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E business Chapter 2

E business Chapter 2






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    E business Chapter 2 E business Chapter 2 Presentation Transcript

    • e-Business Trend Spotting
      Chapter 02
    • Objective
      In this chapter we’ll Identify 15 trends you must be aware of before going into
      e-business journey.
    • Major Trends
      Consumer Trends
      Speed of Service
      Self Service
      Integrated Solutions not piecemeal products
      • Service / Process Trends
      Convergence of sales and services
      Ease of Use: Make service consistence & reliable
      Flexible fulfillment & convenient delivery
      Streamline your supply chain
    • Major Trends
      Organizationed Trends
      Contract manufacturing
      (brand intensive not capital intensive)
      Retain the core , outsource the rest:
      Business process outsourcing
      Increase process transparency and visibility
      Continuous innovation & employee retention
    • Major Trends
      Enterprise Technology Trends
      Enterprise applications
      Connect the corporation
      Infrastructure convergence
      Melding of voice, data and video
      Multichannel integration
      Wireless application
      Leveraging legacy investments
    • Consumer Trends
      Increase Speed of Service
      Customer Count Speed Of Service
      Customer Hate Delays, Time is Money
      Why do delays occur?
      What does this trend means to E-business?
      Empower your customer
      Self service changing the concept of intermediary
      Configuration of Pc’s, travel and real estate
    • Consumer Trends
      Provide integrated solutions, not piecemeal
      Product sell solution
      Integration of products ( Microsoft Office)
      One stop shopping
      Consumers don’t need another retailer or another electronic distribution channel; they need integrated solutions businesses that solve their one stop problems
    • Service/ Process Trends
      Integrate your services and sales
      Customization and integration
      Attracting , acquire, leverage & retaining
      Generating revenue through
      Cross selling
      Up selling
      Providing before and after sales service
      New model should be developed in e-business
      to narrow down the gap between
      sales and services
    • Service/ Process Trends
      Ease of use
      Make customer service consistent & reliable
      Time , speed of service
      Friendly and easy to use services
      Partners and venders part of organization
      Sharing customer information
      Companies need to adopt integrated applications that address the entire customer relationship, rather than focusing on departmental solutions
    • Provide Flexible Fulfillment Convenient Service Delivery
      Unique product demands
      Home delivery and other services
      Delivering right products to consumers
      E-commerce enabled supply chain management, implementation of software, making time, inventory wastage minimum.
      Service/ Process Trends
    • Organizationed Trends
      Contract Manufacturing
      Become brand intensive not capital intensive
      to focus on what they can do best
      Focusing on new products
      Managing brands
      Building market share
      To diversify the risk
      Getting more through minimum assets
      Use of technology to separate marketing from production
      Changing product offering consistently
      Keeping expenses minimum
    • Learn to out source
      You can not be good at everything
      Business process outsourcing
      Outsourcing some of processes of business
      BPO helps to save money and reduces cost
      The complexity of operations ,
      regulations & deregulation of market,
      the steadyrapid change in market,
      constant growth
      are the conditions that require core competency in too many functional area.
      Organizationed Trends
    • Increase Process Visibility
      Its means customer has access to
      Order status
      Product information
      As UPS provides each and every second information to its customers.
      Its important in business to business commerce.
      Organizationed Trends
    • Employee retention
      A key element of organization is employee
      Exceptional incentives
      High commissions
      Employee empowerment
      Innovation depends upon employee
      Organizationed Trends
    • Organizationed Trends
      Employee retention trends
      Better incentives and compensation
      Earned advancement
      Better motivation
    • Enterprise Technology trends
      Enterprise application help the companies connect different systems , provide greater access to information and more closely link employees, partners and customers..
    • Meld Voice, data and video
      The race to improve last-mile bandwidth.
      The race to provide quality of services.
      The race to provide integrated services.
      The race to dominate the customer home contact point.
    • Multichannel Integration: Look at the big pictures
      Multichannel integration is critical because customers expect consistent service.
      Multichannel service integration is not a technical issue; its a management issue.
    • Wireless Application enters the mainstream
      Cost of wireless usage, will increase the efficiency
      True potential of wireless applications lies in the enterprise application marketplace.
    • What is common to all these trends?
      Three common threads
    • Thanks...