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Print work evaluation

  1. 1. To make the silhouette effect we simply applied at first the To create this background we had to carefully digitally stich severalmagic wand tool from the selection tools. This got rid of the pictures together as the original was not big enough to fit the wholemajority of the background. We then carefully went round the banner. To do this we created several copies in the Photoshop file andedges with the eraser tool. This was a fairly long process as we lined up the various layers of brickwork.had to zoom right into the edges so as to only get rid of theareas we didnt want. To get the correct text font and colours we used the ‘Channel 4’ style guide. We opened the style guide PDF file After a first draft of the banner and a bit of feedback we decided we wanted to make it seem Again to get the channel 4 logo we used the on our computer and looked into what colours we were able style guide which gave a specification on to use and the font we needed. We then typed the text our slightly more three dimensional. To do this we incorporated some shadows. This was done by where to place the image on the page. This and copied over the font. We decided to leave this aspect told us we needed it on the right of the until the end, this was because we wanted the colours to fit copying the original picture, darkening it down to a black silhouette and then altering the transparency advertisement. We then took the image and the positioning to be correct. The writing was originally from the style guide, cropped out the body at the top but we felt a narrower banner meant that the to make it look like a real shadow. of the 4 using the magic wand tool and bottom was a better place for it. made it white.
  2. 2. We researched We started with just an ordinary picture of a wall which To create the effectinto the layout of we took whilst on our recce. We used a digital camera with the threethe RadioTimes and imported it into PhotoPlus and changed the light figures we cutand realised the colour balance. them out usingtitle was selection tools weseparated. To then layered themrecreated we so as to make themused the PagePlus look like the backtextbox an line figures weredrawing tools. We behind the centrealso used italics to character. We thenget the correct changed the whitestyle. balance to make them all look the same tone wise.To Get thelettering effectwe used textboxes withvarious font sizesand varied thelayering so theydidn’t overlap. We felt that the brick wall on its own was a fairly boring backdrop. To create theTo get the make it look really realistic we graffiti we first drafted some mock pictures using common educational figuresused the ‘RadioTimes’ logo at the bottom just such as Henry VIII and Einstein. To then create the effect Alessio drew out thelike the magazine itself. We found this by pictures in a graffiti effect on paper. We then scanned these into a computer.looking at actual copies of the magazine and After they were on the computer we needed to cut out the background usingfinding an image on the website. the selection tools. We then made them slightly translucent and darkened them to make them look more realistic