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Eleven Forgotten Laws Bob Proctor - Review


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Eleven Forgotten Laws Bob Proctor - Review

  1. 1. Product Review: 11 Forgotten Laws 6 Ways to Apply the Laws of Success
  2. 2. What Is The 11 Forgotten Laws?  A self improvement home study program  In 7 hour long audio format  Published in 2008  By Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey  To help people who have watched ”The Secret” but haven't succeeded in applying it
  3. 3. This is a compact  review For the full video  review Click here
  4. 4. The Purpose of This Program  To help you become in harmony with the Universe by understanding how it works  The Universe works using these eleven Laws Ask yourself 1. What is your purpose in life? 2. What do you want to achieve?
  5. 5. The Purpose of This Program If you are still struggling and feeling frustrated it's because you are not in harmony To help you be in harmony with the Universe is the purpose of The 11 Forgotten Laws
  6. 6. Who is Bob Proctor?  Author of  ”You Were Born Rich”  Helped millions  people become better  Mary Morissey is Bob's co­author
  7. 7. Who is Bob Proctor? Both Bob and Mary are great teachers and they practice the Universe principles They can help you learn and become better by applying the same principles
  8. 8. What Are the Universal Principles? #1. The Law of Thinking Give your mental energy to the thoughts  that are essential to your success
  9. 9. What Are the Universal Principles? #2. The Law of Supply Whatever you need to be successful  is already available
  10. 10. What Are the Universal Principles? #3. The Law of Attraction Open your eyes to find the people  and information that can help you
  11. 11. What Are the Universal Principles? #4. The Law of Receiving Be open to receive them
  12. 12. What Are the Universal Principles? #5. The Law of Gratitude Become better at receiving and using  the help that you get
  13. 13. What Are the Universal Principles? #6. The Law of Compensation Use this help to work on your goals and achieve them
  14. 14. More About the Eleven Laws These are only 6 of the Universal Laws Start applying them today to manifest your dreams For the complete 11 Laws, watch  my full review of Bob Proctor's Forgotten Laws