line Subject line Header Personalization Offer Creative/Image Landing Page Auto Responder
  10. 10. The 3 Second Rule You have 3 – 5 seconds to persuade your recipient to take action. 10
  11. 11. Agenda Step 1: Optimize Visibility Step 2: Optimize Relevance Step 3: Optimize Layout Step 4: Ensure Compliance Step 5: Test and Measure Step 6: Leveraging Marketing Response Activity
  12. 12. Step 1: Optimize Visibility  From Line: Who is it from?  Subject Line: Does it communicate value?  Preview: How does it render in preview pane? 12
  13. 13. Who is it FROM? The FROM line is single most important element in building trust with recipient Opportunity to build brand recognition – always have the company brand in the FROM line. If someone will personally be following up – introduce the person to build name recognition. TEST and be consistent. From: Eloqua From: Jane Doe, Eloqua From: Jane, Eloqua From: Jane with Eloqua
  14. 14. Leverage Company Brand & Match Signature 14
  15. 15. From and Subject Lines << Work Together… “80% of email recipients open their inbox, read the „from‟ line and then the „subject‟ line, and then delete. Then, they read the remaining emails in their inbox.” - Digital Impact Study -
  16. 16. Subject Line Guiding Principles 1. Get to the point. Communicate value to recipient in first 35 characters. 2. Engage. Provide a sense of urgency and prompt them to open the e-mail immediately. 3. Be relevant. Speak to the needs and interests of your recipients as individual people. 4. Build trust. Do not over promise or mislead. This can destroy trust and damage your brand.
  17. 17. Subject Line Examples
  18. 18. Preview Panes What do horizontal and vertical preview panes have in common? Design for the common denominator!
  19. 19. Step 2: Optimize Relevance  Value Proposition: Is it meaningful to recipient?  Personalization: Does it match the relationship?  Imagery: Does it engage or repel recipient?  Tone: Does it reduce anxiety or read like fine print? 19
  20. 20. Value Proposition: What is in it for me? 20
  21. 21. Personalization: Build the Relationship 21
  22. 22. Imagery - Engage Images are visual clues to engage and inform recipient Not just any old image will do - images must be relevant to value prop Scanning clusters around discontinuity – i.e. bolding or highlighting
  23. 23. Tone – Speak Human not Corporate 23
  24. 24. Tone – Good Copywriting Write for the customer, not for yourself! Get to the point! – use < 100 words Place primary call-to-action links above the fold Write short sentences: easy to scan, punchier, more active Use benefit-oriented subheads Use bullets to capture value proposition “So-What?” Use this repeatedly to help you get to the real message
  25. 25. Step 3: Optimize Layout  Images Off: Can you still identify value prop?  Eye Path: Where does your eye go with images on?  Call-To-Action: Is it clear and accessible?  Layout: How does it render across email clients? 25
  26. 26. Reality: Images Off Be sure to also communicate value outside of images. Add a text-based link to a Web version of your design at the top of your e-mail. Use ALT Text to describe all images. Always add the height and width to the image to ensure the placeholder doesn't throw your design out. Test your design with images turned off before you send it.
  27. 27. Effective ALT Tags
  28. 28. Effective Designs for Disabled Images 28
  29. 29. What Is Driving Mobile Email Adoption? Real-time responsiveness Increased productivity – not better, more convenient Divided attention Source: Exact Target, Email Marketing for the Third Screen
  30. 30. View in Mobile Devices Blackberry iPhone HP / Toshiba
  31. 31. Targeting Mobile Recipients Don’t forget… up to 65% of your audience may be viewing email on mobile devices Stay true to permission Sender and subject lines Get your message flagged for follow-up • First screen shows average of 100 characters; approximately 20-25 words Leverage the text version Think about how you use links TEST!!!
  32. 32. Images On: What is the Eyepath? Squint Test: Close your eyes, open, and immediately identify first thing you see above the fold. Is it the value prop? Start to identify where the eye drifts positively and negatively to optimize layout.
  33. 33. Rendering Across Email Clients
  34. 34. Step 4: Ensure Compliance  Privacy Policy: Does the email adhere to your policies?  Reputation: Is the email being received / read? 34
  35. 35. CAN-SPAM 1. E-mail communications that are a “transaction or relationship message” Do not require an opt-out function Do not have to include the disclosures that apply relationship messages. 2. E-mail communications that are NOT a “transaction or relationship message” Have Opted-in • Must include a functioning return e-mail address • Must contain an opt-out function Sent to recipient without the recipient’s prior affirmative or implied consent • Must include clear notice that the e-mail is an advertisement • Must include a valid physical postal address of the sender • Must contain an opt-out function
  36. 36. Brand Reputation Deliverability Best Practice: Obtain clear consent List maintenance Sender Score is like a credit score, it is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email source.
  37. 37. Resources on Deliverability ReturnPath - Deliverability Experts - Sender Score Certified - ISIPP (Institute for Spam and Internet Policy) - Goodmail Systems - Pivotal Veracity - Word to the Wise -
  38. 38. Step 5: Test and Measure  No absolutes: What’s working and what’s not working?  Measuring: Are recipients engaging with my communication?  Testing: How do I optimize results? 38
  39. 39. Important Metrics Received rates: measure email list quality, health Open rates: measure subject / from line effectiveness Click-through rates: measure interest in offer Click to Open rates: measure effectiveness of email once opened Unsubscribe rates: measure interrupt rule compliance and personalize effectiveness Bounce rate: large volumes of hard bounces can indicate problems like bad data hygiene, poor sign-up practices that accept invalid e-mail addresses, and ISPs blocking your domains
  40. 40. Benchmarks – Email Delivery
  41. 41. Benchmarks – Email Opens
  42. 42. Benchmarks – Email Clickthrough
  43. 43. No Best Time To Send Source: eROI. Q3 2007 study Best day for “opens” is not necessarily the best day for “clicks”. Analyze your web logs to see when people are choosing to use your web site. If you look at the last 6 months you’ll discover busy times. It is a fair conclusion that this is your preferred time to send. You must be aware that previous email promotions may have skewed your results.
  44. 44. Testing Answers Questions Is the messaging easy to understand? Is the call to action more compelling? What are barriers for prospects to convert to a lead? Do prospects understand the offer and find it valuable? Which topics resonates the best with this segment?
  45. 45. Getting Started Decide WHAT to test Test each element separately Email A You can observe to what degree Offer A on Landing Page response differs to that variation A Results: Set up a control group and a 30% Open 5% CTR test group 20% Inquiries Use 5-10% of your list Determine which variable showed the best results Email B Average responses will come within Offer B on Landing Page 24 – 48 hours B Results: Use the variable with the best results 35% Open for the remaining list recipients 7% CTR 25% Inquiries
  46. 46. Sample Testing Matrix Component Measure Opens Clicks Unique Form Revenue Visitors Submissions A B A B A B A B A B Subject Line Email Signature Offer Alternative Experience Layout / Design Day Sent Time Sent Headline Content / Messaging Landing Page
  47. 47. Step 6: Leveraging Response Activity  Digital Body Language: Are my prospects and customers engaged with my brand?  Nurturing: How do I help my prospect through the decision process?  Sales: How do I leverage marketing activity to drive revenue? 47
  48. 48. Gain Visibility of Marketing Activity in CRM
  49. 49. Simple Nurturing: Auto-Responders Use Them Everywhere!. • Stay Top of Mind • Drive them to related content/ events • Serves as a good reference for user
  50. 50. Personalized Direct Mail to Landing Page Goal: capture new leads to a “preview weekend” Solution: Direct Mail with a PURL (Personalized URL). Recipients land on this PURL page as printed on the DM piece. Custom content based on segments (i.e. price specials differ by geo)
  51. 51. Best Practices in Lead Nurturing Keep it simple to start Email 1 Provide value-added content Relevant – based on lead’s activity / profile 7 days Timely Automate the program; provide a real-time feed Email 2 from different lead sources Include explicit “hand raise” opportunities as secondary CTAs 14 days Track online activity to determine when a lead’s interest has increased Direct Mail 3 Measure, measure, measure!
  52. 52. Leveraging Digital Body Language Contact Activity Overview
  53. 53. Expected Results Improve conversion rate for leads to contacts (more qualified leads) Improved quality in all leads worked by Sales No lead leakage; follow-up to all leads (after an event for example) Extracting more value from existing leads database Source: Forrester Open Avg. Avg. rate CTR Conversion Untargeted broadcast emails 20% 9.5% 1.1% Lifecycle messaging campaigns 26% 9.3% 2.3% Clickstream-based campaigns 33% 14% 3.9%
  54. 54. The Power to Succeed FURTHER T External E Internal C H PEOPLE N PROCESS O L Interactions O Relevance G Y FASTER
  55. 55. Rhonda Wunderlin Director, Marketing Best Practices & Training at Eloqua Twitter: @rhonda
  56. 56. Ascendix Technologies Webinar Series Q &A
  57. 57. Ascendix Technologies Webinar Series To download the presentation from today’s webinar go to: Please use Windows Explorer or File Explorer, not Internet Explorer. To get to Windows Explorer, Right Click on Start, then click on Explore. In the Address type in When prompted enter the following: User: webinar0225 Password: email For those who were not able to listen in to the audio, please note that this webinar was recorded and will be made available on the site above. To contact Ascendix Technologies, please contact Marissa Hernandez at: or (972)889-8090 ext. 280