Understanding the TinCan API


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Presentation for MoodleMoot Dublin 2013

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  • NewADL focusextends to non-linear learning experiences and social media interactions and communication between systemsTo this end, the current SCORM standard simply doesn’t cut the mustard any more.Enter ADL’s new initiative: ‘Training and Learning Architecture‘, which includes the Experience API (Tin Can API) and the Learning Record Store (LRS).
  • Tracks formal e-learning only Tracks high level completion Only takes a single quiz scoreLINK: Learning must start at the LMS
  • TC recognisesthat learning happens away from the LMSMany other systems have knowledge of student’s learning activitiesTCAPI enables these to be pulled togetherLearner activity streams
  • Digital footprint extends to: Library systems Conference / event booking systems App store and mobile device data Webinar tools
  • Layer 4: start to analyse the impact of learning activities on performance, and adjust the learners’ activities as needed. LEARNING ANALYTICS.TCAPI can provide the plumbing for an LA programme.
  • Familiar with Facebook?Jenny added a photoJim commented on Jenny’s photoOliver shared Jenny’s photoOliver changed his profile pictureHelen shared a linkOpen Web Standard:http://activitystrea.ms/
  • Visitors pass which records attendance
  • LINK: So what happens to all those statements?
  • Personal Data Locker
  • Now let’s add some performance indicators too (highlight these in some way).LINK: DATA, ANALYTICS
  • Separate discipline, but TCAPI is an ENABLER for Learning Analytics programmes, whether for an individual, a course or an institution.
  • Breakdown of a 3 yr courseAchievement percentiles
  • Fine as it is, but with colour/style changes
  • Image of programmers at work
  • Layer 4: start to analyse the impact of learning activities on performance, and adjust the learners’ activities as needed. LEARNING ANALYTICS.TCAPI can provide the plumbing for an LA programme.
  • Understanding the TinCan API

    1. 1. Understanding the Tin Can API Mark Aberdour Head of Learning Platforms
    2. 2. An open standardfor tracking
    3. 3. The problemwith SCORM
    4. 4. Very little online learning happens on the LMS
    5. 5. Learning happensanywhere
    6. 6. What Tin Can API doesLayer 1: Frees us from the obsolete constructs of SCORMLayer 2: Allows us to record ANY learning experienceLayer 3: Frees learners’ data from the LMSLayer 4: Enables merging with performance data
    7. 7. How Tin Can API worksTin Can enabled activities send simple statements to aLearning Record Store. LRSElearning Game Simulator Blog YouTube
    8. 8. Tin Can Statements
    9. 9. Tin Can in Education “Jenny uploaded „Guide to Moodle navigation‟ to YouTube”
    10. 10. Tin Can in Education “Jenny watched Moodle for Beginners on Khan Academy”
    11. 11. Tin Can in Education “Jenny subscribed to „Class podcast‟ on iTunesU”
    12. 12. Tin Can in Education“Jenny posted „My first encounter with Moodle‟ on Jenny‟s Blog”
    13. 13. Tin Can in Education “Jenny attended 2013 UX Conference”
    14. 14. Tin Can in Education“Jenny uploaded a photo to the field work database”
    15. 15. Tin Can in Education “Jenny borrowed Moodle Administration from the college library”
    16. 16. Tin Can in Education “Jenny completed Topic One in Mobile Revision App”
    17. 17. Improving the learningexperience Learning Data EngagementCollection Big Data Analyticsstandard Retention Recruitment
    18. 18. Tin Can intheworkplace
    19. 19. ChallengesUnreliability Privacy and Dataof self ethics correlationsreporting concerns should not be taken at face value
    20. 20. Tin Can inMoodle
    21. 21. LMS support
    22. 22. Authoring tool support
    23. 23. Tin Can APIMoodleoptionsSCORM Cloud for Moodle: course format / commercial serviceMDL-35433: Modified SCORM module > SCORM reports (Jamie Smith)MDL-35433: Incorporate into new module (Dan Marsden)MDL-35433: Discuss. Code. Vote!
    24. 24. Further informationADL: http://www.adlnet.gov/capabilities/tla/experience-apiRustici: http://tincanapi.com/Andrew Downes: http://tincanapi.co.uk/Epic: http://epiclearninggroup.com/uk/knowledge-base/
    25. 25. epiclearninggroup.com