2/26/13 - Training industry Webinar - Mike Rustici


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  • Not just plumbing, but the history of plumbing
  • Excited?Well let me convince you that you should be.Plumbing is fundamentally important.When it’s there and it’s working well it just disappears, but when it’s not working it causes all kinds of problems.
  • So what is the Tin Can API?Next gen SCORMHistoryTLA – Experience APIV0.95 - > 1.0Community participationCurrent adoptionSo why is this exciting?
  • Why we’re all here
  • Cost of technology is droppingRemoving friction to interoperability will help reduce it even farther
  • Relate to Amelia and MsMcMurryThousands of educational games in the app storeClassroom vision with teacher and dashboard
  • Offline learning event examples:Classrooms, conferences, tutoring
  • What percentage of learning happens in SCOs?What percentage of learning happened in a classroom?Learning happens everywhere, both formally and informallyAnything can be a learning experienceNow we can track itWatching a khan academy videoAttending an exceptionally informative keynote presentationBeing mentoredMentoring somebody elseWriting a blog postReading a bookMaking a mistake
  • We are increasingly surrounded by electronic systems that know about our lives enabling passive collectionConference session registration systemGoToTraining / Google Hangout record attendeesGoogle calendar buttonDiscussion board that asserts knowledge gain or experience sharing based upon activitySystems that track our actual job performance
  • Big Data = Big OpportunityHow people like to learn?What learning paths do the most effective performers take?What learning paths do the least effective performers take?Who is good at the skill of learning?What are people unexpectedly choosing to learn about?Can we bring together people with complimentary skills?Can we find an expert in our network? LinkedIn going after this with endorsements.
  • In SCORM data went into a block holeIn Tin Can data is not required to come out and be allowed to move around
  • Concept of the independent LRS has started to take holdProfound implications for enterprise architectures and LMS’s
  • Aviation industry extensions example
  • The next evolutionCould your learning records be the next resume?Would an organization benefit from knowing more about you as a holistic person?
  • Return on learning – ability track all the intermediate steps from information delivery to comprehension and actual performance
  • All of these vendors have adopted before the spec is even finalized.Just the tip of the iceberg230 active CRM conversations about Tin Can1800 webinar registrations25% of vendors at learning solutions
  • So much opportunity and so many new things to be created.Use your imagination, the world just got blown wide openThe train is leaving the station, it’s time to get onboardGo play with itDemand that your vendors support it
  • 2/26/13 - Training industry Webinar - Mike Rustici

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