How the TinCan API will revolutionize the learning world
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How the TinCan API will revolutionize the learning world



- Bring big data and learning together in ways that were never before possible. ...

- Bring big data and learning together in ways that were never before possible.
- Get a clearer picture of training roi than ever before by tracking more than ever before
- Unchain the power of mobile devices
- Move learning games from fun trend to a practical necessity.
- Let employees justify their value by directly tuing learning they complete to job performance.



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How the TinCan API will revolutionize the learning world How the TinCan API will revolutionize the learning world Presentation Transcript

  • How the Tin Can API will revolutionize the Learning World
  • Motorola Solutions educamp & soap
  • He’s not Borat!
  • without deviation from the norm progress is not possible
  • 1999 - 2004
  • 2004 - 2009
  • 2009 - 2013
  • 2013 -
  • How music is distributed? 1999 Pack the content (CD) Move it from one device to another 2004 Copy Record Store 2009 Create library Buy online 2013 Be device independent Share with friends Be offline
  • It all started with Bill
  • Independent assessment of how the federal government could encourage the effective use of learning technology to provide more accessible training for all Americans
  • SCORM WAS BORN • January 1999 — Executive Order 13111 signed tasking the DoD to develop common specifications and standards for e-learning across both federal and private sectors • January 2000 — SCORMVersion 1.0 • January 2001 — SCORMVersion 1.1 • October 2001 — SCORMVersion 1.2 • January 2004 — SCORM 2004 (1st Edition) • July 2004 — SCORM 2004 (2nd Edition) • June 2006 — Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1322.26 Requiring DoD Use of SCORM • October 2006 — SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition) • March 2009 — SCORM 2004 (4th Edition)
  • 1999 2004 SCORM 1.0 SCORM 1.1 SCORM 1.2 SCORM 1.2 SCORM 2004 How it relates to music?
  • Expectations Standards Reality SCORM 1.2
  • I want to track my real learning experiences
  • I want to have data about mobile learning
  • I want to know what I’ve learned via my console
  • I want to track what I’ve read
  • I want to analyze how I learn just like I analyze my blog traffic
  • many, many more • performance support • learning across modalities • informal learning • workplace learning
  • Expectations Standards Reality
  • Chasing SCORMosaur SCORM
  • With SCORM we can only enjoy packaged content.
  • TinCan API
  • WHY? Technology MotivationInteroperability Big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary.
  • An industry in need of an update People think that the LMS does a good job today for what it was originally intended to do when it was created 20 years ago.
  • An industry in need of an update 45% gave their LMS a C, D, or F with an overall LMS satisfaction of a B - average
  • LMS LEARNERS mentors peers books youtube classroom google
  • If you are not measuring it you are not managing it.
  • Can you afford not to manage learning?
  • TinCan API shared language to capture people’s experiences across systems
  • Sally Glider experienced course of Solo Hand Gliding led by Irene Knowsall in Bieszczady mountains. -
  • Actor Verb Object Result Context Sally Glider experienced course Solo Hand Gliding with Irene Knowsall in Bieszczady
  • { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, "object": { "type":"course", "id": "", "definition": { "name": { "en-US": "Solo Hang Gliding" } } }, "context": { "instructor": { "name": "Irene Instructor", "mbox": "" }, "contextActivities":{ "parent": { "id": " class-a" }, "grouping": { "id": " gliding-school" } } JSON almost like Jason
  • additional info e.g. part of team experience Actor Verb Object Result Context individuals or groups describe action between actors and activities reference to any kind of learning makes possible to share measured outcome
  • statement Learning Record Store Actor +Verb + Object result, context, authority, activity, and extensions analyze the big data
  • Activity provider LRS LMS Software Mobile App Teacher Coach Document Book HR System Place
  • Activity provider LRS LRS LRS LRS LRS BIG DATA
  • LRS course mobile game conference simulation documentjob aid LMS LMS Reporting Job Performance Data Business Intelligence
  • Critical for learning industry LRSJob Performance Data Business Intelligence
  • Flexibility increases the potential of a big mess.
  • The Law of Requisite Variety A control system must have as many possible states as the system it wants to control y = F(G(x)) F = controller system's function of state G = controlled system's function of state x = inputs, OR, independent variables y = outputs, OR, dependent variables.
  • Create Profile select actions select verbs identify objects describe contexts
  • Free the data
  • Get ready for evolution • Quick development of enterprise class LMS • Personal ownership and tracking of learning
  • Correlate performance with training
  • LRS TDS Knowledge Management LCMS Business Intelligence User ManagementHR Reporting CMS
  • TODOs • Modernization of learning systems • Separation of learning components • Transfer from LMS to LRS • Capturing informal activities • Analysis of unstructured/unformalized learning • Correlation of job performance with training outcomes
  • Challenges • Personal data lockers • Tools for capturing informal learning • Data security • Data mining • Validation of learning experiences • Analyzing socialized learning • Connecting outcomes with business (ROI)
  • We are smart but we also have 2k courses on the LMS. What should we do?
  • 1. stay with SCORM
  • 2. play with Tin Can API