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Beginners: Connectivity in Planes


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A simple presentation & video looking at how mobile cellular connectivity and wi-fi works in a plane. Also looks at latency & ping calculations on the plane. Finally we will look at how the new European Aviation Network will help improve the data speeds and latency.

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Beginners: Connectivity in Planes

  1. 1. Connectivity in Planes @3g4gUK
  2. 2. How hard can it be to connect the planes? ©3G4G 9 km to 11.5 km 35,786 km
  3. 3. How hard can it be to connect the planes? ©3G4G 9 km to 11.5 km 35,700 km
  4. 4. Wi-Fi on Planes ©3G4G
  5. 5. Small Cells on Planes ©3G4G Source Old ETSI Whitepaper: ‘GSM operation onboard aircraft’ makes interesting reading
  6. 6. Speedtest on Plane Wi-Fi ©3G4G
  7. 7. Calculating the latency and ping timing ©3G4G Latency is defined as the time it takes for a source to send a packet of data to a receiver. In simple terms, half of Ping time
  8. 8. Calculating the latency and ping timing ©3G4G • Speed of light = 3 x 108 m/s or 3 x 105 km/s • RF signals travel the same speed as light • Ground station to satellite = 35786 km / 3 x 105 km/s = 120 ms • Satellite to plane approx. 120ms • Ground station to server approx. 10ms • Plane to WiFi approx 50ms (processing delays) • Total latency approx. = 300ms • Ping time, at least 600 ms approx.
  9. 9. Speedtest on Plane Wi-Fi ©3G4G
  10. 10. Speedtest on Plane Wi-Fi ©3G4G Source: Azar T (@wrangulars): I measured @GogoWiFi at 37000 ft in air,offered from @TMobile to it's 1+ customers.
  11. 11. Improving plane data speeds & reducing latency ©3G4G Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat partner to deliver European Aviation Network
  12. 12. European Aviation Network Promotional Video ©3G4G YouTube
  13. 13. Improved Connectivity in Planes ©3G4G 2 x 15MHz S band will be used by Deutsche Telekom for complementary coverage through ground network Source • Speeds of up to 75Mbps with same latency as LTE network
  14. 14. Spectrum Management in European Aviation Network ©3G4G • 2x15MHz pair used for communication in each direction Earth to Space communications Space to Earth communications
  15. 15. Goonhilly: Example of Satellite Earth Station ©3G4G Source
  16. 16. Thank You To learn more, visit: 3G4G Website – 3G4G Blog – 3G4G Small Cells Blog – Operator Watch - Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Linkedin: Follow us on Slideshare: Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Storify: ©3G4G