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Interactivity Digital presentation by Cassie Oumedian

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  • Hey Everyone, I’m Cassie Oumedian with Hanapin Marketing which is a Paid Search Agency and creator of the blog and I’m here today to talk about Remarketing and how to Get Creative with Rich List Segmentation in Google Analytics and Avoid being creepy with Creative Messaging & Frequency Capping.
  • How many of you are familiar with Remarketing? For those of you that are not familiar with remarketing, I always like to think about remarketing and how my dad thinks of it. For the last 6 years I’ve worked in the PPC world and I’ve tried to explain to my dad many times what I do and he always comes back with “so you create those annoying pop up ads that follow me around?” Well in most aspects of my job – no that is not true – but in this case, it kind of is… except that when it’s done right, it works! If you do it right, the messaging should be more engaging and not annoying at all and you should see significantly higher click through rates. Remarketing is when you place a pixel on all pages of your site so you can create audience lists based on user behavior to continue engagement with your site. Whether that be target a new customer or a repeat customer. Since these users have already showed an interest in your site, they typically yield a higher conversion rate and roi than a typical display campaign. So if you are seeing something too frequent, like the example Greg used yesterday about seeing his face while looking at Porn – be sure to clear your cookies.
  • Before you get started building your remarketing lists and campaigns, it’s important to: A – Get that pixel installed right away so you are gathering data. B) make sure you’ve done your research and are fully aware of your target market. Because unlike a typical display campaign, with Remarketing, you are targeting the actual user, and not just a site in the display network. So targeting, messaging and frequency are 3 key factors in building a successful remarketing campaign and we will cover this today.
  • I’m going to kick it off first with covering How to Create Creative List Segmentations in Google Analytics
  • When you think of remarketing and creating lists you probably immediately think of “Cart Abandoners” or Returning Customers, ect. And if you are using those list already that’s great! You are already ahead of the curve! But if you really want to take your campaign to the next level, get creative and try experimenting with some of the other list options available in Google Analytics for example: High Revenue Purchasers, Paid vs. Organic, Browser & Screen resolution. The sky is the limit and I’ll walk you through how you go about creating some of these list in Google Analytics.
  • To get started go to Admin, Remarketing List, New Remarketing List. All Site Visitors, Specific Pages. Now if you want to get really creative you can create your own list using visitor segmented data. For one of my clients we wanted to target a user who was in the 50+ age range. We had done some research and found that a typical user over the age of 50 uses internet explorer and a screen resolution of 640x 480. We also confirmed this through some Landing Page testing by increasing the font size to 14 to 16 – we saw an 30% increase in CR with the increase font size so we wanted to test this theory by creating a new remarketing list. So this is how we created the list…
  • For Dimensions & Metric Filters you can filter for what the specific metric you are looking for. For example here we are looking to filter our list by browser matching internet exploer. You can also layer your list with “And” “or” filters. Like we’ve done here by including several different browser sizes. Google Analytics gives the example Revenue greater than $100 and visited via medium = organic, SEQUENCE FILTER – Filter by a sequence of events within your site. Fore example, if a user visits pages within your site in a specific order over a certain amount of time.
  • Once You’ve Created your custom list segmentation, you will need to name your list **Note – you are not able to rename the list once you’ve created it** Next, select your Membership Duration – which is how long you cookie the user. The default setting is 30 Days but I encourage you to experiment with Membership Duration so you can exclude a specific list – example anyone that has purchased in the last 30 Days. This particular client has a long click to conversion cycle and wanted to target repeat clients so we chose a longer membership duration. Get Estimate and it will give you the estimated # of unqique users based off your custom list segments. Voila! There you have it! 337 people just like this cute little lady
  • The Messaging – Creating Creative AdCopy in AdWords
  • Now that you have your creative remarketing lists segments built out, you have all the information you need to create targeted compelling Ads specific to the users that will help encourage them to convert. For example – If we were a Tattoo shop that focused on Tattoos for the elderly, this would be a great image ad to use. You also want to make sure that you are exhausting all ad options and sizes available. This will allow you the most coverage in the display network. I’ve found that Text ads tend to have approximately 40% higher CTR, while Image Ads had a 20% higher conversion rate – so to cover all your bases, be sure to use both. You may also want to mix up the messaging within the various sizes so the messaging doesn’t become annoying or creepy.
  • AdWords rolled out a pretty sweet little feature that allows you to easily create image ads using flash, ect. directly in AdWords with the Display Ad Builder. So anyone can channel Bob Ross and crank out some happy little ads specific to their target audience, Just click on *Create New AD* and it should give you the option to get started.
  • Creep With Confidence Using Frequency & Reach Analysis
  • As we continue to work on avoiding being creepy to our clients, one of the best ways to avoid coming off like you are stalking your clients is through frequency capping your campaigns. You may have read blog posts about how showing too frequent can hurt your brand or that by showing less, you can improve your conversion and click through rates. But by how much exactly?!? This questions continued to stump me. Until in one our Monthly trainings we did a Reach & Frequency Analysis in AdWords for one of our clients to determine what would be the best amount to frequency cap the campaign. And this is what we did…
  • To start you can let them run without a cap so you have some data to go off of ~ 30 Days. Then on the Dimensions Tab, View By Reach & Frequency by Day for the last 30 days.
  • Export Data into Excel and Pivot the data, create your calculated fields and frequency amounts, As you can see, the more frequent the user is served the Ad, more the CTR & CVR drops. After analyzing this data and keeping my clients goals in mind, I decided that at a 6 is probably the best frequency for my campaign as the CTR starts to drop significantly after that. So the theory is by decreasing the frequency I should be able to increase my CTR.
  • I set my campaign to frequency cap at 6 and analyzed performance for 3 weeks before and after, and the results speak for themselves. We saw a 4% increase in CTR and Conversions increased by 100% while CPA decreased by 12%. Morale of the story – Analyze the data, stop stalking your clients for and you should see an increase in click through rate and a more successful remarketing campaign Results will vary but I encourage you to frequency cap your campaigns but do it with confidence by running the reach and frequency analysis for your campaigns
  • Remarketing - Get Creative, Not Creepy

    1. 1. RemarketingGet Creative - Not CreepyCassie OumedianHanapin Marketing
    2. 2. Know your Audience
    3. 3. Creative List SegmentationCreate Creative AdCopy Creepwith Confidence
    4. 4. Creative RemarketingList SegmentationGoogle AnalyticsHigh Revenue PurchasersMedium – Organic vs. PaidPage Views & GoalsBrowser & Screen Resolution
    5. 5. Let’s Get Creative & BuildSome Happy Little RemarketingLists!
    6. 6. Segmented Filter Example =Revenue > $100 via Organic
    7. 7. She PrefersOld School “Ctrl Z”Membership Duration =How Long You Follow the User
    8. 8. Creative List SegmentationCreating Creative AdCopy Creepwith Confidence
    9. 9. “I don’t reallyNEED theseshoes but if I get20% off my firstpair…Create Image & TextAds Per AudienceText Ads 50%Higher CTRImage Ads 40% Higher CVR
    10. 10. Be Your Own Bob Ross withDisplay AD Builder!
    11. 11. Creative List SegmentationCreating Creative AdCopy Creepwith Confidence
    12. 12. Why Frequency Capping?Don’t be a Creep!Less Frequent = Improve CTR & CVRFrequency CappingMore Frequent = Hurt Brand
    13. 13. Dimensions TabReach & Frequency by Day
    14. 14. Higher Frequency = Lower CTR
    15. 15. Frequency Cap Set - 6
    16. 16. Know your AudienceSegment Lists to Your Hearts DesireBe Creative with AdCopy – Ads Per Audience for All Shapes & SizesDon’t be a Creep - Frequency Cap with Confidence
    17. 17. Now Go Build Happy LittleRemarketing Campaigns!