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Power point1assignment   emily thorpe Power point1assignment emily thorpe Presentation Transcript

  • The Great Depression, FranklinD. Roosevelt, and His NewDeal Created by: Emily Thorpe
  • Those Who Play Must Pay – The1920s Come to an Abrupt Halt Stock market crash of 1929 did NOT cause the Great Depression Other Factors Involved  Industrial and agricultural overproduction  Unequal distribution of wealth in America  Over-extension of credit & high individual debt  Poor international economy due to World War I  Weak American banks
  • Herbert Hoover’s Response  Voluntary Measures  National Credit Association  Organization for Unemployment Relief  Limited Government Intervention  Thought businesses should be self- regulating  Called the “Do Nothing” President
  • 1932 Presidential Election Candidates  Herbert Hoover - (R)  Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) - (D) Roosevelt’s Platform  More active government  New ideas to get out of Depression
  • 1932 Election Results
  • Restoration of ConfidenceBegins
  • National Banking Crisis Between 1930 & 1932 there was widespread bank failure FDR called Congress back into session on March 6th, 1933 & enacted an emergency bank proposal By the end of March, citizens put their trust back into the bank system
  • It’s Time For a New Deal –Purposes of This Plan Relief: Recovery: Create jobs for the  Provide the economy with unemployed the tools to succeed again Protect farmers from foreclosure Reform: Overall Goal: Government regulation of banks Save Capitalism Abolish child labor Conserve farm lands
  • First New Deal (1933-1934) “The first hundred days” – March 9th to June 16th, 1933 All efforts went towards aiding big business, agriculture, & unemployed “Alphabet Soup”
  • Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC)  Provided jobs to “city boys”  Would be paid $30 monthly to do work in environment  Successful tool at this time
  • Civil Works Administration (CWA) Provided jobs for the unemployed to encourage moral Developed from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)  Provided a budget to aid states in helping the unemployed
  • Reform for Financial Matters Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  Oversee stock and bond markets Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  Insure bank deposits that reach up to $5,000
  • Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA)  Aided one of the most devastated areas of country  Dams & hydroelectric plants built  Provided jobs & electricity
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA) Confronted the problem of overproduction Created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) Goal to raise farm prices by encouraging farmers to produce less
  • National Industrial Recovery Act(NIRA)  Created the Public Works Administration (PWA) & the National Recovery Administration (NRA)  NRA  Created a partnership between businesses, labor, & the government  Labor Reforms
  • Second New Deal (1935-1936) Although First New Deal was successful, many were still unemployed FDR Presented list of reforms to Congress in Spring 1935  Requested & received $4.8 billion in relief
  • Works Progress Administration(WPA)  Able to employ 25% of country’s workforce  Low paying & temporary jobs to avoid competition with private enterprises  Types of Jobs  Repaired infrastructure  Ex: roads, bridges  Built schools
  • Social Security Act of 1935 Created a national pension fund, unemployment insurance program, & public assistance programs Pension would be financed by a payroll tax starting in 1937 Flaws to this law
  • Wagner Act of 1935  Prohibited employers from engaging in a variety of unfair labor practices  Created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  • FDR’s Second Term (1937-1940) “Court packing” Rise of Nazis in Germany Loss of New Deal momentum Fair Labor Standards Act  Abolished child labor  Gave minimum hourly wage (40 cents)  Gave maximum work week (40 hours)
  • Why It All Matters Physical rehabilitation to the nation Provided help to suffering citizens Revitalization of Politics Extension of the definition of democracy Strengthened the executive branch’s power Did not end the Great Depression
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