mybigdataanalytics drkamalgulati mis database kamal gulati networking database design cloud computing dr kamal gulati business software applications intranet internet error handling excel application development excel microsoft excel data mining knowledge information basic of database mysql sql fundamentals of dbms schema and instances components of database system bug white box testing black box testing alpha testing beta testing unit testing validation verification different types of software testing software testing program development life cycle software development life cycle pdlc sdlc relative costs of fixing software faults essential attributes / characteristics of good sof my big data analytics cloud computing services education infrastructure electronic data interchange (edi) internet of things database and parallel database homogeneous ddbms event-driven programming computer basics and hardware electronic payment system design data mining techniques integration of tps dss distributed/cloud computing intranet and extranet distributed computing systems. business intelligence lan extranet crm macros programming excel 2016 visual basic for applications visual basic application vba unique key dbms attributes erm erd databse model big data management system information systems schema data merge join and nest hash join functional dependency acid entity-relationship model advantages of dbms rdbms hierarchical database model nosql board etc. reporting to it strategy committee importance of review on sla compliance parameters for review etc reporting review of changes in the data flow data flow diagram for every application importance of documentation risk and control (grc) as applicable to it operati concept of governance internet of things (iot) robotic process automation (rpa) legal and ethical issues supply chain & human resources data governance operations finance sales applications of ai & ml in marketing basic machine learning algorithms machine learning (ml) artificial intelligence (ai)- introduction to ai & and characterize it manipulate how to store importance of data - where to find it datbase modellings dbase2 msaccess oracle instance what is data ? what is information? data models architecture of case environment reverse software engineering internal interface project management documentation case support in software life cycle case and its scope (computer aided software engineering) case comparison between iso and sei cmm sei capability maturity model iso 9000 certification for software industry software quality reliability growth modeling reliability metrics reliability issues software reliability and quality assurance error different types of testing software testing - sdlc model (contd) failure internal documentation programming style and information hiding structured programming top-down and bottom –up programming coding component – level design transaction and transform mapping software architecture functional independence fourth generation techniques coupling cohesiveness monitoring and control design specifications and verification functional versus object oriented approach structured approach top down and bottom up-design abstraction problem partitioning design principles software design role of management in software development when to use spiral model disadvantages of spiral model advantages of spiral model spiral model when to use iterative model disadvantages of iterative model advantages of iterative model iterative model incremental model life cycle iterative and incremental development incremental model when to use the v-model disadvantages of v-model advantages of v-model v model disadvantages of prototype model advantages of prototype model prototype model phase of waterfall model features of waterfall model waterfall model types of software development models development models software lifecycle models / software advantages of software verification what is software verification software development stages/sdlc software crisis software qualities framework five activities of a generic process software process software components importance of software engineering software engineering software—new categories features of software? software costs why software is important? software products introduction to software engineering storage cloud cloud solutions security of insurance industry insurance challenges threads of cloud computing daas iaas paas saas categories of cloud computing computers and people application software and ethics business software task-oriented productivity software software types applications software integrated software software suites general-purpose applications common software features application software – horizontal & vertical softw application software system software software: systems and application software different programming languages programming languages processing data storing data moving towards hardware ascii characters gray codes for binary numbers binary coded decimal addition and subtraction 2’s complement numbers high lever programming low level programming compilers interpreters introduction to computer programming program. programming programming and languages higher level languages assembly languages machine languages machine languages assembly languages higher-le ansi data formats ieee ascii c++ visual basic java javascript third generation languages (3gl) characterstics of low level languages computer language high-level languages low-level languages language elearning remote classes learning distance learning online learning future of learning future information and communication technology ict impact of education worldwide india higher education covid19 covid hadoop ecosystem hadoop: solution to big data problems big data as an opportunity big data analytics applications of vr types of virtual reality history of vr vr virtual reality smac connectivity and people & processes smart system and the internet of things are driven history of internet of things autonomous on demand aviation intelligent automated transportation systems industrial intelligent automation latest trends in it 2020 business resumption planning bpr secuirty issues international markets eps buidling traffic software hardware b2b marketing b2b b2c models of ecommerce electronics emarketing ebusiness ecommerce trends that will shape education 4.0 education 4.0 that shapes future india advantage gen ‘z’ learners ambiguous complex uncertain volatile future of jobs education 4.0 4.0 business-to-consumer transaction in e-commerce business-to-business transactions in e-commerce developments in supply chain management the business model advantages of e-commerce what is e-commerce supply chain application the scope of e-commerce types of e-commerce the advent of e-commerce introduction of e-commere mba subject e-commerce question bank notes for e-commerce e-commerce projects emerging technologies how tensorflow used today ai & deep learning with tensorflow tensorflow use cases using deep q networks to learn video game strategi companies using tensorflow history of tensorflow tensorflow graphs tensorflow classification vs prediction supervised and unsupervised learning deep learning machine learning ways of achieving ai artificial intelligence applications artificial intelligence use cases history of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence consumer-to-consumer (c2c) business-to-consumer (b2c) business-to-business (b2b) transaction costs sales revenue model revenue model private exchange price discrimination personalization net marketplaces native advertising mobile commerce direct goods digital goods e-tailer gulati kamal job opportunities after aws certification cost management aws training and certification audit infra services overview of the aws compute services discussing the amazon web services (aws) cloud pla comparison among some of the popular cloud platfor benefits of using cloud computing cost management aws training and certification job introduction to cloud computing the scope of cloud internet usage and population statistics impact of the internet future of iot internet revolution challenges and barriers in iot applications of iot history of iot one concept various names iov iot distributed transaction replication data fragmentation parallel database heterogeneous ddbms télécommunications basic of vba variables interactive development visual basic concatenate averageif countif sumif if vlookup mid left right trim len counta count sum categories of hard disk types of hard disk tools and softwares used in insurance sector software in banking banking software it applications used in banking softwares used in banking e-commerce applications hosting e-commerce site – planning and constructin e-commerce technologies e-commerce business models e-commerce transaction models advantages & disadvantages of e-commerce e-commerce vs e-business introduction memory management computer peripherals support systems - hardware and software types of computer (size and technology wise) generation of computer gps applications) self-service kiosks computers on the move (portable and hand held comp communications) customer services computers in workplace (productivity and decision computers in education home computers) smart appliances entertainment an digital media delivery communications computers in home information technology computer foundations of business intelligence databases and ethical and social issues in information systems and strategy organizations e- business how businesses use information systems information systems in global business today building information systems enhancing decision making managing knowledge achieving operational excellence and customer inti securing information systems mis important questions tps vs mis transaction processing system ess and sis) oas types of is(tps process control systems transaction processing activities data versus information system information systems concepts information systems framework information system customer relationship management management information system mis concept & design future information system the future of information management types of systems rfid + sensors for better bi data representation for rfid rfid implications of business and enterprise social net emerging trends and impacts in it & dss privacy concerns sources of data for mining uses of data mining data mining subtypes data analysis real time bi future of bi bi tools bi technologies key stages of bi evolution of financial systems static report to bi why bi solutions business intelligence definition bi industry classification and prediction elements of ann ann learning in ann gdss software gdss characteristics of ess executive support system group decision support system advantages and disadvantages of modeling components of a dss web-based decision support systems example of dss characteristics of a dss problem solving factors decision making as a component of problem solving design statge of decision making functional aspects of mis srm: supplier relationship management ep: enterprise planning ewm: extended warehouse management crm: customer relationship management basis: business application software integrated so abap: advanced business application programming qm: quality management pm: plant maintenance hr: human resource sd: sales and distribution pp: production planning mm: materials management (logistics) fi-co: financial accounting and controlling business uses of internet advantages of network environment types of networks networked enterprise components marketing social media sap business one risks of erp erp components of e-governance e-seva e-mitra project friends lokvani gyandoot bhoomi project in karnat e-governance projects stages of e- governance objectives of e –governance g2e (government to employees) g2b (government to business) g2c (government to citizens) g2g (government to government) internet marketing e-business management credit card debit card smart card e-commerce private cloud providers. cloud architecture design and planning public cloud providers infrastructure (iaas) cloud deployment strategies network and application performance in the cloud high-performance computing in the cloud building scalable websites in the cloud cloud disaster recovery data analytics in cloud. systems software and hardware and reliability scalability performance cloud security cloud management and operations cloud infrastructure cloud as a service text analytics open source mobile bi analytic databases the cloud master data management visualization/dashboards predictive analytics wireless card gateway modem bridge router connectors transmission medium – cables / wires switch hub (repeater) nic (network interface card) or ethernet applications of ai intelligent machines intelligence ai storage-area network (san) wide area network (wan) metropolitan area network (man) campus area network (can) wireless local area network (wlan) local area network (lan) personal area network (pan) can san pan wan spam creation and / or distribution of viruses cyber terrorism scams kidnapping children via chat rooms child pornography illegal downloading bank robbery credit card frauds phishing computers interconnecting devices networking media transmission media network components animation multimedia history of internet hyperlink www hybrid mesh tree star bus ring network topologies topologies five components of system scm gis gis - geographic information systems types of information systems management information systems executive support systems artificial intelligence systems characteristics of valuable information example of information knowledge management it act 2008 information preservation data protection 2008- an act to amend the it act 2000 it amendment act advantages of cyber laws 2000 information technology act it act 2000 types of ip address logical ip address physcial ip address ipv6 ipv4 class of ip address full-duplex half-duplex simplex data transmission modes elements of a communication system reduce the potential for data anomalies. organize data efficiently eliminate redundancy improve data integrity reduce data redundancy database storage database normalization composite key super key alternate key candidate key different keys reference integrity foreign key primary key keys database management system degree of relationship types of attributes atomic relationships entity physcial logical conceptual data models data center data science computer science latest technique future of it business analytics views of data relationship relation domain tuples table attribute field decision record back end front end cbis
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