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Business Bloopers: AdWords Edition


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Don’t let your business become another blooper with money-wasting ads.

A WordStream study found that a typical small business advertiser wastes 25% of total spend on average — missing out on tons of opportunities and sales. We’ve brought two of the most renowned paid search experts together to show you how to monitor and optimize your account to reach full potential in traffic and profits.

Larry Kim of WordStream and David Szetela of Bruce Clay will present their favorite, most cringe-worthy AdWords bloopers, so you can avoid these mistakes and stop throwing away your budget.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to avoid:
-Mistakes with conversion tracking
-Mishaps resulting from poor account structure
-Display targeting blunders that reach the wrong audience

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Business Bloopers: AdWords Edition

  1. 1. Today We’re Talking About Bloopers
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers
  3. 3. Launch Poll
  4. 4. Too Many Keywords per Ad Group • Ideal = 6-18 • Enables you to create customized ads • Increases CTR, Ad Rank and Quality Score • Decreases CPC • Directly affects profitability @Szetela
  5. 5. Too Many Ads per Ad Group • Ideal = 2 – 1 Control ad, 1 Test ad • If more than 2, probably running losers • Judge winners by: • Highest conversion rate • Lowest cost per conversion • Highest CTR @Szetela
  6. 6. Too Many Display Keywords • Ideal number is 4-6 • That’s all algorithm needs to characterize the theme of sites/pages where ads should appear • Too many causes the algorithm to spread ads more widely and results in irrelevant clicks • Use the Display Planner tool @Szetela
  7. 7. Blooper #2 Ads Displayed Outside Geotarget
  8. 8. Ads Displayed Outside Geotarget • Check by looking at Dimensions tab, then View: User locations • If you see clicks from outside the geotargeted location, adjust Advanced Location Options (see next slide) @Szetela
  9. 9. Ads Displayed Outside Geotarget @Szetela
  10. 10. Blooper #3 Improper Use of Search Query Tool
  11. 11. Improper Use of Search Query Tool @Szetela
  12. 12. Search Query Tool - Negatives @Szetela
  13. 13. Search Query Tool - Negatives @Szetela
  14. 14. Search Query - Negatives • Frequently add negative keywords at the campaign level • Very frequently use a broad match, single-word variation of the exact match phrase depicted @Szetela
  15. 15. Search Query Tool - Positives @Szetela
  16. 16. Search Query Tool - Positives @Szetela
  17. 17. Search Query - Positives • Almost always, it’s better to add Exact or Modified Broad match versions of the selected keywords Tip: 1. Pull account into AdWords Editor 2. Get Recent Changes 3. Back in the AdWords web user interface, add keywords as Broad 4. Back in AdWords Editor, Get Recent Changes again. The added keywords will appear highlighted green; change the match type to Exact @Szetela
  18. 18. Google Display Network Negative Keywords • Often seen when search ad groups are simply copied into Display campaigns (including Remarketing campaigns) • Negative keywords tell AdWords, “Don’t show my ad on any pages that contain any of these words.” • Causes very limited reach, since many relevant pages contain those words • Easiest fix – just delete negative Display keywords @Szetela
  19. 19. Not Utilizing Conversion Tracking Blooper #5
  20. 20. “I don’t know how to place a pixel on my landing page!” “I need my webmaster to access that” Why don’t you have conversion tracking?! @LarryKim
  21. 21. Bad conversion data is worse than no conversion data. @LarryKim
  22. 22. @LarryKim
  23. 23. I get it, Smart Conversions are not for everyone! @LarryKim
  25. 25. You DIDN’T Focus On Quality Blooper #5
  26. 26. The most costly PPC mistake is running junk ads on terrible keywords. @LarryKim
  27. 27. @LarryKim
  28. 28. @LarryKim
  29. 29. Bad Quality Score? You Pay! @LarryKim
  30. 30. @LarryKim
  31. 31. @LarryKim
  32. 32. Blooper #5 The DKI Disaster @LarryKim
  33. 33. @LarryKim
  34. 34. DKI Will Not Produce Unicorns!
  35. 35. @LarryKim
  36. 36. The Scenario @LarryKim
  37. 37. @LarryKim
  38. 38. Blooper #6 You Won the AdWords Jackpot @LarryKim
  39. 39. AdWords Jackpot NOT! @LarryKim
  40. 40. @LarryKim
  41. 41. @LarryKim
  42. 42. I’ve Built a Unicorn Detector!
  43. 43. These Emotions Make People Click! @LarryKim
  44. 44. DISGUSTHAPPY SAD ANGERSURPRISE FEAR Write Emotionally Charged Ad Copy From The Standpoint of a Chosen Persona @LarryKim
  45. 45. Examples of Emotional Ad Copy V2 V1 @LarryKim
  46. 46. Emotions Drive Calls Like Crazy!!! @LarryKim
  47. 47. Try Emotional Triggers!
  48. 48. You’re Display Ads Are Text Based Blooper #7
  49. 49. Higher Display Ad CTR = Much Lower CPC @LarryKim
  50. 50. Higher Display Ad CTR = Much Lower CPC Yet, 67.5% of Display Ads are actually just text, no images! @LarryKim
  51. 51. @LarryKim
  52. 52. @LarryKim
  53. 53. @LarryKim
  54. 54. Display Ad Builder! @LarryKim
  55. 55. @LarryKim
  56. 56. Try Emotions in Display Ads too! @LarryKim
  57. 57. You Aren't Focused on Mobile Blooper #8
  58. 58. @LarryKim
  59. 59. @LarryKim
  60. 60. @LarryKim
  61. 61. New Shopping Experiences Image Carousel With Detailed Info Call or Get Directions Expandable Product Card Reviews and Ratings Local Inventory Ads @LarryKim
  62. 62. New Mobile Hotel Ad Experiences Call or Get Directions Click to Book! Ratings Info! @LarryKim
  63. 63. Image Carousel With Detailed Info Image Carousel With Detailed Info Call or Get Directions New Automotive Ad Formats More Likely to Inspire Actions @LarryKim
  64. 64. Use Google to Get a Credit Card Call or Get Directions Support for Regional Banks Compare Rates @LarryKim
  65. 65. Expandable Product Card Detailed Reviews Call Local Agent Compare and Buy Insurance Online @LarryKim
  66. 66. Get A Mortgage Online Find a Mortgage Latest Rates Ratings and Details @LarryKim
  67. 67. Launch Poll
  68. 68. LIVE Q&A @LarryKim
  69. 69. @LarryKim