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Just in time mentors

  1. 1. Just in Time Mentors F5 AV
  2. 2. What is F5://JITM? •A cadre of experts, enthusiasts and interested parties •A tool for entrepreneurs to validate and refine their new start-up •A way to foster innovation in the Valley •Think “community sourced Dragon’s Den”
  3. 3. The JITM Model •Creators pitch, refine and adjust •Mentors lend their expertise/experience •Attendees observe and learn •Everyone benefits •Innovation in the Valley grows
  4. 4. Who can participate? Anyone!
  5. 5. Mentors •Experience is cool but not required •Participate, watch, learn it’s all good! •Pick and choose the sessions that fit •Lend your skills to boost innovation •Grow as a community leader!
  6. 6. Creators •Have an idea or business plan to validate? •Dry-run your pitch in a safe environment •Obtain free, valuable input on your idea •Refine, evolve, spin again
  7. 7. Attendees •“Everyone else” •Observe & learn •Freedom to attend without expectations •Provides pitch audience •Allows Mentors to “sit out” some sessions
  8. 8. Some Examples… •A new service •Innovative use of a physical space •An novel approach to an old problem •Repurpose an existing product or idea …and just about anything you can imagine!
  9. 9. …and some bad examples •An emerging or not fully-developed idea •Extending the reach/market of an existing product/service •“Selling” to the group
  10. 10. Session Format •Creator gives pitch (10-20 mins) •Mentors review & feed back •Open format/discussion
  11. 11. Post Session •Mentors may provide afterthoughts •Creators can keep group informed of progress •Can re-pitch if significant changes
  12. 12. What next? •We need mentors and creators! •Got an idea to pitch? •Want to participate? •Let us know! •Your feedback will help improve this process
  13. 13. Questions? F5://JITM
  14. 14. Mentor Guidelines • • • • • • • • • Goal is 3-8 mentors Be Positive Be Realistic Share your knowledge/experience Advise & guide vs. direct Build on the ideas of others Think outside the box Some “homework” may be required Remember, it’s their idea!
  15. 15. Creator Guidelines • Come prepared with a 10-20 minute pitch • Pitch like you mean it • Include all facets of your pitch • Printed materials • Websites • Business plans • Can be mock-ups • Be open to all feedback
  16. 16. Tips for a Good Pitch •Keep it simple •Keep it interesting •Find your focus •Deliver with enthusiasm •Be ready for tough questions
  17. 17. Creating a Session •Creator contacts F5 AV •Creator sends out short abstract •Mentors review and confirm participation •A date is set! •Attendees are always welcome