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Teacher mentor promo presentation

  1. 1. Brian ArcariEDL 500Kathleen McGovern
  2. 2. IntroductionPersonal StrengthsSupport Leadership AbilitiesInfluence Leadership StylesConclusion
  3. 3. A teacher mentor is one who has theabilities to lead and assist their colleagues.They are willing to share their knowledgeand help others whether it is in or out ofthe classroom.Within this presentation my strengths,qualifications and leadership abilities willshow that I am able to be an effectiveteacher mentor.
  4. 4. Good Classroom managementFlexibleGood communication skillsResourcefulProfessional
  5. 5. According to StrengthsFinder 2.0evaluation, by Tim Rath, my strengths are:• Restorative• Relator• Achiever• Responsibility• Deliberative
  6. 6. Anyone with the restorative strength aregenerally adept at dealing with problems.Also they good at figuring out what iswrong and come up with ways on how tosolve the problem.
  7. 7. With this strength I am able to overcomeany problem that may arise within theclassroom.Ex: Students were talking during a lessonand would not stop. I stopped everything Iwas doing and just stood in the front of theclassroom. Students knew why I stoppedand students were trying to get the class toquiet down themselves.
  8. 8. Anyone with the relator strength tend tohave close relationships with others andhave a real sense of satisfaction in workingwith others and achieving goals.
  9. 9. I am able to use this strength within theschool by forming close bonds with theother teachers and students. We feelcomfortable around each other where wecan go to each other if any problems arise.Ex: Working with my colleagues to furtherstudents progress. Coming up withsolutions if problems arise.
  10. 10. Generally, people who are considered tobe an achiever are hard working and takegreat satisfaction from being busy andproductive.They also have a great deal of stamina.
  11. 11.  As an achiever I tend to always be workingand want to do the best that I can. I alwaysstrive to be the best that I can and want to dothe best job I can for my students. I am constantly going over lesson plans tofind ways that I can change them so that theywill be most beneficial to the students. I don’tstop when a lesson plan is finished and Ialways look to see what can be changed.
  12. 12. People who share the responsibilitystrength tend own up to what they say thatthey will do.They are committed to values such ashonesty and loyalty.
  13. 13.  I am able to show responsibility during my lessonsbecause I always put up an aim that I want thestudents to know by the end of the period. I tell myselfthat I will make the material easy for the students tograsp and want to do this to the best of my ability. I consider myself to be honest with my students bytelling them what they want to know and what is on mymind at points which they seem to appreciate. I can considered to be loyal to my students because Iwant to always look out for them and be there for them.Even if it is not in the classroom I want to help them tothe best of my abilities and tell the students just that.
  14. 14. To be deliberative one must be describedby the serious care that they take whenmaking decisions or choices.These types of people are able toanticipate obstacles that may arise.
  15. 15. When making lesson plans I try toanticipate where confusion might arise. Iwrite down some questions that mightcome up from the students and try to findappropriate answers to these questions.Able to come up with different ways tosolve math equations and pick what I thinkis best and easiest for the students.
  16. 16.  Strengths can support myself as a teachermentor by:• Resolving problems between teacher candidate andmentor• Form powerful relationship with teacher candidate.• Be productive with candidate and work hard together.• Loyal and honest towards candidate. Will worktowards what both desire.• Make important decisions, anticipate problems andcome up with appropriate solutions when theseproblems arise.
  17. 17. I tend to work well with others and strive toget each task completed.Try to keep everyone that I work withcontent and cause little trouble aspossible.Sense of accomplishment when not onlymyself but colleagues are successful inwhat we set out to do in the school.This can lead to success and have apositive impact on the students.
  18. 18. My strengths based on StrengthsFinder2.0 show that I can be an effective teachermentor.I am able to be:• Responsible• Problem solver• Over achiever• Hard worker• Friendly and professional
  19. 19. Rath,T.(2007).StrengthsFinder2.0.NewYork,NY:GallupPress