Daphne Amelo 8-73E.L.A Writing assignmentMy story- Rough draftI am a story. You are a story. My story begins on the first ...
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  1. 1. Daphne Amelo 8-73E.L.A Writing assignmentMy story- Rough draftI am a story. You are a story. My story begins on the first day of March in the year 1998. It wasSunday, 11:00 AM when I was born. My parents named me Daphne Eve. They named me DaphneEve because they wanted to name their child with a combination of their first names, My mom‟sname is Edna and my dad‟s name is Danny. My mom researched my name, and she told me that itmeans “Laurel Tree”. A few days later, my parents took me home from the Davao Doctors hospital.We lived in a city called „Davao‟ in the Philippines. I was their first born daughter. I have a brother,named is Dan. He is three years younger than me. I have spent ten years of my life in thePhilippines, and the rest in Canada. But that‟s a different chapter of my life. This is just one chapterof my story, there is more to come!In a story, there are positive and negative memories, or what we would like to call, our “ups anddowns”. When we first came to Canada, It had a meaningful impact on me and my family. It wasJuly 18 in the year 2008 when we have first arrived in Winnipeg. It was hard for my family and I toadjust. The weather, the time, the people, the language, were different from where we came from. Itwasn‟t like any normal day like the Philippines. I used to visit my grandmother‟s house everydaybecause we lived really close. But, I can‟t do that anymore. This has changed me because, mygrandmother was like a friend to me. I missed her a lot. On the first day of September, a baby sisterwas born! We all gathered at the „Women‟s Hospital‟ to see the little baby. Her name is Danielle. Iam three years older than her. On that month, my brother and I have started our first day of school.Since I was a new student to the school, I never had a friend that I could actually talk to if I had anyproblems. Although the students there were nice, I guess they already have friends of their own. Ineeded a friend. There is always the time when you get what you want if you deserve it. I met twogirls in the same grade as I am, who I thought were students I would like to spend time with. Theirnames are Marielle and Kim. We have been friends for two and a half years now, and our friendshipis still strong. I also met new friends when I went to Sargent Park School. I hope that we‟re going tobe best friends for life!Everyone sets goals in life in order for them to succeed. What‟s your goal? My goal in life is to finishschool and study university. I want my parents, and my family to be proud of me. My parents haveworked very hard for my siblings and I. My parents we‟re always there when I needed help withhomework. The least thing I could do for them in return is to make them proud. I would like myparents to see me on the day I graduate. When I grow up, I would like to have a decent job, apediatrician perhaps. That is my dream job. Because I like working with kids and making them feelbetter. I also like learning about the human body and health. In order for me to be a pediatrician, Ineed to finish University and I need to manage my time, and study smart. I believe that setting goalsin life is very important if you want to succeed in life. The rest of my story awaits.