Face recognition software system by Junyu Tech.(China)


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We develop face recognition software system and we are an algorithm provider.

Our face recognition technology was awarded "Top 3 of FRVT2006".

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  • sir can u send me ur code for this whole process on sbadrinaamini92@yahoo.com
    because i tried to make face recognition in my final year project but the estimate age and gender are not coming. And also I want know, what the intelligence method you used. Please help me..
    Thank you!
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Face recognition software system by Junyu Tech.(China)

  1. 1. Face Recognition Software by Junyu Tech. (China)August , 2011
  2. 2. Contents Face recognition software More SDKs related to face recognition Our companyPage 2
  3. 3. Face recognition: software principle Via uploading local picture of PC or capturing picture by camera, face recognition software can recognize who the person is by automatic eigenvalue comparison between the pictures of both uploading and human face database.
  4. 4. Face recognition: software Interface
  5. 5. Face recognition: software system components Human face database Face recognition SDK Camera Server Face recognition software Client terminal system Face Human face database recognition SDK Client Camera Server terminal
  6. 6. Face recognition: software configuration diagram
  7. 7. Face recognition: software performance Can recognize the face in any angle of rotation, in angle of yawing within [-30,30] degrees, pitching within [-15,15] degrees. Can be at the best performance with the light condition which is under control. Not influenced by the skin color, proper make up or glasses wearing etc. The minimum face detection size: 24 pixels The minimum face recognition size: 48 pixels
  8. 8. Face recognition: detection angle range Yaw Pitch +30 +15-90 90 -15 -50 +50 -30 +30 -30 -10 +10  Yaw within [-30,30] degrees Roll  Pitch within [-15,15] degrees  Roll in any angle +
  9. 9. Face recognition: software test reportWith the cooperation of Wuxi municipal public security bureau, the test hascovered 3.94 million citizens. Picture Sample First Former Former Former Test scale type size hit 30 100 200 Police Full pool 72% 88% 92% 92% certificate 36 photo Designated age 72% 100% 100% 100% Full pool 15% 19% 22% 48% 27 Detention Designated age 15% 59% 67% 85% officer photo Full pool 4% 19% 28% 38% Internet café 52 photo Designated age 6% 42% 61% 75% Note: the designated age scale is -10 to10. It is 20 year age scale.
  10. 10. Face recognition: more testing dataWith the cooperation of Wuxi municipal public security bureau,the test has covered 3.94 million citizens. Another test withShaoxin municipal public security bureau has covered 4 millioncitizens: The first hit rate of ID card photo is 100%, similarity reached 93%. The first hit rate of certificate photo is 72%, former 100 hit rate is 100%. Top 3 of FRVT2006 : Among million database, the first hit rate of certificate photo reached not less than 92%, former 30 hit rate reached not less than 98%.
  11. 11. Face recognition: areas of application Public security system. Building access control system. Working staff attendance surveillance system Shopping mall customer analysis Banking environment application Intelligent kids dolls More specific business applications
  12. 12. Face recognition: application exampleJohn 10:00Sales Department Lily 15:30 Marketing Dept. Annie 15:30 Paul 15:30 Marketing Dept. Marketing Dept.
  13. 13. Contents Face recognition software More SDKs related to face recognition Our companyPage 13
  14. 14. More SDKs related to face recognition Multi-view face detection Face pose estimation Key facial points localization Eye gaze/eye opening degree estimation Age and gender and smiling percentage estimation Face local feature retrieval system
  15. 15. More SDKs related to face recognition: SDK description Multi-View Face Detection Module -Real time detect the rough poses of faces in input video/image Face Pose Estimation module -Estimate face pose (pitch, roll, yaw) for the given faces Key Facial Points Localization Module -Localize key facial points in the given rough face area including two eye centers, eye corners, nose tip, mouth center, etc. Eye gaze/Eye opening degree estimation module -Estimate gaze direction, eye opening degree based on the above rough positions of faces. Age and gender and smiling percentage estimation module -Estimate age, gender and smiling percentage for the given faces Face local feature retrieval system - Retrieval the similar face local feature in the database.
  16. 16. Multi-view face detection:performance Can detect faces pitch within [-45,45] degrees, yaw within [-90, 90] degrees, and roll within [-45,45] degrees; Can detect minimum face size of 30 pixels Can detect faces in VGA video at the speed of 20fps (on PIV 3GHZ CPU, at most 5 persons at the same time) without any tracking techniques Can achieve excellent detection rate with very low false alarm rate (<10e-7) on CMU Frontal test set A, B, profile test set.
  17. 17. Face pose estimation: performance Can estimate faces pitch within [-30,30] degrees, and yaw within [-90, 90] degrees Pose estimation correct rate is over 94% with the error within 10 degrees Speed is over 50 fps (on PIV 3GHZ CPU)
  18. 18. Key facial points localization: performance Can accurately localize over 10 key facial points of faces pitch within [-30,30] degrees, and yaw within [-60, 60] degrees Key facial points include left/right eye center, inner/outer corner, nose tip, mouth center/corner etc. Speed is over 30 fps (on PIV 3GHZ CPU)
  19. 19. Eye gaze/eye opening degree estimation: performance Can estimate faces pitch within [-30,30] degrees, and yaw within [-60, 60] degrees. Correct rate of eye gaze direction estimation is over 90% with error within 10 degrees. Speed: 50fps (PIV 3GHz) Dozing detection (Fatigue driving detection)
  20. 20. Age and gender and smiling percentage estimation: performance Correct rate of age is over 90% with possible error within [-5,5] years old. Correct rate of gender can achieve 96% for people among 7 to 70 years old. Until now we only have done the off-line training for Asian people.
  21. 21. More SDKs related to face recognition Face pose detectionDozing detection Age &gender &smiling percentageLocal featureretrieval Face recognition
  22. 22. Contents Face recognition software More modules related to face recognition Our companyPage 22
  23. 23. Our companyJunyu Technology always focus on the research of imagerecognition and human biometric identification core technology,additionally works hard on the product application developmentand marketing promotion.Junyu’s research includes: Face recognition, face attribute analysis(age & gender and more) Detection, recognition, counting and behavior analysis of human body and vehicle body Motion tracking Character recognition Analyzing recognition of medical imaging Content-based image and video retrieval etc.
  24. 24. Our company(rewards): Top 3 of FRVT2006Best Overall Performing Face Second Prize of National ScientificVerification Algorithm In the 2004 and Technological ProgressFace Authentication Test
  25. 25. Our company: patents8 patents on utility have been obtained: One child shuttle processing device based on face recognition One processing device based on face recognition and vivo identification One monitoring device which can automatically track the scene of crowded people One living body detecting device used on flying object One online self-service certificate applying processing device One monitoring device for advertisement effectiveness assessment One switching device of TV mode based on human eye feature analysis One device of that existingvideo image matches the kara ok melody in real-time
  26. 26. Our company: patents4 patents on invention have been obtained: One traffic violation detection method based on video-base object tracking and pattern recognition One age assessment method based on face recognition One queuing up time assessment method based on vision. One human face information automatic login method based on human face recognition technology
  27. 27. Our company: Tech. show on Global Sources Fair
  28. 28. Our company: tech. show on Global Sources FairAge and gender and smiling percentage:
  29. 29. Our company: our professional team Our main professional engineers each has more than 10 years research and development experience in the area of object tracking recognition as well as successful business application experience. Have published several professional articles on the top global academic conferences or journals in the area of machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision etc. The management team has degrees of :• Doctor’s degree of Tsinghua University (Top 3 in China)• Master’s degree of University of British Lan Caster• MBA degree of Fudan University(Top 3 in China)
  30. 30. Thanks Louise Ye Twitter: @LouiseYe93 Email: Wenying.ye@venpoo.comWuxi Junyu Technology Co.,Ltd.(China) www.venpoo.com