Online Marketing Success Strategies for Ecommerce: AdTech 2012 Delhi


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We discuss a few online marketing tactics specific to the ecommerce domain in India - and discuss how Ohana Media tech can help with some of those.

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  • As a marketer you are doing a lot of activities but it is difficult to prove the value of your activities to the business.
  • You need to know what the impact of your social marketing efforts are, what works and what doesn’t and what your competitors are doing in real-time so that you can act quickly and continuously improve your social marketing ROI
  • Online Marketing Success Strategies for Ecommerce: AdTech 2012 Delhi

    1. 1. Online Marketing SuccessStrategies for E-commerce Shameek Chakravarty Ohana Media
    2. 2. Display • Most effective display strategy for e-commerce – Re-Targeting • Issues to be aware of while re-targeting: a. Doing untargeted advertising in other channels including affiliates can dilute your retargeting cookie pools unless you do segment based retargeting. e.g. using pop-unders to boost visitors to site can boomerang on your re-targeting capabilities b. Be careful of over-attribution to re-targeting – big problem with CPA based campaigns on re-targeting. Recommend doing CPM buys c. Must-have data management platform to do effective retargeting.
    3. 3. Re-Targeting Evolution Plain Vanilla Retargeting Retargeting Re-targeting Retargeting across with RTB with Look- • 10 yr old tech Exchanges • Not all re- alike modeling • Cookie and • Exploded scale targetable • Solves the follow within of retargeting visitors are alike volume problem network • Dynamic • Bid higher • Social Graph Creatives during period of may be used highest • Segment based conversion retargeting likelihood
    4. 4. Display Cont…. • Informational ads with specific product information outperforms generic retargeting by ~ 30% on both audience and non-audience based buys • Need a templatized approach to quickly create multiple display creatives in tune with supply/inventory situation
    5. 5. Ohana : Display Ad Support• Self-serve retargeting platform with transparency• Integrated across exchanges & RTB sources – RightMedia, DoubleclickAdX, Adbrite, Contextweb, Pubmatic, Admeld• Dynamic Creatives with in-built templates & custom templates• Granular re-targeting using data management & segmentation capabilities of OhanaQB• Automated generation of product based ads based on catalog crawl
    6. 6. Ohana : Creative SupportCreate hundreds of flash ads in minutes
    7. 7. Search - Organic“Optimizing for the Head & Long Tail Keywords” Optimize Website & Drive Visits for Head Tail keywords With Long Tail Keywords Generic keywords that Phrases your visitors use define your business to find your products (i.e. shoes store) (i.e.reebok shoes in delhi) Traditional SEO Nano-site approach
    8. 8. Why Long Tail Keywords ?• 94% of searches are long tail keywords (Hitwise)• Long-tail keywords offers great advantages for marketers – Real interest in the product or service: the user has a real need – Target experienced searchers – Better conversion rates – Less competition – Easy to get better rankings• Google Instant (Sept 2010): Results appear and change as the keyword phrase in the search box is edited. No more scrolling,• Google Search algorithm change (May 2010) has now the ability to index longer phrases
    9. 9. The Nano-site Approach• Create a unique landing page for every long tail keyword you want to target• Example of an auto-generated landing page• Create millions of these• Use these for PPC campaigns with higher quality scores and lower CPCs if you want
    10. 10. Ohana: Organic Search Support• Minimal Setup Fee – quick integration. Import existing design through layout builder• Ohana partner can do manual tweaks to content and design if needed• Performance Based Pricing – pay per visit on these auto generated landing pages
    11. 11. Search - PPC• What works best for us – - Product Specific Ad groups - High intent keywords in each ad group - Each ad-group clicking through to a product detail page - Using product price on ad-text to dissuade customers who can’t afford it• Benefit : - Leads to lower CPCs, higher quality scores• Flipside: - Difficult to do manually. Prices change, availability changes. Too much bid management overhead. Hundreds of thousands of adgroups.
    12. 12. Search - PPCAsk Google to launch Product Ads in India !!
    13. 13. Search – PPC Cont…. • Product Listing Ads – Google. Closed Beta with 800 advertisers since August 2009. • Nov 2011 – all US advertisers & UK/Germany/France • Buy on CPA or CPC • Conversion rates 10-20% better than regular search ads which go to product detail pages
    14. 14. Search – PPC Cont…. • Ignore click to call on mobile search at your own peril • Very little competition – reasonable bids • Easy to do if you have a 24x7 call center in the backend. • Customers buying through call center – avg ticket sizes 3-4 times more than online customers. • Tablet traffic converting really well
    15. 15. Ohana: Search PPC Support• OhanaQB is API integrated with major search ad programs including Adwords• Automated Bid Management and long tail keyword discovery• Automatically create thousands of tightly themed ad groups based on our catalog crawl• Build granular audience segments for remarketing & personalization based on intent from search clicks
    16. 16. Social – Facebook Ads• Use Facebook to rapidly test out creatives without needing a designer. Think of FB as a marketing research tool in addition to a media vehicle. “SPLIT - TEST – SPLIT – TEST. RINSE & REPEAT”• Instead of one campaign targeting 22-35 year old male & female interested in Fashion – split it into thousands of campaigns An Example : 31 years, male, mumbai, interested in #Designer Shoes, College Grad 22 years, female, delhi, interested in #Designer Bags, in College• Measure conversions, CPA and optimize bids across each of the splits
    17. 17. Social – Facebook Ads Cont…. • Rapidly change creatives – don’t wait for it to stabilize – opposite of search strategy. FB algorithms converge on under-performing ads far faster. Wait for max 2 days before changing under-performing creatives
    18. 18. Ohana: Social Media Support• OhanaQB – FB Ads API beta participant• Supports multi-variate testing and splitting.• Measure CPAs on each targeting parameter without need for manual tagging• Data collected from campaigns automatically inserted into audience data cloud• Build micro-segments to retarget and personalize for customers acquired via Facebook• Set automated bid management rules
    19. 19. Social – Earned MediaMultiple Brands & Networks Meet Business Objectives
    20. 20. Can’t Predict Impact of Actions, Content
    21. 21. Challenges : • • •
    22. 22. Social Analytics : We use proxies from Display eCPM rates and email acquisition costs in audience value estimation
    23. 23. Social Analytics Cont…
    24. 24. Social – Earned Media TOP ACTIONABLE SUGGESTIONS: 1. IDENTIFY AND REWARD YOUR BRAND ADVOCATES – TOP FANS. To build loyalty, you need to show differential rewards. 1. LOOK AT CONTENT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS THAT’S GENERATING ENGAGEMENT. Identify what’s working for them and use that to build your content strategy 1. DO NOT GET INTO THE “I have more fans than XYZ game even if you can afford to” – dilutes your audience pool to remarket to in the future. 1. REMARKET TO YOUR FB FANS and THEIR FRIENDs - build viral loops 1. Look at the profiles of your top fans – will give you insights on audience targeting strategy on your FB ads – and even in your display media plans !
    25. 25. Ohana: Social Media Support• Subscription to Ohana Real Time Social Analytics tool• Custom and plug-and-play Loyalty apps from Ohana partner
    26. 26. Email Marketing :• Re-Marketing Emails: Emails sent based on user actions show 3-4 times open rates of generic email blasts to your users Emails sent out to visitors who abandoned shopping cart: average open rate ~ 43% ! Average CTR ~ 17% !• Book-marking effect : make sure the remarketing emails have link back to the shopping cart ~14% abandoners end up converting on being email re-marketed ~ average ticket size on email remarketed conversions – 42% higher than site-wide average ~ avg un-subcribe rate 30% lower than opt-out rate for regular emails
    27. 27. Email Marketing Cont… • Do not offer guest checkout • If you use emailers to rented or your own opt-in list, tag the click through URLs with their email addresses, so you can pinpoint and remarket to individual email addresses • Be careful of email sent to non opt-in DBs. Not enough to just ensure sender domain is different. Message body URL blacklists are increasingly being used by inbox providers.
    28. 28. Ohana: Email Marketing Support• Use on-site behavior and intent data generated from campaigns to segment email lists• Pin-point individual abandoners• Email re-market to prospects automatically with OhanaQB API integration with email providers like Mailchimp• Re-target email openers on display
    29. 29. Coupons & Discounts• Proliferation of coupons websites encourage visitors to abandon shopping cart to look for coupons before converting• You end up paying affiliates for transactions which are not necessarily generated by them• Most merchants are not bidding on their own coupons “ discount coupon”
    30. 30. Start your own coupons sub-site like Macy’s did
    31. 31. How Ohana can help Sorry We can’t ! 
    32. 32. Audience• You only make money from paid-for customers if they buy repeatedly from you.• Implication: The ONLY way to extract ROI is to mine the data to fetch them back, and personalize your interactions with them.• Critical for e-tailers to build data assets and manage data.• Critical to ensure you work with a trusted partner – be aware of data leakage
    33. 33. Ohana Support• Audience segmentation & data management functionality.• Plugin your CMS with our audience segmentation.• Custom Analytics for your most difficult online marketing questions.
    34. 34. Mahalo! To know more Email us