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Attack The Block Analysis


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My Attack The Block Analysis Read And Hopefully Enjoy!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Attack The Block Analysis

  1. 1. By Jordan Saunders.
  2. 2. Introduction. Genre – Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Date Of Release – 13th Of May 2011 Director – Joe Cornish Production Companies – Film 4, UK Film Council And Studio Canal. Target Audience – The film is aimed at teenagers as the target audience. The Purpose Of The Film Poster – To promote the soon to be blockbuster and spread awareness of the film. The poster would usually be advertised on the side of busses, train stations, buss stops ETC.
  3. 3. Genre Signifiers. When Looking at the film poster you can instantaneously see many genre signifiers. The most obvious are the meteors falling from the sky, also another representation of the genre is the colours used within the posters the sky for example they’ve used blue’s and grey’s these are the colours you would expect to see from a Sci-Fi genre film also these colours create a sense of foreshadowing. The tagline ‘Inner City VS Outer Space is also suggestive of the films genre this will help the audience pick if they want to see the film or not this is because not every genre is appealing to each individual. The tagline also suggests that there is going to be action within the film also suggesting that the film has sub/hybrid genres as well.
  4. 4. Genre Signifiers. How Will This Appeal To The Target Audience? This poster will appeal to the target audience in many ways. Some of them being the use of images for example the meteors falling from the sky this represents the Sci-Fi Genre so if the viewing audience is a fan of Sci-Fi they will be enticed to watch this film. Also the use iconic buildings within the poster are representative of London this would draw the target audience in seeing as some of the audience will live or come from London this will allow them to relate to the characters and settings because they may/have experienced the use of setting first hand. Another Image that compliments the iconic buildings is the ‘Block’ that the characters are standing in front of this is because most of the urban areas in London consist mainly of flats once again this will allow the target audience to relate to the film/poster.
  5. 5. Characters. Within the poster they have used a widened age range of characters this has been done to broaden the target audience because there will be characters that most of the target audience will be able to relate to. By adding a diverse age within the film it already draws in more of an target audience, but there are other things that they’ve added to compliment the characters whilst widening their target audience for example ethnicity, clothing and props. All of these elements come together within the poster to draw a broader target audience in also they have a variety of characters as well as actors from different backgrounds, this allows more people to relate to each of the characters for example when you take a look at the poster they have a bunch of teens within the centre but then on the left and right they have added two older characters one who seems to be a respectable hard working female and the other who seems to be a ‘Meaty’ lazy male this alone appeals to males and females because they have characters from their gender group playing roles within the film. Also another big part of drawing a broader audience in is the ethnicity’s used within the poster they aren’t all one colour or one race they are diverse for example they have white, black and brown amongst the characters this will allow more of the audience to relate to each individual character because they seem to be like how they are.
  6. 6. Setting. Construction Of Setting On The Poster The main setting within the poster is the block this signifies that the ‘Block’ plays a key part within the film, also from the name of the film it is suggested that the ‘Block’ is under attack and the way the characters have been presented on the poster it looks as if they are trying to defend it. Even though the ‘Block’ has almost been presented in a menacing way because of characters and how they are dressed it also has been presented as a safe haven for the teenagers/adults because it is their home. Also the use of iconic buildings is suggestive of where the film will be taken place because they have put in the ‘Gherkin’ which is one of the most prestigious and know buildings of London which suggest that the film setting is going to take place in London.
  7. 7. Setting. How Does This Appeal To The Target Audience? The Setting – The setting would appeal to the target audience because they could be living in the same urban area’s or London as a whole so they know what life is like day in and out, this would allow them to establish a relationship with the characters and relate to them as well. Also the use of characters is another way of appealing to the target audience this is because there is a diverse range of characters not only in race but in age as well allowing people of an older age to relate to the older characters.
  8. 8. Institutional Promotion. Reason’s On Why They Have Included ‘From The Producers Of Shaun Of The Dead’ The reason this has been done is because ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ is a very popular film. By having a great blockbuster like ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ behind the producer when he decides to make another film because and includes that it is from the makers of that film this will entice the audience to watch it if they enjoyed his/hers previous films. Another promotional method is social media this is a very effective and popular method of promoting films etc and because the target audience for the film ‘Attack The Block’ are teenagers the film will definitely get recognized and spread around because the majority of teenagers own a social network account. Also this is another method of getting the audience involved and letting them know extra information on the film and allowing them to voice their opinions also.