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Who am i powerpoint

  1. 1. My name is Shannon Dowling I was born on august 14th 1995
  2. 2. My hobbies are dance horsebackriding Dance Singing i love to dance and sing and horsebackriding I can get my stress out with dance and horsebackriding. Sing to me is music that I can have for the rest of my life. Hobbies/extra curricular activates
  3. 3. Image that best describes me. This picture describes me as confident strong and independent I am very social.
  4. 4. My birthday is august 14th 1995. I love being a summer baby. I just turned 18 it feels like I am 16 but I am not It feels weird to be 18. My Birthday Month
  5. 5. I have 8 people in my family. I have my brother named Matthew he is 33 and married and has 2 kids My sister Michele she is 31 and married as 1 kid My sister Kristen she is 29 My sister Alisha she is 28 My sister Breanna she is 20 Then there’s me who is 18 My family!
  6. 6. I was born and raised in California since 1995 till 2000. Then I moved to Joplin since 2000 till 2005. Then I moved to Kansas since 2005 till now. Place’s I lived!
  7. 7. i am proud of myself for being a better person than I was 2 years ago. I am so thankful and blessed to have awesome parents and awesome friends and family and teachers for being there me. I had a rough 2 years and now I feel like I have changed and matured since I was a freshman. Accomplishment I am proud of!
  8. 8. I have never been to Ireland. I really want to go to Ireland my grandparents mom and dad lived in Ireland and I have a lot of family history in Ireland. Hopefully I will go to Ireland someday. I have never…
  9. 9. I spend my free time at home or horsebackriding or when I go back home to California or Joplin. I love being at home with my family. I am the only person in my house except my parents. I love spending my free time doing horsebackriding. That is my favorite thing to do when I am stressed. I love going back to Joplin to see my brother and my sister and my brother in law and sister in law and my niece and nephew. California as well I love going back to California to see my family and my best friend Kelly. Where I spend my free time?
  10. 10. Spending my time with my family at the lake. That was one of the most memorable recent events that happened that was the best time I have had with my sisters and my family. I had all my siblings together its been awhile its been 11 or 12 years since will all took a picture. That was the most memorable thing to me. Most Memorable Recent Event?
  11. 11. I look up to my sister Michele and my sister Breanna. The reason why I look up to my 2 of my sisters is because Michele she is my best friend and sister she has been there since I was born I can go to her for anything. Same with Breanna. Breanna she is also my best friend and sister I can go for her for anything. she has been there since I was born. Person I look up too!
  12. 12. I have 1 pet named Mia. My dog is the best dog ever I love my dog. We got her 2 years ago when she was only 10 weeks old. She is adorable. I had a dog 2 years ago her name was Trixie she was the best dog too. But she passed away when she was 16. I miss her like crazy. But I have a new dog that I love a lot. Pets!
  13. 13. Favorite’s