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  • As you can see the channel that we have opted to use for our soap is BBC Three. We believe that RowTown is a unique soup opera and that there is a gap in the soup market for It, also because. We were thinking of having channel 4 or e4 as our channel but because of other content on these channels we voted against it. RowTown will be airing at around 9 o’clock this is because some of the content involved may not be suitable for younger viewers and must be shown at a later time to most other soaps. It will appear three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with an omnibus airing on the Sunday. We want to RowTown to show on a regular base and believe that 3 instalments a week is enough to give our views the right amount to be hooked an satisfied.
  • This is because the plot is based on new people moving into a place called ‘Rowtown’ making houses a crucial place for the soap to be set. It is likely that different characters are always going to meet up in some way due to living within the same community which is why we decided that there is likely to be no main meeting place for our characters. We have made our soap similar to that of Hollyoaks when it comes to settings, for example Bar, Park and Houses. It is also likely that we use similar story lines, this is down to the idea that ‘Rowtown’ will have a similar target audience to ‘Hollyoaks’.
  • This disrupts the peace for the quiet upper class who cherish there community and love the locals, however this all changes once the new neighbours move into a block of flats down the road. These are likely to consist of realistic problems and challenges that people may face in everyday life such as Adultery, Abuse and life threatening illnesses to allow some members of our audience to relate to the characters.
  • His friends help him through his rough time and explain to him how he won’t be judged any differently. he still lives with his mum as her s incapable of looking after himself. Man is working class where woman is upper class, clash of worlds. These characters are likely to be lower class citizens of the community, there are many other characters, some being upper class that have not been fully discussed yet however these characters are likely to supply most of the entertain to our audiences. We decided this because our target audience is likely to be people that can relate to our characters and are of the working class.
  • Our Soap ‘Rowtown’ falls under the sub-genre hybrid, cross between social realist and light entertainment. This is due to the idea that it is going to follow the community of ‘Rowtown’ and specific people’s lives whilst keeping the element of comedy to keep our audience entertained. We decided to choose this sub-genre as it will enable our audience to associate themselves to our characters in hope it will make them more engaged into the soap.
  • RowTowns intended to appeal to the show's target audience of 16-34 year olds of both genders. The audience will want to
  • Hardman and clumsy man desirable woman and people playing football ladies man admiring himself while people enter the village behind him
  • Rowtown

    1. 1. RowTown
    2. 2. The Channel-1 •What channel have we chosen? •Why BBC Three? •What time will RowTown air and why?RowTown
    3. 3. The brief Soap Why we decided on a soap. Allows creative freedom Relate ability Allows a chance to show our diversity as film makers. As well as shooting to more narrow requirements •What do we expect to gain from this?RowTown
    4. 4. What is RowTown ? Why we decided on RowTown ? How will RowTown meet the exam criteria ? What makes RowTown different ?RowTown
    5. 5. The Narrative Setting - Mainly going to be shot in different houses so the audience can relate to a comforting setting. - In order for the characters to meet and merge storylines we are going to use a variety of locations. -The overall setting is a place called ‘Rowtown’ which is also the title of our soap.RowTown
    6. 6. Themes - The main theme is based around the idea of new people moving into a place called ‘Rowtown’. There is an immediate clash between the original residents of Rowtown, and the new people moving in to the new block of flats - We are going to use many other themes in our soap that are more subtle and may draw the audiences idea’s away from the main theme. Our possible storylines in the soap can be seen in our repertoire of elements for the soap genreRowTown
    7. 7. Possible characters and storylines -A man aged early 20’s that is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. - A slightly younger man that has trouble getting girls and tends to be pretty clumsy, tries to change his personality. - A young couple also aged in there early 20’s try to overcome their relationship problems.RowTown
    8. 8. The Sub-Genre What sub-genre does ‘Rowtown’ fall under? Why does it fall under the sub-genre? Why did we choose that specific sub-genre?RowTown
    9. 9. Repertoire of Elements Stock Characters Stock Setting -Hardman -Flats/houses -Mother figure -Private Road -Sportsman/women -Park -The rebel -Pubs/clubs -Troubled teen -Local shops/supermarkets -Scarlet women -Places of work for the characters -Business man -Loving family Stock Narrative Iconography -Adultery -Clash between classes The iconography will be defined by, and -Violence/murder original to Rowtown -Substance abuse -Economic problems -Betrayal -Adoption -SexualityRowTown
    10. 10. The Target Audience-5 • Who are our target audience? • Why will the audience watch RowTown? • What will they get from RowTown? • How can we ensure they get it?RowTown
    11. 11. The TrailerThe premise of our soap trailer, is a specially-made piece that shows our maincharacters entering the village for the first timeWe will try to identify the personality of each character to the audience throughtheir entrance, for example:• The clumsy outcast character might trip over on his way in• The ‘cosy family’ may be shown in front of their new house• The ‘hardman’ may be seen standing, arms crosses, chewing a cocktail stick, standing over thecharacter that has just fallen•The ‘desirable woman’ may be seen strutting across the village, turning heads• The ‘ladies man’ may be seen admiring himself in the mirrorRowTown
    12. 12. The Trailer This will allow the characters to cross paths in the trailer As well as establishing the key character traits of some of our more prominent charactersRowTown
    13. 13. The next steps…Finalise character profilesContact potential actorsDecide shooting locations and takerecce photosFinalise scriptResearch royalty free musicRowTown