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We live in interesting times. While mobile adoption is skyrocketing, most small organizations are precluded from entering the mobile market by the significant time, money and skill investment required to make even the simplest app. Mobile development toolkits can help, but the small guys are still left behind. WaveMobile is a development framework that creates diverse and customized mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

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  • Please hold questionsNEXT: Why go Mobile?
  • There is a mobile phone subscription for 96% of the world population.NEXT: Why now?
  • Everybody wants oneLearning curve is prohibitiveSkills are not commonNot yet a commodityNEXT: Mobile dev is hard
  • Apps that are not maintained are pruned from the iTunes Store.Anyone who has engaged in mobile app development knows it is no simple task. Even a basic app with static content typically takes 2-4 weeks although some estimates are significantly longer.With WaveMobile, you can say goodbye to the typical headaches that accompany mobile development:No need to search for trustworthy and cost effective mobile developers - our staff is ready when you are.Don't want to install, learn and work with various development tools and environments? That's OK because we already have. (And we love it!)Let us take care of the entire approval process. It can be daunting but we know the pitfalls and how to help smooth things along.Testing, testing, testing. From unit tests to beta tests to regression tests, we have it in hand on your behalf. WaveMobile apps are already 'battle proven' with real-world deployments, reducing the test/fix/redeploy cycle significantly.Let us worry about application maintenance and deploying updates and as they become available.WaveMobile can take care of the heavy lifting while you enjoy success in the mobile market! Where traditional mobile development requires a long lead time, serious resource commitment and ongoing maintenance, the WaveMobile approach is fire and forget: You tell us what you want in your app and we deliver it at a fraction of the cost.NEXT: Mobile dev is expensive
  • Industry estimates typically vary from $6,500 to $10,000 for basic mobile applications, and $20,000+ for larger apps. In addition to costs for licenses, development platforms and graphic design mobile development typically costs $100 per hour. Most small to medium sized organizations simply don't have the budget to support this kind of undertaking.WaveMobile's approach is to reduce costs through reuse, flexibility and simplicity, and offer a comparable mobile app for $1,000.Development costs include licenses, software, development systems, and of course human effort in the form of development, testing and deployment services. Normally these costs can be prohibitive to all but the largest organizations. WaveMobile reuses many of these resources without having to build them from scratch each time, saving us time and you money.WaveMobile's mobile application framework is designed to allow rapid application development using a proven design. Not only does this result in a rock-solid application, but it significantly reduces development cycles and turn-around time.WaveMobile applications are also simple - let's face it, we're not building Angry Birds here, and that's not what most organizations need to get their brand into the mobile space. Instead, we have focused on honing the features that you need; pin drops of your locations, tap to call contact screens, push notifications and more.NEXT: Mobile dev is for experts
  • NEXT: Build Once
  • NEXT: Deploy Repeatedly
  • NEXT: Templates and Frameworks
  • NEXT: Diversity without Complexity
  • NEXT: JSON Config
  • Reusable across multiple platformsIncluding web scripts to present similar UINEXT: Rapid Customization
  • Navigation, flow, icons, UI, features all customNEXT: Target Market
  • NEXT: Push Notifications
  • Statistics confirm that while users are away from their computer, they are increasingly using their mobile platform to complete tasks. Everything from checking store hours to searching for deals and coupons. Organizations that have a presence in this rapidly emerging space will have a clear benefit over those who do not.Imagine being able to send a notification to every customer that has installed your app to tell them about your latest sale, or send details about a customer appreciation event.Traditional communications channels such as email and telemarketing have hit a wall. Not only are users weary of over-communication via these means, but blocking technologies have evolved to allow most users to tune out commercial traffic.On a mobile platform, the user has tighter control over the messages sent and received, allowing them to cherry pick those organizations they truly want to hear from. But in order to be one of those organizations, you need to have an application - one that allows push notifications. Push notifications are free for both the sender and recipient, making them ideal for timely and pertinent messaging.NEXT: In App Purchases
  • Revenue to customerNEXT: Custom Views
  • Views are screensNEXT: Consultative Approach
  • NEXT: Improvements to come
  • NEXT: Pricing
  • NEXT: Questions
  • Mobile development frameworks

    1. 1. Mobile Development Frameworks Mike Bobbitt http://WaveMobile.c a
    2. 2. Why go mobile? Every day more iPhones are sold than babies are born.
    3. 3. Why now? Mobile is positioned like late 90’s web
    4. 4. Skills are rare, non-transferrable Mobile dev is Need a proven track record hard
    5. 5. Mobile dev typical app is $6.5-$10k for a expensive Dev systems, licensing, certificates
    6. 6. Trustworthy? Experienced? Mobile dev is for experts App approval process
    7. 7. Build once Not cost effective for 1-5 apps Overhead is daunting
    8. 8. Can we create a library of tools? Deploy repeatedly What if the heavy lifting was already done?
    9. 9. Templates & reduce, Product: reuse, reuse, Overheard: reduce, reuse reduce Frameworks
    10. 10. Diversity without complexity Wildly different apps all have the same parent
    11. 11. “parsing”: “easy”, “standardized”: TRUE, JSON driven config
    12. 12. Rapid Customization Layout, colour, size, actions, graphics all defined via config.
    13. 13. Small/med businesses, boutiques Dev shops/resellers Target Market
    14. 14. Push Notifications
    15. 15. In App Purchases Controlled through config Any view, any price
    16. 16. Not everything fits a template Build and connect custom view Custom Views
    17. 17. Consultative Approach Understand customer’s primary need Provide a mobile solution
    18. 18. Cross platform, self updates Improvements yet to come… Developer licensing, more views
    19. 19. Pricin g $1000 – App development and deployment $500 / year – Push notification console