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Love actually thems, message and values


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Love actually thems, message and values

  1. 1. Love Actually Themes • LOVE • Love is the primary theme that runs throughout the entire film. It is incorporated into all the sub-plots within the film and helps develop key concepts and values. With all the variety of sub-plots each character has different personality traits that allow the audience to identify with them on a personal level or on a situational level. Love is a very important aspect of the film and most of it’s messages and values spawn from this central theme of love. It also explores a while range of love types
  2. 2. Billy Mac & Joe • The relationship we see between Billy Mac and his manager Joe is not the most conventional and can at times seem rather harsh. • Billy Mac is unable to realise that Joe is a loyal and caring character, only trying to do what’s best for Billy. Billy is blind to this till the very end of the story line between them when his single hits number one. Billy realises how much Joe has done for him and tells Joe that he’s the love of his life. • A sense of appreciation for what other do for you is raised, making audience members aware that love can come in many different form. It can exist between anyone and it should be realised. Billy’s story highlights this notion perfectly.
  3. 3. Juliet, Peter and Mark • Juliet, Peter and Mark’s story is one of the two ‘sad’ endings within the film with love running throughout. Juliet and Peter are married and Mark is the best man with a very big secret – Mark loves Juliet. When Juliet finds out Mark finds it hard to tell her it’s true. At the end of the story line Mark does confess his love for her but sadly she is happy with Peter and sends Mark on his way. This highlights a very deep sadness that is usually associated with love. Sending message to the audience saying that you can’t always have the people you love due to certain circumstances. This also extends the message that love can be good but it can be brutally hurtful at the same time.
  4. 4. Jamie and Aurelia • Jamie’s Story starts in a very depressing manner, with him and his girlfriend deciding not to go Peter and Juliet’s wedding. Sadly Jamie catches his girlfriend sleeping with his brother. Jamie is crushed by this a decides to retreat to his Cottage in France to clear his head. There he meets Aurelia and falls in love with her. When he goes back to England and learns her language and travels back to France. He confesses his love for her and asks her to marry him. • This Story line seems to complete contrast both the good and the bad of love, proving it to be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Jamie starts with the bad and feel he will never be happy again to which he does a complete U-turn and fall in love going from happy to sad to happy again. • This shows love to be adventurous and unpredictable and no matter how bad things look it can always surprise you.
  5. 5. Harry, Karen and Mia • Harry, Karen and Mia’s story is not very happy and does not show love in a very good light. Harry is cheating on his wife with his secretary Mia. For Christmas he buy Mia a very expensive piece of neck-piece for which Karen believes is for her but ends up being for Mia. When Karen finds out about the affair she stay quite about it and lets it go on. This brings up the idea of dying love and how some people don’t love forever. It also show a sense of entrapment for even though the person you love is doing bad things you don’t stop them because you love them. Karen is trapped in a relationship knowing that Harry will never truly love her again.
  6. 6. David and Natalie • David has recently be elected as Prime Minister, to which he arrives to 10 downing street and falls in love with a new Junior member of staff that works in downing street. They fall in love with one another and even though they are from very different worlds they are still able to have a relationship. This shows that love can exists between any two people