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Link Different - Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018 - Jesse McDonald


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This presentation is meant to encourage SEO professionals to start using user metrics to qualify their local link building efforts and stop using 3rd party metrics as key decision-making factors.

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Link Different - Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018 - Jesse McDonald

  1. 1. About Me ● Director of Operations at TopHatRank Search & Social Marketing ● Conference speaker: Pubcon, Rocks Digital, SearchHOU, and State of Search ● Featured Podcast Guest: Search Talk Live, #SocialChat, Authority Labs, & Link Research Tools ● Kerboo named their link quality algorithm after me @jesseseogeek
  2. 2. ● Common link building quality metrics? ● How to prospect new links ● How to use search operators for link building ● Thinking about links from a different perspective @jesseseogeek Key Takeaways
  3. 3. What Makes a Quality Link? ● Relevancy - Is the link relevant to your site’s vertical or service area? ● Quality - Is the link from a site that is considered spammy in its practices? ● Traffic - Will the link bring qualified traffic to your site and services? @jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  4. 4. There’s more to link building than Domain Authority @jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  5. 5. ● Does the site already rank well? ● Does it show signs of having a previous penalty? ● Is the organization of the site well known in the community? ● Does the site have a positive overall keyword growth over time? @jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  6. 6. @jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  7. 7. Spammy links are not worth it! Build smart the first time.@jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  8. 8. ● Determine your link building goals ● Figure out what types of sites can help you meet those goals ● Establish the audience that will benefit most from following a link to your site ● Form relationships to establish healthy/quality link building efforts @jesseseogeek Link Quality Metrics
  9. 9. ● Search operators can help refine your searches to find more qualified links. ● Using search operators can help you save time while prospecting. ● Search operators can give you an idea on the indexability of links. @jesseseogeek Using Search Operators
  10. 10. How To Use Search Operators ● Finding Specific Site Types - Example: if you are looking for a site that lists sponsorships, use “sponsor” or “sponsors” in your search. ● Site Types - Use inurl: if you are looking for sites that are specifically .org, .edu, etc. ● Related Sites - Use related: to find sites that Google thinks is similar to ones that you know are high quality ● Moz Article by Dr. Pete - @jesseseogeek Using Search Operators
  11. 11. Start Thinking About User Impact as a Quality Metric @jesseseogeek Ideas for Local Link Building
  12. 12. Generating User-Focused Links ● Sponsor Local Events - Look at events that your site’s demographic might participate in ● Hold Events - Use schema markup and submit events to local publications ● Sponsor Local Sports Teams - These are usually paired with logo placement at events ● Write for Local Publications - Become a contributor to local publications that share similar themes to your sites @jesseseogeek Ideas for Local Link Building
  13. 13. Additional Reading ● The Ultimate Guide to Link Building - Eric Ward & Garrett French ● The Art of SEO - Eric Enge & Stephan Spencer ● Throw Away Your Form Letters (or Five Principles to Better Outreach Link Building) - Mike King (iPullRank) ● The Rules of Link Building - Cyrus Shepard @jesseseogeek Additional Reading / Learning
  14. 14. Follow Me On Social @jesseseogeek@TopHatRank @jesseseogeek