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Face Recognition based Lecture Attendance System


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Face Recognition based Lecture Attendance System

  1. 1. FACE RECOGNITION LECTURE ATTENDANCE SYSTEM Karmesh Maheshwari (120570107051) Ashish Borana (120570107049) Guided by: Prof. Sahista S. Machchhar, Marwadi Education Foundation.
  2. 2. Amazing Easy Face-Caching
  3. 3. Section A. System Overview Section B. Roles of the actors Section C. Main Section The A,B and C of the presentation
  4. 4. SECTION A System Overview
  5. 5. How it works…?
  6. 6. BasicStructure High-Def Camera Students Teacher Board
  7. 7. Image processing and comparison module Database Recognise the faces Compares with Database and fills up the attendance
  8. 8. Section A ends…
  9. 9. SECTION B Roles of the actors
  10. 10. What’s the role ofthe faculty?
  11. 11. Take Attendance
  12. 12. What’s the role ofthe students?
  13. 13. Section B ends…
  14. 14. SECTION C -System Requirements -Diagrams
  15. 15. System Requirements • Develop a system in which we canmaintain and recordthe attendance of students in a lecture. • Theattendance is recordedonly after the lecturerinstructs the software to do so. • The faculty instructs the system twice;at the beginning and at the end. • System should be smart enough to make sure that the student remains in the lecture for the entire session. • The system should work as asurvelliance system as well. • The entire report of the attendance of eachlecture should be revertedback to the central attendance database.
  16. 16. Class Diagram Diagrams
  17. 17. ActivityDiagram
  18. 18. Activities performed by the Faculty
  19. 19. SequenceDiagram
  20. 20. Use CaseDiagram
  21. 21. Section C ends…
  22. 22. Work hard butmake time for yourself,family and friends...nobodyremembers powerpoint presentations onyourfuneral..! Thank You..!