Top 10 Tips to Apply Law of Attraction on Social Media

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Would you like to attract your social media network members then you must read this presentation

Would you like to attract your social media network members then you must read this presentation

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  • 1. Top 10 Tips toApply ‘Law ofAttraction’on Social Media By Yogesh M. A. Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai, India
  • 2. “In search of LikeMinded People”
  • 3. Tip No #1 Create Social media ready Blog1. Use to add social bookmarking tool on your blog.2. Use to add innovative comment feature on your blog
  • 4. Tip No #2Take Pro-active Interest In your Social Network members activities
  • 5. Tip No #3Appreciate your business network members activities
  • 6. Tip No #4 Read your networkMembers posts time to time
  • 7. Tip No #5Watch your network members Videos
  • 8. Tip No #6Do - Create innovative Content, blog posts, social updates
  • 9. Tip No #7Share your networkmembers Content on your wall
  • 10. Tip No #8Use Like Buttonevery timeto appreciate yoursocial networkmembers activities
  • 11. Tip No #9Always give your positive feedback & Comments on your social media network members posts
  • 12. Tip No #10 Use digital time management tools to update your socialnetworks in various time zones.
  • 13. Results1. When you publish new blog post you can see how many people using social bookmarking on your blog post.2. When you update your social media sites start checking how many people reaching your blog post.3. Check how many people clicked ‘Like’ button your blog.
  • 14. Social Media Study1. Social media helping us to connect, converse, collaborate with like minded people.2. If you use these Top 10 Tips Effectively on social media then you will get great results.3. We did this study one year ago. You can check this URL to get an idea about how people reciprocate.4. Here you will see 101 posts and also check how many people liked, shared and commented on our updates.
  • 15. I didn’t know thisMake a List of questions about this presentations and send us FAQ & e-Learning 15
  • 16. Thank You By Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India Participate in our Offline Training Workshops