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face recognition

  1. 1. topicImage Mode Face Recognition • name Presented By, Vipin Varghese S5,CT Reg No : 10131279
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Introduction• Face recognition• Image mode face recognition• How face recognition system works• Components of face recognition system• Main area which we have to apply• Implimentation of face recognition technology• Advantage and Disadvantage• Conclution
  3. 3. IntroductionIn todays networked world, the need to maintain thesecurity of information or physical property isbecoming both increasingly important andincreasingly difficult. Face recognition is one of the few biometricmethods that possess the merits of both highaccuracy. Complex and largely software based techniqueAnalyze unique shape, pattern &positioning of facialfeatures It compare scans to records stored in central or localdatabase or even on a smart card
  4. 4. WHAT IS BIOMETRICS? It is a unique measurable characteristics of ahuman being Used to automatically recognize an individual’sidentityTwo types 1.physiological & 2. behavioral characteristics A “biometric system” refers to integratedhardware and software used to conductbiometric identification
  5. 5. WHY WE CHOOSE FACE RECOGNITION OVER OTHER BIOMETRICS It requires no physical interaction on behalf of user It is accurate and allows for high enrolment and verification Not require an expert to interpret the comparison result Can use your existing infrastructure Passive identification
  6. 6. Face recognitionA facial recognition system is a computerapplication forautomatically identifying or verifying a personfrom a digital image from the source. One ofthe ways to do this is by comparingselected facial features from the image and afacial database..
  7. 7. • Two types of comparison in face recognition 1.Verification- The system compare the given individual with who that individual says they are. 2.Identification-The system compares a given individual to all the other individuals in the database and gives a ranked list of matches.
  8. 8. STAGES OF IDENTIFICATION Match/Non matchCapture Extraction Comparison Accept/Project
  9. 9. FOUR STAGES OF IDENTIFICATIONCapture-Capture the behavioral sampleExtraction-unique data is extracted from thesample and a template is created.Comparison-the template is compared with anew sample.Match/non match-the system decides whether thenew samples are matched or not.
  11. 11. COMPONENTS OF FACE RECOGNITIONEnrollment module-An automated mechanism that scans and captures a digital or analog image of a living personal characteristics.Database-Another entity which handles compression ,processing ,data storage and compression of the captured data with stored data.Identification module-The third interfaces with the application system.
  12. 12. Enrollment Module Preprocessing Analysis & Analysis Data segmentation UserInterface System Data base Face Verification Module Preprocessing& Face rag & Analysis Segmentation scoring reject
  13. 13. THE SOFTWARE• Detection• Alignment• Normalization• Representation• Matching
  14. 14. Image mode face recognition
  15. 15. HOW FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEMS WORKSFace Recognition runs in 3 steps:1.The digital photo (or scanned photo print) that youprovide, is loaded2.face detection technology is applied to automatically detecthuman faces in your photo (*)3.Face recognition technology is applied to recognize thefaces detected in the previous step.Recognizing faces is done by algorithms thatcompare the faces in your photo.
  16. 16. Main area which we have to apply• Airports and railway stations• Corporations• Cashpoints• Stadiums• Public transportation• Financial institutions• Government offices• Businesses of all kinds
  17. 17. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGESADVANTAGES• Convenient, social acceptability• More user friendly• Inexpensive technique of identification DISADVANTAGES• Problem with false rejection when people change their hair style, grow or shave a beard or wear glasses.• Face recognition systems can’t tell the difference between identical twins
  18. 18. Refferrencehttp://www.slideshare.nethttp://www.seminarprojects.comhttp:// www.face-rec.orghttp://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_recognition_system
  19. 19. Any Doubts ……