My autobiography


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My autobiography

  1. 1. One of the blissful days in every humanlives is to have a warm and loving family. And Iam so fortunate to have one… I am Karenn E. Moldez and proud to saythat I’m a product of love of my parents. Mymother is Raquel S. Estante and my father isEduardo Moldez Jr. My mother gave birth to melast June 9, 1987 at exactly 5:15 in the afternoonin Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternitylocated at Sampaloc, Manila. It was Tuesdaythen. Almost two years after my mom gotpregnant again. She had a baby girl again, mysister Johanna “An-an” E. Moldez. I grew up inBatangas but there was many diversions in mylife that I went through before I had mypermanent residency.
  2. 2. Years passed we moved in Palompon, Leyteparticularly in Sabang my father’s hometown.There, my sister and I go to school as preschoolers, asfor my mom a very loving housewife while my fatherwas away from home because of his work. He was aseaman during that time. I still remember playing withmy sister in the seashore. Making different creationsand structures out of the sand. It was really fun by thattime. I really thought that our family has a never endinghappiness. But unlike those fairytales, there was nohappily ever after. One day my father never came backas he sailed away home. He left us. That was thedarkest moment of our lives. As we try to heal thewounds from the past, my mother decided to try herluck in Batangas my mother’s homeland.
  3. 3. In Batangas, we start a new life togetherwith my grandmother Lola Julie. My Lola is areally God-fearing person. And a very generousperson. She was fun to talk with. Eventually, my mom found a job outsidethe country at my Auntie’s house in Thailand.She served as a nanny of my Auntie’s sons. Andthat’s how she raised us as a single parent untilwe finished from Kindergarten to Grade Schoolall the way to High School. Leaving both mysister and I in my grandmother’s care. Duringthose days, I still don’t know how hard for mymom it would be. I graduated in Grade School asa special mention only. I’m not really that smart Ithink. But I really enjoy those days that I playwith my friends. I even joined games that wasmade only for boys . It was really fun. I’m one ofthe boys during that time really.
  4. 4. During my high school days, I gained more confidencefor myself to make more improvement and then I stand outmore. I started competing and joining different club activities. Ijoined the Cultural Club. I even join a singing competition forthe first time when I’m still a Freshman, and luckily I won. Iwas also a part of dancers competing outside the school. Iremember the Funky Dance competition was one of my biggestachievement in life. I was an officer also in CAT. It was totallycool being one. I can say that high school was one of thehighlights in my life that I will never forget and I thinkeverybody does. I think being an active member of our churchin Taysan made me more feel alive. It really helps. So, I thankGod for all the blessings and talent that He bestowed upon me.During these days I learned that you really have to beindependent, more responsible, and mature as well.
  5. 5. High school days was indeed a very challenging and yetgratifying years in my life. You really can’t predict what willhappen next. Everyday is an adventure. The same goes withlove. And it strikes me three times in a row. Love really makesyou off-balanced. But I’m not this whole right now if it wasn’tfor them. Experienced is still the best mentor, really. After the long sacrifice of my mom working hard fromafar, she managed to built a house for us. Eventually Igraduated in high school and I started facing my chosen career.And as for me, I chose Nursing which was very in demandduring that time. My Auntie she was the one who provides allmy needs in studying. She supports me in everything.
  6. 6. Actually, almost all of my relatives are on the line ofMedicine. Some of them are Nurses and Doctors. So, I don’treally find it hard with the idea of choosing the sameprofession. I was admitted in Philippine Women’s Universityin Taft, Manila. I pursue my career for almost 1 year. It was agreat experienced having been away from home all byyourself by that time. I learnt saving money just to sustain mydaily needs and expenses. I remember not eating for 2 mealsin one day because I have to save my allowance for the faregoing back in our home. Because I used up some of mymoney for my projects which was so sudden and I wasn’texpecting it. I starved to death during that time and yet no oneknows about it.
  7. 7. Few more months I stopped. I gave way to my Auntie’sson. She was pregnant to her first baby. And he needs specialmedication because he was a premature. We spent a lot ofmoney just for him to stay alive because he had a lot ofcomplications. As for me and my sister, we were sailed awaygoing to Cebu to continue our studies under my Dad’s sistercare. That’s what my Mother decided to. I admitted in theSouthwestern University with the same course. Good forme, I was able to explore more places and new people. Thedialect was really hard for me at first but as I went on Ieventually used to it now and used their own languageinstead.
  8. 8. My first Semestral year there was a blissful one. Butmy Dad suddenly decided to settle my studying here in thePhilippines and be ready to continue our luck in California.He petitioned us together with my sister. So we stoppedschooling and starts processing our papers. But due to somecircumstances it was postponed until it was cancelled. Andwe lost contact with my Dad again. For 2 years I wasspending my life in Palompon, Leyte my Dad’s homeland.Same thing familiarizing with the place and its residentsuntil I’m used to. And then I met my half of my soul. Hewas Genesis Jess. We met through a common friend duringthe town fiesta.
  9. 9. As our relationship grew stronger and tested by time, wehad our siblings Trisha Yvonne and Zabdiel Vera, our cute littleangels. Now, I’m pursuing my new dream as an InformationTechnology student in Palompon Institute of Technology thesame Institute that my fiancé went to during his Collegeyears… My only wish right now is to finished my studies as Ialways wanted… No more, no less. As for my kids, to live theirlives into their hearts content with no regrets. And to my betterhalf, I promise that whenever you breathes… I’ll be there asyour oxygen. I love you and I’ll always will.