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Small Cells, Macrocells, Backhaul, Infrastructure and other connectivity solutions from #MWC18


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Summary or Small Cells, Macrocells, Backhaul, Infrastructure and other connectivity solutions from Mobile World Congress 2018 by Zahid Ghadialy

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Small Cells, Macrocells, Backhaul, Infrastructure and other connectivity solutions from #MWC18

  1. 1. Small Cells, Macrocells, Backhaul, Infrastructure and other connectivity solutions from Mobile World Congress 2018 (#MWC18) @3g4gUK
  2. 2. Approach I spent the entire duration of Mobile World Congress 2018 going to different booths and looking at different products, demos and solutions to learn about what’s on offer. This presentation is a summary of that research. Even though I am looking mainly at mobile connectivity solutions in this presentation, I am ignoring the big 5 vendors. You can read more about what they were offering on 3G4G blog here. - Zahid Ghadialy (@zahidtg) ©3G4G
  3. 3. Disclaimer This presentation is intended to show the different vendors and their products to highlight what has been occurring, and which direction the industry has been moving in. While we have tried to cover a lot of ground in this summary presentation, this is not an exhaustive list and we have surely missed out some big and small companies. One of the issues you will notice with this deck is that it gives equal visibility to a wide variety of companies at different stages of product evolution/capabilities. There are some mature/big names missing simply because they didn't have a booth or have been overlooked. This probably gives a sense that there are lots of different vendors vying for business and activity going on but its not equitable with those who are most likely to win business. It also doesn’t highlight just how much of a stranglehold the big 5 (Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE & Samsung) have on the business. For each of the pictures shown, we’ve provided a few bullet points but they don’t necessarily include the scope or categorization of each company. ©3G4G
  4. 4. Vendors Covered (Alphabetical Order) Acceleran Action Technologies Airspan Altiostar Azcom BaiCells BravoCom CBNL CCS Ceragon Comba Telecom Commscope Fingu Gemtek IP.Access JMA Wireless Kleos MitraStar NuRAN Parallel Wireless Polaris Networks Qualcomm Qucell Raycap Ruckus SOLiD SpiderCloud Vodafone Zinwave ©3G4G
  5. 5. Accelleran (TAGS:SmallCells,CBRS,NeutralHost,FWA) • Indoor and Outdoor Small Cells • E1000 Series Small Cell Portfolio for Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile and Private LTE Applications, including 3,5GHz, CBRS, TDD and FDD Bands. • Carrier Grade V-RAN featuring our cloud native control plane VNF. • HQ: Belgium (Website) ©3G4G I missed them at MWC.
  6. 6. Action Technologies (TAGS:Antennas,Picorepeater,combiner) • Repeaters, Combiners, Antenna Solutions, • HQ: China (Website) ©3G4G
  7. 7. Airspan (TAGS:Femtocells,SmallCells,Relays,Indoor,Outdoor) • Small Cells (Outdoor, Indoor) • Backhaul solutions (including 5G) • “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” award with Sprint at GLOMO 2018 Awards (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  8. 8. Airspan Products ©3G4G
  9. 9. Airspan Products ©3G4G
  10. 10. Altiostar (TAGS:MEC,vRAN) • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) • Virtualized RAN (vRAN) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  11. 11. Azcom (TAGS:HSPA+,LTE,PrivateNetworks,Outdoor Small Cells,C-RAN,NIB) • Small Cells • C-RAN • Network In a Box (NIB) • Evolved Packet Core (EPC) • HQ in Milan, Italy (Website) ©3G4G
  12. 12. Azcom Private LTE Networks & Small Cell ©3G4G
  13. 13. Azcom LTE Network Solutions ©3G4G
  14. 14. BaiCells (TAGS:FWA,Indoor,Outdoor,SmallCells) • Complete portfolio of Femtocells, Picocells, Indoor and Outdoor Small Cells • HQ: China (Website) ©3G4G
  15. 15. BaiCells NeutralCell & Fixed LTE ©3G4G
  16. 16. BaiCells Indoor & Outdoor CPE ©3G4G
  17. 17. BravoCom (TAGS:Femtocells,SmallCells) • Outdoor Small Cells • Home Small Cells • Distributed Small Cells • HQ: China (Website) ©3G4G
  18. 18. BravoCom Small Cell Products ©3G4G
  19. 19. Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) (TAGS:Backhaul,mmWave) • Mobile and Small Cells Backhaul Solutions • HQ: Cambridge, UK (Website) ©3G4G
  20. 20. CCS (TAGS:Backhaul,mmWave) • Launched Metnet 12Gbps 60GHz mmWave system (Link) • HQ: Cambridge, UK (Website) ©3G4G
  21. 21. Ceragon (TAGS:Backhaul,Outdoor) • Number 1 Wireless Backhaul Provider • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  22. 22. Comba Telecom (TAGS:MIMO,SmallCells,Indoor,Ourdoor • Massive MIMO / Beamforming Technology and 5G Digital DAS • Small Cells • Indoor / Outdoor Solutions • HQ: Hong Kong (Website) ©3G4G
  23. 23. Comba Telecom Products ©3G4G
  24. 24. Comba Telecom Products ©3G4G
  25. 25. CommScope (TAGS:In-building,CBRS,C-RAN,DAS) • Antennas, Cables, Connectors and other Infrastructure provider • In-Building solutions • Microwave antennas • C-RAN antennas • OneCell C-RAN small cells (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G CommScope Mini-Macro
  26. 26. Era™ All-digital C-RAN Antenna System (Link) ©3G4G
  27. 27. Fingu (TAGS:Infrastructuresharing,combiners) • Combiners • Outdoor Small Cell • HQ: China (Website) ©3G4G
  28. 28. Fingu Products ©3G4G
  29. 29. Gemtek (TAGS:LTE,CPE,Femtocells,Opencellular,TIP) • Cat-12 LTE CPE • LTE Enterprise Small Cells • OpenCellular Small Cell • HQ: Taiwan (Website) ©3G4G
  30. 30. Small Cells from Gemtek ©3G4G Cat 12 8R Indoor CPE, 4x4 Entry Single Mode Indoor CPE LTE Enterprise Small Cell OpenCellular Small Cell (TIP / Facebook)
  31. 31. IP.Access (TAGS:SmallCells,5G) They did not have a booth at MWC. Here are some announcements from them around MWC • Collaboration with Imaginet to deploy disaster response network (link) • Strategic vision for 5G – effectively highlighting it has products in 3.5GHz band (link) • Boost indoor mobile coverage with Telenet, Belgium (link) HQ: UK (Website) ©3G4G
  32. 32. JMA Wireless (TAGS:vRAN,5G,DAS) I missed them at MWC. Here are some of their announcements: • JMA Wireless Launches XRAN Fully Virtualized Adaptive Baseband Software to Radically Change the Game for In- Venue Wireless (Link) • Collaborative work between TIM and JMA Wireless for future 5G RAN mobility innovation (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  33. 33. Kleos (TAGS:Macrocell,5G) • 5G-Ready Base Station • HQ: UK (Website) ©3G4G
  34. 34. MitraStar • LTE Indoor/Outdoor CPE • Enterprise Grade LTE Small Cell • Mesh Wi-Fi • NB-IoT Gateway • LTE V2V communication module • HQ: China (Website) ©3G4G
  35. 35. NuRAN • 2G & 4G low cost small cell for Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project (TIP) • HQ: Canada (Website) ©3G4G
  36. 36. NuRAN Small Cells ©3G4G
  37. 37. Parallel Wireless (TAGS:SmallCells,Enterprise,Macrocells,PublicSafety LTE,2G,3G,4G) • Outdoor high power small cells 2G, 3G & 4G • Enterprise Small Cells • Mobile Small cells for public safety • Won Aegis Graham Bell Award For Innovation In Telecom Infrastructure (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  38. 38. PW Outdoor CWS & Enterprise Femtocells ©3G4G
  39. 39. Polaris Networks (TAGS:PrivateLTE,PublicSafetyLTE,5G) • Enterprise NetCell: Integrated eNB + EPC solution for private LTE network • liteCore5: Lightweight 5G core, 3GPP Rel-15 compliant • Metro NetCell: Integrated eNB + EPC for Mission Critical LTE Networks • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  40. 40. Qualcomm (TAGS:5G,SmallCells) • Many different announcements related to 5G, IoT, etc. (Link) • Qualcomm chipsets are used extensively by many femtocell and small cell manufactures • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  41. 41. Qualcomm Small Cells ©3G4G
  42. 42. Qucell (TAGS:Residential,Enterprise,Femtocells,IoT,CBRS) • Quite a portfolio in Femtocells • Residential, Enterprise , Outdoor • TDD, FDD, CBRS, etc • Support for eMTC & NB-IoT • HQ: South Korea (Website) ©3G4G
  43. 43. Qucell Products ©3G4G
  44. 44. Raycap (TAGS:InfrastructureSharing,Enclosures) • Custom enclosures for indoor or outdoor applications, cable and cable accessories, and lightning surge protection and cable connectivity solutions for Remote Radio Head (RRH) network equipment located on towers, at rooftops and in shelters. • HQ in Cyprus (Website) ©3G4G
  45. 45. Ruckus Wireless (TAGS:In-building,Enterprise,Wi-Fi,CBRS) Announced CBRS-band LTE Access Portfolio (Link) HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G Video link for CBRS use cases from Ruckus TV
  46. 46. SOLiD (TAGS:In-building,DAS) We did not manage to see their booth SOLiD GENESIS DAS and the Middleprise – YouTube video by RCR Wireless • DAS and other In-Building Solutions (Link) • HQ: South Korea (Website) ©3G4G
  47. 47. SpiderCloud (TAGS:EnterpriseSmallCells,CBRS,LAA) They did not have a booth but here are some announcements from around MWC time • Opencell and Vodafone launch the UK’s first centralised 4G indoor mobile signal solution (Link) • SpiderCloud engineers a comprehensive LAA enterprise small cell solution (Link) • SpiderCloud wins a Big Innovation Award for Accelerating Deployments with a Zero Touch Provisioning System (Link) • Part of Corning (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  48. 48. Vodafone (TAGS:CrowdCell,OpenCellular,TIP) • Vodafone was showing the CrowdCell concept that it successfully tested and is now bringing an open version to Facebook’s TIP (Link) • HQ: UK (Website) ©3G4G
  49. 49. Vodafone’s Open Cellular (OC) Base Station ©3G4G
  50. 50. Vodafone’s Open Cellular (OC) Base Station ©3G4G Picture Source: Michael Thelen Picture Source: TelecomInfraProject
  51. 51. Zinwave (TAGS:In-Building,DAS,CBRS,5G) • DAS and other In-Building Solutions (Link) • Launched UNItivity 5000 3-6GHz DAS that can work with CBRS and 5GNR (Link) • HQ: USA (Website) ©3G4G
  52. 52. We are grateful for information and help from David Chambers, ThinkSmallCell. ThinkSmallCell has compiled an excellent summary of Mobile World Congress 2018 on their website. Link. ©3G4G
  53. 53. Thank You To learn more, visit: 3G4G Website – 3G4G Blog – 3G4G Small Cells Blog – Operator Watch - Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Linkedin: Follow us on Slideshare: Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Storify: ©3G4G