The Secret of Mind-Blowing Email Marketing


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Exclusive Concepts overview of not only the best practices of email marketing, but the best questions to ask before you add email to your marketing tool box.
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  • Desktop email declines by 6%,Mobile increases by 33%.88% of users check their email on a mobile device.- comScore
  • There are 1.9 billion email users.57% of them check their email less than 4 times a day.They are sent 294 billion emails per day, 154.73 per person. 88% of email goes unopened.
  • 18-24 years olds:62% use email daily, 60% use social networks, 44% get news, 27% do banking online.30-49 year olds:67% use email daily, 39% use social networks, 45% get news, 30% do banking online.
  • 18-24 years olds:62% use email daily, 60% use social networks, 44% get news, 27% do banking online.30-49 year olds:67% use email daily, 39% use social networks, 45% get news, 30% do banking online.
  • 60% of users check their email every day.Only 29% of Internet citizens use a search engine daily.- Pew Internet
  • A common question is, “When is the best time to broadcast an email campaign?”According to a recent Beta Research study, there is not a singular time that most people check their email. It is likely that your customers are checking email several times a day.The only way to definitely determine when the best day and time to broadcast email campaigns is to test. First, select two days and times that you think may generate the best Open, Click-Through, and Conversion Rates. For example, Tuesday at 9AM and Wednesday at 3PM.Secondly, broadcast the email to 50% of your list on Tuesday at 9AM and the email to the remaining 50% of your list on Wednesday at 3PM.By comparing the results of the testing, you will begin to get a better picture of when your customers are most likely to read and respond to your campaigns.Testing is a journey – it’s rare to draw conclusions based on one instance of a test. To fully learn about the habits and preferences of your customers, you should run a series of tests rather than one test to determine the ideal day and time.Source:
  • When I talk about HTML email, I am referring to email that is written or coded with HTML – as opposed to plain text.HTML email can be differentiated by the inclusion of images and live web links.In short, HTML emails offer a more comprehensive email experience that emulates the experience offered by a website.The reality is that most of your customers use an email platform that enables, and most likely encourages, HTML campaigns.The opportunity to offer your readers an enhanced email experience is readily available, so why not capitalize on it?As with determining the ideal time to send your campaign, you should test to assess the effectiveness of text or HTML campaigns.Source:
  • Most email service providers include the ability to track the results of email campaigns.The question that you should ask yourself, “Are you interpreting metrics properly?”The data is there – the key is to know what to extract from each metric.
  • Segmentation is critical to help your emails stand out from competitors. Most email service providers allow you to house a comprehensive set of customer data, and Resource:
  • You can’t use Outlook, Gmail, etc.Why? Spam, Formatting, Metrics,Text only which is less effective
  • Gather your written and photographic or multimedia content, design your email around those assets. Apply those and your segmented list to your HTML email using your email design software platform then send!
  • Exclusive Concepts has conducted extensive research into the email service provider marketing.Based on our findings, we have found several stand-out services: Bronto, Constant Contact, and iContact.As stated in the previous slide, the right email service provider for you should not be determined by how expensive the service is. This is especially true for companies starting their email marketing programs.In selecting the right email service provider, you should consider the provider’s:List management capabilities (including segmentation)Ability to deploy autorespondersInitiatives to preserve deliverability for its clients (you!)
  • As with many other aspects of life, size matters only if you let it matter.Don’t let a small email list deter you from launching email marketing. Just Do It!If you have a small email list (typically considered at less than 10,000 active subscribers), I would focus on two goals:Retaining your existing subscribers2. Grow Your List: collect email addresses, offer deals, add sharingand cross-channel methodsThere are many widgets and plug-ins that allow you to collect email addresses through the web and social media.Also, be patient. Growing a list of qualified active subscribers will take time.To retain your existing subscribers, keep an eye on your Loss Rate. If your Loss Rate grows upward as you continue to send campaigns, reassess your approach to email marketing. Perhaps you are sending too many campaigns within a short period of time. Or you may be sending campaigns with irrelevant content.
  • Spam!
  • Don’t’ promote Boxing day in the USKeep your branding in tact, but make sure your email reflects the holidayStart emailing for holidays early.
  • There’s no time like the present!If you are sending your first email make it excitingEmphasis the strength of your brand and unique benefits of your email program like sneak previews, deals, etc.Reintroduce yourself.
  • It’s a 2-way conversation
  • DIY – design and programProviders have templates - WYSIWYGUs – tech terms: deliverability, browser testing, QA, spam testing, mobile compatibility, social media integration
  • Multi-variant testing, understanding metrics, find blockers and bottle necks
  • Ask your cousin’s son, he has a bootleg copy of Photoshop.Call an ad agency.Find a specialist.
  • You should update your subscriber lists as often as possible. API
  • The Secret of Mind-Blowing Email Marketing

    3. 3. AgendaIntroductionTitleBiosAgendaThe Realities of Email MarketingStatistics about email marketingPain pointsChallengesSolutionsPersonalizationSubject LinesCreative ImageryCopy -Relevance -Deals -Keywords -LinksList SegmentationTimingSharingWrap-upContact Information
    4. 4. The Realities of EmailMarketingMobile Grows Up, Desktop Gets Old6% decrease in desktop email viewing33% increase in mobile email viewing80.8% of users check email on mobile devices- comScore 80.8% Check Mobile Email
    5. 5. The Realities of Email MarketingThere is a Lot of Noise1,900,000,000 email users57% check email 4 a day294 Billion emails sent every day154.73 emails received per person per day- Radicati Group 88% of Mail Goes UNOPENED
    6. 6. The Realities of Email MarketingThere are Many Distractions18-24 years olds:62% use email daily60% use social networks44% get news27% bank online
    7. 7. The Realities of Email MarketingThere are Many Distractions30-49 year olds:67% use email daily39% use social networks45% get news30% bank online- Pew Research
    8. 8. The Realities of Email MarketingEmail is Habitual60% use email every day vs. 29% use a search engine every day- Pew Internet 60% Check Mail Daily
    9. 9. Pain PointsEmail Marketing is Huge Pain in the AssWhen and how often do I send email?What’s an HTML email?How do I tell if it’s working?What is “List Segmentation”?What is an “Auto Responder”?How do I send an email to my list?How do design and code an email?I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work.How do I avoid being labeled as spam?Where do I find a marketing team for this?How do I manage my subscriber database?How often should I update my email list?Why do my subscribers hate my emails?
    10. 10. ChallengesEmail is HabitualI don’t have an in-house graphic designer orprogrammer.I don’t have software to mass email.I have a small email list.I run a business, where do I find time to sendmarketing email?I haven’t contacted my email list in weeks/months/years.
    11. 11. SolutionsTurn Your Pain-In-The-Ass Email Into Kick-Ass EmailThe Proper Approach is multi-channel: SEO, PPC, ConversionTestingExecute Incremental ChangesRely onExpertise AugmentationUse The Right Software
    12. 12. Timing:When is the best time to email my subscribers?“There is no one time that most people check their email. U.S.Internet users check their personalemail throughout the day…”Conclusion: Conduct Testingto determine which dayand time generatesthe highestresponserates.
    13. 13. HTML vs Text EmailWhich option offers the best email experience?“43% of users use some version Outlook, while no other client even cameclose. Hotmail came in second at 17% followed by Yahoo! Mail (13%) andGmail (8%). Apple products came in with a total of 8% split between iOS(4%) and Apple Mail (4%).”Conclusion: HTML is here – but be aware of the risks.
    14. 14. EffectivenessAre you looking at the right statistics?Open Rate indicates the resonance of the subjectline and strength of brand recognitionClick-Through Rate sheds light on thepersuasiveness of your calls-to-actionLoss Rate reveals subscriber loyalty to your emailprogram and to your brandAverage Order Value (AOV) reveals the strength ofyour promotions and product mixConversion Rate wraps up effectiveness in onesuccinct metric
    15. 15. Segmentation- The act of dividing your subscribers into groups according tospecific criteria“Segmenting emails based on job title, customer type, or evenzip code could result in a more than 18 percent increase inopen rates and a more than 21 percent in clicks.”Bright Idea:Segment your subscribers in a way that is relevant to your bottomline – and to your customers
    16. 16. Auto-ResponderAn email message that is automatically sentbased on subscriber actions or attributes Average Open Rate 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Average Open RateThe Bright Idea:Rome wasn’t built in a day - Set upautoresponders upon basic customerbehaviors first.
    17. 17. PublicationHow Do I Send An Email To My List?You can’t use Outlook, Gmail, etc.Why? Spam, Formatting, Metrics
    18. 18. PublicationHow Do I Send An Email To My List?
    19. 19. PublicationI Don’t Have Software To Send Mass Emails!
    20. 20. PublicationI Only Have A Small Email List!It’s not the size of your list, it’s how you use it.Just Do It!Then:Retain existing subscribersGrow Your List- collect email addresses, offer deals, add sharingand cross-channel methods
    21. 21. PublicationCan’t I just purchase an email list?Don’t Buy Lists!Why?Spam!No Relevance!Black Hat!Bad Karma!
    22. 22. PublicationHow about holidays?Make holidays relevantDifferentiate by keying in to the holidayMake your brand jollyKeep an eye on the calendar- Christmas 2011 marketing began in October!
    23. 23. PublicationI Haven’t Contacted My Email List InMonths or Years!There’s No Time Like The Present!
    24. 24. PublicationHow do I get the recipients of my email engaged?Make your email a dialogue not a monologue!
    25. 25. Design & DevelopmentHow Do I Avoid Being Labeled As Spam?No listsFrequencySubject lineQuality of contentReputation of sending domainRun a spam test
    26. 26. Design & DevelopmentHow Do I Design & Code and Email?Do it yourselfProviders have templatesOutsource- Freelancer or general agency- Specialty agency
    27. 27. Deployment ChallengesI’ve Tried It Before And It Didn’t Work!How did you define failure?What did you learn from it?What worked, what didn’t?
    28. 28. Deployment ChallengesI Run A Business.Where Do I Find Time To Send Marketing Email?You don’t have to do it alone.Build a team of hire a partner.
    29. 29. Deployment ChallengesI Don’t Have A Marketing Team?You need the right people:- Internet marketing strategist- Email marketing specialist- Digital marketing specialist- HTML email designer- HTML email programmer- Database engineer- Copywriter
    30. 30. Deployment ChallengesHow Do I Manage My Subscriber List?SegmentationReview BouncesControl growthHonor unsubscribersDon’t rent or buy lists
    31. 31. Deployment ChallengesHow Often Should I Update My Subscriber List?Prior to every broadcast
    32. 32. Best PracticesWhy Do My Subscribers Hate My Email?Weak call to action (CTA)Irrelevant contentFrequencyUglyOver promising andunder delivering
    33. 33. Best PracticesMake Your Content RelevantMake it a dialogue – Don’t shout!Relate to your audienceAdd personalityBe currentAdd value
    34. 34. Best PracticesEmail DesignMobile friendlyBalance text and imagesFocused themeStay on brandBrowser compatibilityReflect your online presence
    35. 35. Best PracticesOffers, Deals and SpecialsDeliver what you promiseClear offer restrictionsSimple instructionsMake offer attractiveIncentivize to shareEncourage increased reader activityKeep your offers fresh
    36. 36. Best PracticesSubject Lines Rule or How To Gift Wrap Your EmailKeep subject lines 50-75 charactersUse ampersand, numbers & bracketsConduct spam testing on subject lines(esp. brand names and discount offers)Reflect email contentMake it exciting, funny, dramatic!
    37. 37. Best PracticesThe Weakest LinkNot Too FewNot Too ManyRemember hierarchyMake links obviousTagged for analytics
    38. 38. ConclusionWrap upKey points- Don’t miss out on the upcoming holiday season- Stay relevant- Don’t be the business NOT doing email marketing- Just do it!Contact infoVisit our site: To learn more about our email marketing services- Download our email brochure- Download this deck- Watch a video of this webinarFeel free to share anything you’ve learned here. Thank you.