A masterclass in email marketing for hotels


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How do you get the most out of email marketing and turn it into a powerful tool for your hotel?

This month's online seminar gives insight into best practice guidelines on email marketing and helps make your communications more effective. Customised and integrated email marketing campaigns allow you to build engaging and profitable relationships with your customers. We will give you tips on how to ensure you achieve the highest open rates, click-through rates and return on investment from your email marketing activity.

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  • Email marketing is one of the best advertising methods.
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A masterclass in email marketing for hotels

  1. 1. Masterclass in Email MarketingPresented byCara Callaghan, Michelle Conaghan,Online Training Manager Business Development Manager www.twitter.com/avviotweets www.facebook.com/avvio www.avvio.com
  2. 2. What we are going to cover?1. Legislation2. Building your Database3. Types of Email4. Social Media5. Guidelines6. Best Practices7. Stats8. Deliverability
  3. 3. What is email marketing? “ The process of delivering relevant, engaging and timely marketing messages about your products and services to a specific group of recipients via electronic mail. ”
  4. 4. How important is email?  Well executed email affects brand attitudes.  The quality of email affects brand perception.  The expectation for well known brands are higher!
  5. 5. Legislation
  6. 6. Ireland & UK LegislationFor Ireland and the UK:1. Businesses can be opt out. (B2B)2. Individuals must be opt in. (B2C)3. Should include a clear, prominent privacy statement.4. Easy, free unsubscribe process.Email Footer should include: (2007 in business letters & order forms’)• Full company name, with "limited“• Place of registration• Registered number• Address of registered office
  7. 7. US LegislationFor the US:• The CAN-SPAM Act covers commercial email messages, theprimary purpose of which is the advertisement or promotion of acommercial product or service.• The CAN-SPAM Act allows direct marketing email messages to besent to anyone, without permission, until the recipient explicitlyrequests that they cease ("opt-out").• Every message must include opt-out instructions. The sendermust honour the opt-out requests of recipients within 10 days.
  8. 8. Glossary1. Open Rate - The percentage of total recipients who open a given email.2. Clickthrough Rate - The number of times the links in an email were clicked compared to the total list size, represented as a percentage.3. Below-the-fold: Refers to the area of a web page or email that is not visible until the mouse or arrow keys are used to scroll father down the page.4. Email Service Provider (ESP): Service that provides clients with platform from which to create and deploy email messages, as well as the ability to access reporting tools. Depth of service and sophistication of systems vary depending on the ESP.5. Forward: An email function allowing subscribers to relay a previously received message in full to another email address (or addresses).6. HTML-based Email: An email comprised of HTML code. Essentially, an HTML-based email is the equivalent of emailing a web page, complete with colours, graphics, and other visually appealing methods of delivering content.
  9. 9. Signing Up.....1. Offer a good description of what they can expect to receive.2. Allow segmentation – e.g. tick areas of interest3. Offer HTML or Text Version4. Link to a current issue so they can see what they’ll be receiving.
  10. 10. Building a DatabaseWeb Signup form Easy to find Offer benefit Easy to use Non intrusive• Face-to-face data collection e.g. trade shows, events, call centres etc• Drive traffic to form• Viral database building – Forward to a friend
  11. 11. Growing Your Email Database1. Link to your signup form from every page of your website.2. Place a link to your email signup form in your email signature (ask everyone in your company to do it too).3. Offer free giveaways to one lucky subscriber .4. In your "Contact Us" form on your website, add a checkbox to "signup for our newsletter“.5. Offer a relevant incentive, such as email subscriber discounts.
  12. 12. Growing Your Email Database6. Include on relevant printed material like feedback forms etc .7. Include a ‘Forward to a Friend’ link in your email.8. Include the link in post-stay emails so guests who have stayed can subscribe if they haven’t already done so.9. Include Social Media – mention on Facebook, Twitter, Blog and encourage social sharing
  13. 13. Growing Your Email DatabaseMore than 1,100 marketers were asked to indicate the level of effectiveness of eachlist growth tactic used by their organization. See the results in the chart below.
  14. 14. Design: Types of EmailShort editorial Alerts, press releases, tip of the day or week and product launches • These messages are short and to the point. • They inform your subscribers about news and tips • The content should be focused on editorial rather than promotion. A suggested balance is around 70% editorial 30% promotion. “THIS IS NOT A SALES HAMMER”Long Editorial Email newsletters, long press releases and industry guides. •Allows you to write a little bit more •Many companies choose to send long form editorial to customers & prospects. •This is not a sales pitch •You can utilise space to promote offers and buying information.
  15. 15. Design: Types of EmailShort Promotional E-Cards, sale announcement and reminders. • Keep this type of email short and sweet. • The aim is to get the reader off the email as quick as possible • Take one key message and promote it. • Must have a clear benefit to the recipient. • Most effective in driving bookings for hotels.Long Promotional Sales Letter and Catalogue email. • Allows you to present many benefits of your product or service. • Also allows you to present many products on one email. • Ideal for products or services that require more explanation. • Direct sales driven so your copy should reflect this.
  16. 16. Short Promotional
  17. 17. Short Promotional
  18. 18. Social Media & Email MarketingIntegrated campaigns• Add social icons• Add a social element or reward to the campaign• Encourage user to become a fan• Unlock the reward or offer once they become a fan• Build your database through social• Welcome new fans• Track new fans• Record ROI and engagement achieved
  19. 19. Social Media & Email MarketingCase study – stats on integrated campaign• Grew fans by 10%• 50% of new likes in first 48 hours• 1,040 views on the ‘exclusive fan offer’ tab on their FB page• Top referrer to website• 28:1 ROI on campaign• 18% revenue came through Facebook channel
  20. 20. Email Marketing GuidelinesEmail is an inexpensive yet effective way to reach a large audience quickly.Following some simple guidelines can ensure that your promotional emailsdont get lost in an inbox full of messages or deleted without being read. Be Respectful Keep it Short Build an Effective Plan Consider the content: 1. Subject lines should be short and should clearly communicate the message. 2. Only use 1 or 2 images per email. 3. Be sure to have an HTML version and a plain-text version to send.
  21. 21. Best Practices1. Employ Target Segmentation to maximize relevancy. Develop target specific messaging.2. The Subject Line is the most important 35 characters of the email.3. The Message Body should contain a compelling offer and a call to action.4. One Click Unsubscription5. Ensure Testing is Carried Out6. Avoid the Spam Filters
  22. 22. Best PracticesBest Practices continued…….7. Personalise where possible8. Tuesday / Wednesday = Increased Response9. Link-Click Testing10. Make it easy for people to give you their email11. Track all actions
  23. 23. StatsStats for the Travel Industry*• Open Rate - 24.97%• Clickthrough Rate – 4.96%• Soft Bounces – 2.17%• Hard Bounces – 3.74%• Unsubscribes – 0.39%*Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp CustomersResponse Rates (Not specific to travel industry)• 0.5% is considered terrific• 0.2% is considered great• Calculate it on a cost per sale basis – how does it compare to other mediums?
  24. 24. Test, Test, Test • Small changes can make a big difference in results – subject line, sender name, offer placement • Testers achieve 68% higher return over non- testers (JupiterResearch) • Good news: most marketers don’t test ;-)
  25. 25. Test Product, Offer and Creative Product Offer Creative Name Discount (€) Format Description Discount (%) Copy Benefits Incentive Design Price Offer Deadline Color Image Call to action Graphics
  26. 26. Email Deliverability1. Minimise spam complaints2. Manage expectations at the beginning3. Validate email addresses at opt-in4. Optimize design and HTML coding for delivery and rendering5. Use a dedicated IP address6. Set internal ground rules for list additions7. Perform regular list hygiene
  27. 27. SPAM FiltersWhat they look for… ISP Filter Corporate filterPhrases Inbox filterCodingHeader structurePhishingImage/text balanceReputationSome phrases, words and styles to watch out for(visit spamassassin.apache.org) HOT CLICK HERE >>Font SHOUTING FREEColour Using all caps Very Large & STOCK BOLD TEXT small text ENHANCED
  28. 28. Email Marketing Resources1. http://www.newsweaver.com/emailmatters2. http://blog.mailchimp.com/3. http://www.clickz.com/type/column/category/email4. http://www.emarketer.com5. http://blogs.boomerang.com/blog/category/email-marketing/6. http://www.hotelmarketingstrategies.com/email-marketing-guide/
  29. 29. Any Questions?
  30. 30. Thank you for joining us today. Questions to training@avvio.com Connect with us on www.facebook.com/avvio www.twitter.com/avviotweets