2013 Middle Tennessee ASTD – Tin Can – Andy Whitaker


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For more information on the Tin Can API, visit http://tincanapi.com

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  • When you boiling it down, the Tin Can API is standardized plumbing between systems.It enable systems to speak to one another using a shared language. If the Tin Can API is integrated with an activity (and we’ll get into examples of these) the activity can issue records of experience, or Tin Can statements, to any system that also supports the Tin Can API. Support in this context means that the system contains a Learning Record Store (we’ll come back to the LRS later in this webinar). Systems on the receiving end could be an LMS, a Talent Management System, or even a standalone LRS. So with Tin Can Statements being such a fundamental component of the Tin Can API, let’s quickly take a looks at a few examples?
  • I Did This, a noun, a verb and an object. With this simple structure one can begin to imagine the types of experiences that can now be tracked:Andy presented a Tin Can API webinarAndy attended an e-learning conferenceAndy resuscitated a CPR dummyThis is the essence of the Tin Can API.
  • What I’ll walk you all through today, is 1. a brief history of how the Tin Can API came to be. 2. how is this different from what we currently have, i.e. SCORM. And 2. what does Tin Can make possible that was either impossible, or really hard to do pull off with other standards. How did it come to be?History –About 2 years ago ADL, who are the creators and stewards of SCORM, issued a BAA (Broad Agency Announcement, or a government research grant) asking for help realizing the next generation of SCORM. We applied and were awarded the BAA which became project Tin Can. We spent the next year or so interviewing key players in our industry, having lots of conversations with our existing LMS and content clients, studied industry white papers, etc. We then merged all of this information and drafted the initial version of the Tin Can API.April of 2012 ADL Kickoff webinarJune 2012 mLearnCon formal announcement of Tin Can as the way forward for ADLAdoption – about 15 early adopters in attendance at mLearnConV0.95 – August of 2012Adoption – DevLearn 2012 about 30 adopters in attendanceCommunity participationCurrent adoptionWhy? The best way to answer this is to first come back to the idea of Tin Can as the Next generation of SCORMInherent challenges and limitations with SCORM – single learner, must log into an LMS to take training, reliant on a web-browser to serve content/activity… among others
  • It’s possible with SCORM: mobile browser, mobile friendly technology, i.e. javascript and HTML5, etc.Where Tin Can really shines when it comes to mobile is its ability to function outside of a browser, as well as in a disconnected environment. This now makes it possible and easy, when compared to SCORM, to track activities in Native mobile applications (Tappestry by Float Learning being a great example of this), and the app doesn’t have to be connected to the web.
  • Historically, the military has been one of the view sectors that have been able to afford to train their folks using high fidelity simulations. However, with the cost of this technology dropping and our ability to bring high fidelity simulations to both the web and mobile applications, more and more organizations will be considering simulations as another great training tool. Bad for SCORM, Tin Can is a great fit.
  • Shifting to the K-12 world. With ipads becoming more prevalent in many of our schools, teachers are taking advantage of educational games to help reinforce their teaching. Again, not a good fit for SCORM, but great for Tin Can. An interesting idea - Classroom with students playing these games, all speaking Tin Can and sending their learning records to a dashboard where the teacher can see real-time results.
  • Learning activities happen everywhere, not just in the digital space.Conference registration systems generate an ‘Andy attended mLearningDevCon’ statement.GoToWebinar could issue a statement for each of you confirming your attendance at this webinar.Track your attendance in a class.Book scanner prototype – I read this
  • What percentage of learning happens in SCOs?What percentage of learning happened in a classroom?Learning happens everywhere, both formally and informallyAnything can be a learning experienceNow we can track itWatching a khan academy videoAttending an exceptionally informative keynote presentationBeing mentoredMentoring somebody elseWriting a blog postReading a bookMaking a mistake
  • We are increasingly surrounded by electronic systems that know about our lives enabling the passive collection of learning experiencesConference session registration systemGoToWebinarrecord attendeesGoogle calendar buttonDiscussion board that asserts knowledge gain or experience sharing based upon activitySystems that track our actual job performance
  • What counts? What is learning?Too much data.Build smart systems that understand what counts and what is noise.Most of us probably won’t be able to count watching Gangnam Style as a learning experience. But let’s say your researching the effects of western culture in Asian societies. In this case Gangnam Style my become a valuable learning experience.
  • Big Data = Big OpportunityHow do people like to learn?What learning paths do the most effective performers take?What learning paths do the least effective performers take?Who is good at the skill of learning?What are people unexpectedly choosing to learn about? And how does this effect your learning programs?Can we bring together people with complimentary skills?It will take some work, Tin Can is not going to magically answer all of these questions for us, but it definitely allows us to collect the data necessary to answer these questions.
  • In the SCORM world, data goes into a black hole known as your LMS rarely to be seen again.In the Tin Canworld, data is now required be accessible and portable
  • Concept of the independent LRS has started to take holdProfound implications for enterprise architectures and LMS’s
  • Personal training records become portable
  • The next evolutionCould your learning records be the next resume?Would an organization benefit from knowing more about you as a holistic person?
  • All of these vendors have adopted before the spec is even finalized.Just the tip of the iceberg250 active CRM conversations about Tin Can
  • 2013 Middle Tennessee ASTD – Tin Can – Andy Whitaker

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