Ross plotkin smx israel 2013 ross plotkin presentation

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  • 1. Exceptional Multi-Channel Recipes Ross Plotkin. Director of Online Advertising. Kahena Digital.
  • 2. Don’t Eat the Shakshuka. The simple things can be the most potent.Accept multi-channel ideas with a grain of salt.
  • 3. Don’t Eat the Shakshuka. Before you follow that recipe…Is what you are executing:• Has likelihood of true incremental value-added?• Situation appropriate?• Wary of Frankensteins?• Peanut Butter and Eggplant Omelet anybody?
  • 4. Poached FacebookFacebook + Retargeting
  • 5. Poached Facebook• Facebook Ads with Facebook Page + Retargeting  Exposure where it is attractive. Sales where they convert.• Great for: • Brands with strong Facebook presence but weak or new website presence. Facebook gives live branding, while websites produce revenue conversions.• Optional Ingredients: • Retargeted ads have same branding as Facebook Page. • Push ads back into Facebook via Facebook Ex.
  • 6. Scrambled SearchSearch + Retargeting
  • 7. Scrambled Search• Search Campaigns tracked as specific retargeting audience + Retargeting  Retargeting to visitors from specific search campaigns or keywords because this relevancy may be a better indicator of sales potential than browsing behavior.• Great for: • Ecommerce sites with large seasonal focuses or calendar driven marketing.• Optional Ingredients: • Retargeted ads replicate keywords in their content. • Adjust slope of bid retargeting bid reductions for more relevant audience
  • 8. 1990 Feels Like YesterdayWhat’s coming in 2013?
  • 9. 1990 Feels Like Yesterday It is already 2013. Is the future here yet?• New Optionality: • Facebook Exchange upside down • Similar Amazon functionality • Everyone sells 3rd party data. Opportunities & Risks.• New Tools in the Kitchen: • Google’s free container tag tool. User friendly. No exclusive service needed.
  • 10. Thank you to Everyone & SMX. Ross Plotkin. Direction of Online Advertising. Kahena Digital. @QuietNotionWE’RE HIRING!AFTER PARTY!