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Digital Marketing Championship

Digital Marketing Championship for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Top Executives

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Digital Marketing Championship

  1. 1. Purpose of Digital Marketing Championship 1. Increase Visibility 2. Earn Credibility 3. Improve Discoverability 4. Earn Referability 5. Increase Acceptability
  2. 2. Who can participate in Digital Marketing Championship? 1. Business Owners 2. Entrepreneurs 3. Top Executives
  3. 3. Competitions on Digital neighborhood marketplaces 1. Community building competition 2. Digital Sales competition 3. Influence Creation competition 4. Website building competition 5. Blog building competition 6. OnlineStore building competition 7. Referral building competition
  4. 4. If you want to participate then kindly Follow us @BrandYouYear and email us We will update you
  5. 5. Terms and conditions 1. This digital marketing championship is created to encourage our existing and prospective customers to grow on digital neighborhood marketplace gracefully. 2. Through this championship we are creating strong communication opportunity with like minded people. 3. We will come with updated T&C 4. Terms and conditions apply.
  6. 6. Thank YouYogesh M. A. Digital Leadership Trainer follow us @BrandYouYear