20090515 - Tuning Your Mind To Improve Interpersonal Relations 23s


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Many a time we are seriously, not-serious. This is mainly because, we do not notice the importance of tuning our mind. This presentation was used, to tune the minds of the participants before the main presentation is introduced. This may just contain very general points, and nothing else; but the purpose is to make the participants begin to question, to feel, and thus to tune their minds. Thus, when the mind is getting ready, the chances of certain thoughts, getting sown in their minds, would multiply, and hopefully, the time invested would turn out to be a profitable investment in their future. That is the purpose of all exercise, of all training, and thus of all tuning of the mind. Tuning, just as a starter, would be of considerable help both for the presenter and the members of the audience.

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20090515 - Tuning Your Mind To Improve Interpersonal Relations 23s

  1. 2. Tuning your mind to improve your interpersonal skills
  2. 3. Do YOU like yourself ?
  3. 4. Do YOU want all others to be like yourself ?
  4. 5. Do You think that you will be more happy if all others are like yourself ?
  5. 6. The moment we recognize that there are differences in working styles, different speeds of working, different attitudes towards many things …
  6. 7. we recognize that there is need for Analysis, Study, Adjustment, Training, Tuning and Achievement.
  7. 8. What VALUES you think are necessary for making a happier life ?
  8. 9. Can Improving our interpersonal skills improve our happiness ?
  9. 10. What are the breaks ? What are the accelerators ?
  10. 11. Jealousy and envy create dishonesty, hatred and corruption. Your thoughts and emotions are the only things that can truly stop you from being negative.
  11. 12. Study Your thoughts and emotions, Your beliefs and attitudes and see is there something that you can do.
  12. 13. Your thoughts and emotions, Your beliefs and attitudes are the only things that can help you to do, to be and to have happiness.
  13. 14. Are you comfortable in dealing With others ?
  14. 15. In dealing with others When are you comfortable ? Why? When are you not comfortable ? Why ?
  15. 16. When you know that you are not comfortable and know the reasons, attempt to modify your behaviour to achieve positive results.
  16. 17. Be responsible. Accept responsibility for your own behaviour. Apolize for errors. Seek honest feedback about the way you interact and improve.
  17. 18. Your non-verbal Communication is very important. If there is a mismatch between verbal and non-verbal, You will experience great difficulty in succeeding.
  18. 19. Maximize your positive personality traits and use them in your interactions with others.
  19. 20. To improve your skills determination and determined practice are very important.
  20. 21. You can change your life for the better by improving your skills. And the time to start is …
  21. 22. now
  22. 23. The purpose of this session is to Motivate You to begin that purposeful study n o w .
  23. 24. A Big Thank You