Media pitch actual final


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  • The next three weeks will consist of orderly piecing together a clear narrative direction to discovering an interesting overall view or statistic towards our key question,‘Are all youths considered yobs’? For our first week, research will be carried out into previous investigations and documentaries that relate to our documentary. Careful consideration of style choice, shot selection and key documentary elements will be considered and analysed to see which repertoire of elements features link well to our style of documentary.We will also need to research suitable locations and people to interview for our documentary, as well as discussing which five minute section of the documentary we wish to produce.The pace and tone of our documentary will also need to be discussed on which we prefer for the style of story we wont to narrate, research into statistics of modern and past time youth activity will need to be collected and sourced carefully for confirmation on fact to use for narration in between interviews and presenter led travel and story narration.
  • Media pitch actual final

    1. 1. We have decided to produce:o A five minute extract to a documentaryo A double page spread for a listings magazineo And a newspaper advertisement• Criteria Focus: creativity, genre, representation and audience.• Familiarity in the subject.
    2. 2. Our story explores the many viewspeople have about youths.We will direct this question at:o Experts in the field of youth lifestyle (Police, youth workers, etc)o Everyday members of society (Parents, shop keepers, etc)o Young people themselvesPurpose: To discover how thegeneral youth population is perceivedin Britain today.
    3. 3. Format:• Begin with overview• Show current stereotypes• Where stereotypes come from• Disproving the stereotype• Summarise
    4. 4. • Hybrid: two documentary styles.• Presenter on screen AND ‘voice of God’.• Range of primary sources• Techniques: cut-aways, montage, speed ramping…• Fly on the wall feel.
    5. 5. The target audience that our documentary isaimed at will be 45+ ABC1 Adults. This is because:• Apply more to this audience.• Channel 4, attracts a wide variety of age rangesincluding:• 45+ and our sub age group 16-25.
    6. 6. • Channel 4• Target Audience: 25+ Adults ABC1• They support originality, and new points of view• Printwork is fresh and simple that draws the attention of our audience.
    7. 7. First five minutes of the documentary.Establish tone.We would like to include:o Multiple interviewso Some presenter led informationo General views
    8. 8. There are several directions to discover an answerto this investigation.The next three weeks will consist of:o Creating a narrativeo Doing researcho Style Choiceso How to challenge the repertoire of elementso Recces