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Four lions themes 2013


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Published in: Education
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Four lions themes 2013

  1. 1. Four Lions face-terrorism Terrorism - Four Lions challenges the way audiences look at terrorist, they are no longer seen as being evil, intelligent and cunning, they are being shown as almost foolish. - The main thing that is funny about the terrorism in the film is, that as individuals and as a group they make really bad terrorists because they are all idiots. - Like it says in the article above they are shown as terrorist wannabe’s i think this an important message because - ‘Neither excessively moralizing, nor entirely amoral, “Four Lions” seeks to show its audience that terrorists are people too’ - This is a direct quote from an article i think it is really interesting what it is saying because i think it is a very important message, that terrorists are people too. - The idea that terrorists are people too is interesting because stereotypically they are seen as bad and dangerous, they are also hated, but Four Lions shows how terrorist have families and friendships too and how they aren’t robots they just have different beliefs. - The wannabe terrorist theme is interesting because its creating a cemetery between something like a wannabe gangster and a wannabe terrorist. - the youtube clip above is really summing up the whole film because even though they are all on their way to commit an act of terrorism by bombing the london marathon- this is typical of the message that is being sent about terrorism, they want us to laugh at it and not to take it too seriously. - Personally i find the message that it is sending about terrorism very interesting because it gave me a new perspective on terrorists and that even perhaps some of them don’t want to do what they are doing, it made me think about the reason why people do what they do and i realized that although i don't agree or condone or believe i sort of see why they might.
  2. 2. Religion • For Muslims in the UK there is an antagonism between "fundamentalist" and "moderate" Muslims, between conservatism and liberalism, and between sects and sub-sects. These nuances are regularly ignored in western media, culture and entertainment replaced instead by a monolithic "Islam" and no real understanding of the complex philosophical debates and divisions between Muslims. • Many of the jokes in Four Lions are actually insider ones that may only make sense to Muslims. • Chris Morris takes the liberal motifs that westerners will be most comfortable with (such as music and dancing and gives them to the terrorists, while the scary fundamentalists become the innocent, law-abiding citizens. • Neither excessively moralizing, nor entirely amoral, “Four Lions” seeks to show its audience that terrorists are people too—and not smart ones. For example, the scene in which Hassan hangs out and dances with Alice despite the volatile explosives lying around the apartment. • Four Lions also pokes fun at extremism and the absurdities of how some people approach the religion (which has also been a part of Muslim culture). • Much of the comedy focuses on aspects of Islam that most people in the UK don’t understand – e.g. the promise of an afterlife for the suicide bombers. Key Themes: • Family • Loyalty • Naivety The theme of family is shown through the character of Omar who talks to both his son and wife openly about the terrorism plan. This gives the audience the message that no matter what, even if it means losing someone you love, you should support them in everything that they do and trust that they are doing what they think is right. It is also shown through the brotherhood of the group, excluding the character of Barry who seems to be more of an outsider. This all links to the value of loyalty as they are all loyal to each other and are planning on dying together for their cause. Loyalty is also shown in how Omar’s wife stays with him and supports his plans even though she knows he is going to die, she could quite easily object or leave to protect her son from the loss but both her and Omar’s son are actually very supportive and accepting of Omar’s plans.