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As film studies induction lesson
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As film studies induction lesson


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  • 1. AS Film Studies
  • 2. Induction lesson
    • Favourite films – and what this reveals
    • Messages and values
    • X-Men: messages and values about discrimination
    • The Terminator: messages and values about the future
    • The Terminator – binary oppositions
    • Representation
    • Representation of people and place : Kidulthood
  • 3. What is Film Studies?
    • Film Studies is about the study of:
      • the art of filmmaking
      • the history of film production
      • the contemporary film industry
        • Production
        • Distribution
        • Exhibition
      • Technological developments in film production and reception
  • 4. What is Film Studies?
    • Film Studies at A-Level is not simply about watching films
    • Being a Film Studies students requires a different approach to films – in film studies, we talk about reading films not watching them – the act of reading goes beyond watching
    • Reading films is about considering why we see what we see, about considering why a certain actor is in a film, about what type of company has produced the film, about who the potential audience is for the film
  • 5. What is Film Studies?
    • AS Film Studies
    • 2 units – 1 coursework (40%), 1 exam (60%)
    • FM1 Making Meaning – 1 analytical essay about a film sequence, the production of the opening sequence to a film, plus evaluation in the form of a ‘DVD extra’ commentary
    • FM2 British & American Cinema – 3 sections of work – Producers & Audiences, British Cinema, American Cinema
    • A2 Film Studies – 2 more units – coursework and exam, but harder still…
  • 6. What is Film Studies?
    • Topics studied
      • Producers & Audiences – September – November
      • American Cinema – December 10 and March 10 – 2 studies
      • British Cinema – Living with crime and horror – September – October (horror) and January – March (crime)
  • 7. Messages and values
    • Values – what is important to us, what we believe in , what we take seriously
    • Messages – having something to say to others
    • Messages & values = Ideology
    • Ideology – set of beliefs, values
    • E.g. – the world is flat, if we sail to the edge we will fall off
  • 8. Messages and values
    • Communicating without words
  • 9. Messages and values: X-Men
    • What is the film’s message about discrimination?
    • How is this communicated?
    • What does the message reveal about the values of the filmmakers?
  • 10. Messages and values: The Terminator
    • What is the film’s message about the future?
    • How is this message communicated?
    • What does this message reveal about how the filmmakers view the benefits and drawbacks of technological progress?
  • 11. The Terminator: binary oppositions
    • The Terminator v Sarah Connor
    • Working in pairs, note down everything you can think of about each character
    • Compare lists – what are the differences?
  • 12. Representation
    • Portrayal or re-presentation of people, places, ideas in the media
    • How does Kidulthood represent...
      • School?
      • Teenagers?
      • Adults?
      • London?