Advanced PPC Strategies- America Outdoors 2012


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Presentation given at the America Outdoors Association conference, Dec. 5, 2012. Daytona Beach, FL.

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  • Don’t duplicate, follow your site taxonomy, mimic google product type
  • 1-2 layers in
  • 6 layers in
  • 4 layers in
  • More time consuming that using filters
  • Advanced PPC Strategies- America Outdoors 2012

    1. 1. Advanced PPC America Outdoors 2012 Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo
    2. 2. Ask me anything
    3. 3. Agenda: Extension Ads Advanced Bidding GeoTargeting Display & Content Remarketing Product Listing Ads Offline Editors Beyond Google/Bing
    4. 4. Extension Ads
    6. 6. Sitelinks
    7. 7. Call
    8. 8. Location
    9. 9. Social
    10. 10. Mobile Apps
    11. 11. Product
    12. 12. Dynamic Search
    13. 13. Combinations
    14. 14. Advanced Bidding
    16. 16. CPA /Conversion Optimizer
    17. 17. Enhanced CPC
    18. 18. Enhanced CPC• You have conversion tracking enabled.• Have a consistent (steady stream) of conversions coming in every day (At least 20).• Don’t care what your CPC is.• You’re CPA focused.• You know what your target CPA is and it doesn’t move up and down much.
    19. 19. Incremental Bidding• AdWords: increase OR decrease your max CPC by time of day or day of the week at the campaign level.• Bing: increase in increments of 10% at the ad group or campaign level.
    20. 20. AdWords
    21. 21. Bing Ads
    22. 22. Automated Rules• Use rules for keywords, ads, ad groups or campaigns to raise or lower bids and budgets when certain conditions are met.• You choose the conditions. There are a LOT to choose from.• Choose how often the rules run.• Preview the changes that the rule will make when it runs.
    23. 23. Automated Rules
    24. 24. Geotargeting
    25. 25. AdWords
    26. 26. AdWords
    27. 27. Bing Ads
    28. 28. Display & Content
    29. 29. Display/Content
    30. 30. Display/Content
    31. 31. Syndicated Search Partner
    32. 32. Remarketing
    34. 34. Remarketing on the Content Network• Remarketing is available in the content network only and applied at the ad group level.• The display network setting needs to be for placements, not keywords for maximum reach.• The best set up is a new campaign for placements and an ad group with no active placements in it.• If you want to get the most out of it, have AdWords Conversion Tracking enabled and running, it will import and use some of the same tags.• KNOW what/who you want to remarket to BEFORE you start setting up. Strategy first, then implementation.
    35. 35. Remarketing- Custom Combinations• Create layers
    36. 36. APPLYING REMARKETING:• If you generated new tags, those will need to be placed on the page(s) that you want visitors that hit to be re- marketed to before the program can start working. They should be implemented just like AdWords Conversion tracking, insert the code snippet between the body tags. –OR- Use Google Tag Manager.• Bids can be set at different levels for different lists, so be sure to assign the right value to each list by the users you’re targeting. A visitor that abandoned a full cart is more valuable than one that doesn’t add to the cart at all and should be treated as a higher value visitor.
    37. 37. Product Listing Ads
    39. 39. Merchant Center Feed•Do more than the required attributes•Be descriptive, unique•Watch character limits•Use the AdWords attributes•Consider the “freshness” factor•Feeds have a sort of “quality score” too
    40. 40. Google Product Type vs. Product TypeProduct Type = YOUR taxonomy
    41. 41. Categorization/Google Product Type
    42. 42. “All Products”
    43. 43. #WINNING IN PLAS
    44. 44. Bid On One Product
    45. 45. Layer Attributes
    46. 46. Removing Products True = included in AdWords/PLAs False = don’t include
    47. 47. Using Negative KeywordsPLAs don’t use search keywords, but you can use negative keywordsat the ad group and campaign level.
    48. 48. Ad Group Bid vs. Target Bid
    49. 49. Offline Editors
    50. 50. Beyond AdWords & Bing
    52. 52. Facebook Ads
    53. 53. Facebook Ads
    54. 54. Custom Audiences• Need Power Editor (Google Chrome plugin)• Only works in the account it’s “native” to• Import email, phone or FB user IDs
    55. 55. Facebook Ads• Send users to FB page or to a specific URL• Headlines for ads going to FB pages can’t be edited• Target and segment like CRAZY• Change out images often (like 2-3 times per week)• Watch the “reach” statistics, they’ll tell you when the ads are “tired”• Do NOT run ads from your personal account• Watch out for type of ad you choose vs. content being posted on page
    56. 56. Twitter Ads• Not good for direct sales• Good for events and freebies• Cheap• Not a lot of traffic yet• Starts out “hot” and cools down fast• Promoted tweet vs. promoted account• $100 credits available
    57. 57. Twitter Ads
    58. 58. Twitter Ads
    59. 59. AdRoll Remarketing• Remarket ALL over the web, beyond Google AdWords Display• See which sites your ad displayed on• Banner/image ads• Need a privacy policy and specific text from AdRoll on your site• Need to install a tracking pixel (“smart pixel”)• $1k+ budget per month assigned a rep• Location targeting is tricky• Low cost• Use the Live Chat help tool• Can be frustrating to navigate at first• Targeting people, not sites• No frequency caps without a rep• Need initial traffic to re-target to• Partnered with Facebook Exchange
    60. 60. adMarketplace Display• Display across their network• Very cheap, minimum $5 per day budget• More for traffic/clicks than conversions• Can track conversions• Self service center• Can’t see which sites your ads showed on• Text ads• Search syndication
    61. 61. Elizabeth Marsten
    62. 62. Q&A