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Best Practises in List Building and Deliverability


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Best Practises in List Building and Deliverability

  1. 1. Best Practices in List Building & Deliverability
  2. 2. Chat or Q/A #AOWEB
  3. 3. Today’s PresentersDon Wynns Jeff LintonDirector, Business Product Marketing Development Manager @jeffreylinton
  4. 4. Building Quality Email Lists
  5. 5. About ZoomInfo▶ ZoomInfo is the largest B2B information directory, with over 50 million employee records across 5 million companies▶ Patented web-crawling tools along with a community of thousands of contributors are how ZoomInfo complies their data▶ Contact profiles are updated every 90 days ▶ Their mission is to map the business landscape in near real- time, moving towards updating all profiles every 30 days 5
  6. 6. Challenges of Data Decay on Email Marketing Initiatives 72% of business people change one or more key elements on their business card each year What does this mean for you? Your prospect contact data is likely decaying faster than you are able to update it.REPORT: Sales & MarketingInstitute: B2B DATA DECAY, HOWBAD IS IT AND WHAT TO DO!
  7. 7. Data DecayDon’t End Up in a Roadside Ditch▶ Incomplete company info • How can you segment?▶ Incomplete contact data – • How can you personalize?▶ Dupes with inconsistent info – • 1 “John Doe” or 2?▶ Data fields with nonsense data (ex: “TBA”, “TBD”, “TBC”, etc) • Don’t write yourself an IOU
  8. 8. Costly Campaign Impact ▶ Quality over Quantity ▶ Many companies emphasize the number of contacts they have rather than the quality of their contacts. That doesn’t correlate to success in the B2B market. Opt in and Permission Passed plus intelligently segmented data is the key to campaign performance. ▶ Low Response & Conversion Rates ▶ Sending out “batch and blast” email campaigns usually bring dismal returns in terms of responses, thus result in fewer conversions A recent DemandGen study revealed that 50% of respondents reported having less than 3% responses to campaignsREPORT: Assessing the Impact of Dirty Data – A Demand Gen Report
  9. 9. The ChallengeMissing Pieces to the Email Marketing Puzzle• Industry: – Are you reaching an audience with your inbound and email marketing consistent with your existing buyers?• Company Information: – You can’t score a lead without reliable “firmographic” data! Is the prospect company consistent with your existing buyers in terms of size, location, revenue…?• Titles – No title, no performance: – Personalized offers resonate – Marketing to outdated or incorrect titles is expensive – What is the (negative) impact on your brand from messaging to incompatible job functions? 9
  10. 10. Maximize Your Deliverability Rate• Successful, multi-channel marketing organizations commit to ongoing data management and cleansing initiatives – Data Hygiene Strategy• The inherent decay of B2B data makes an annual “spring data cleaning” insufficient. Rust never sleeps, and neither does data degradation.• Marketers and their performance are being measured more closely than ever - ensure your metrics of choice are based on real opportunities. 10
  11. 11. Data Cleanse Options▶ Validate Email Addresses ▶ Find, remove and replace bad email addresses and spam traps with a live online test ▶ Replace invalid email addresses with updated contacts ▶ Avoid being labeled a “spammer” by reducing your bounce rate▶ Append and Clean Your Database ▶ Fill in the blanks with fresh and accurate contact data ▶ Transform a list of companies or accounts into an actionable list of targeted contacts 11
  12. 12. What YOU Can Do• Find a service oriented data provider that offers a suite of solutions inclusive of data provisioning and an ongoing commitment to data hygiene• Buyer Beware – the data provider ecosystem is filled with false promises and inflated metrics! – Test before you buy - ask these questions: • Is your data provider reputable? • Do they have a track record of success and references? • Do they have a commitment to privacy regulations? 12
  13. 13. How to maximize emaildeliverability for greater campaign success
  14. 14. Your email delivery results improve when you send onlyemail that is wanted and expected, and purge old, inactive contacts.
  15. 15. List Management Expectation Address BooksMail to people who want Confirm Encourage recipients to and expect your email. or double-confirm add you to their addressContacts who opt in are subscribers who opt in books; make it easy for your best prospects them to do so Opt Out Privacy Policy Make it easy and obvious HonorHave a clear privacy policy for contacts to opt out “unsubscribe” requests for subscribers (beyond CAN-SPAM immediately requirements) Optimal Time Targeted Subscription Lists Determine an optimal Develop online forms that encourage mailing time and people to indicate their interests; use frequency, and stick to it, this data to create targeted for consistency subscription lists
  16. 16. List Cleaning and Maintenance• Clean your lists on a regular basis• Understand the engagement cycles of your sales process• Identify the point where recipient engagement drops; segment disengaged subscribers by useful criteria, such as whether they ever made a purchase• Re-engage inactive contacts with messaging and offers targeted to their specific segment• Purge inactive, unengaged contacts when necessary
  17. 17. Stages in spam filteringStage Should this email be accepted?ONE IP address reputation, blacklists, botnets Deferral (to get more info, or because the receiver is overloaded) Where should this email be delivered?Stage Inbox or junk folder?TWO Content evaluationStage How should this email be displayed?THREE With images? With annotation?
  18. 18. Passing Spam Filters• Send to people who want and expect your email• Use a consistent “From” address• Make sure your company name and contact info is obvious• Clear, strong subject line + compelling, concise content• Make sure links point to valid domains• Have a high ratio of text to images; avoid image-only email• Minimize or avoid Flash and JavaScript• Make the opt-out process easy and obvious• Comply with all CAN-SPAM requirements• Use email authentication
  19. 19. Passing Content Filters• Write a subject line that body copy fulfills• Short, compelling emails are more deliverable• Don’t use “Dear” as a salutation• Don’t use “click here” or “click below” to offer links to people• Avoid “spammy” words and phrases: “free”, “bonus”, “amazing”, “buy direct”, “bargain”, “no investment”, and so on• Use ALT text for your images• Using all caps is a SPAM CHARACTERISTIC• Use exclamation points sparingly, and don’t use several in a row!!!!
  20. 20. Develop your own successAccording to the DMA’s most recent (2010)Response Rate Trend Report , the averageemail to a house list generated: • 19.47 percent open rate and 6.64 percent click-through rate • 1.73 percent conversion rate • Bounce-back rate of 3.72 percent and an unsubscribe rate of 0.77 percent.
  21. 21. Tracking and ReportingDevelop and use your own benchmarks• Know your average delivery, bounce, and engagement rates• Look for anomaliesThe more targeted and personalized youremail is, the higher your rates will be• In B2B, clickthrough rates of 10%–20% are considered goodConsistently low rates suggest that your email isuninteresting, or your list is bad• Higher “delete” rates affect your reputation and delivery
  22. 22. Sending EmailClean your lists before sendingAllow enough timeSend small batches firstPreview and test emailsTest and benchmark your own mailing scheduleInclude a plain text version
  23. 23. Top 10 Delivery Best Practices
  24. 24. Top Ten Delivery Best Practices10. Build your lists carefully9. Test. Preview your email on major email clients and mobile devices8. Maintain your lists assiduously; purge and re-engage7. Dont overload an email with images6. Send content that subscribers care about5. Use a consistent "From" header address4. Develop consistent campaigns3. Use clean and correct HTML formatting2. Track your results and monitor performance by list source1. Abide by all CAN-SPAM rules and guidance
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