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3rd Grade Animal Lesson Plan
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3rd Grade Animal Lesson Plan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1.
    • Animal Lesson Plan
  • 2. Tennessee State Standards
    • 3rd Grade Science: Standard 2- Interdependence
  • 3. Tennessee State Standards
    • 3rd Grade Science: Standard 3-Flow of Matter and Energy
  • 4. Words to Know:
    • Ecosystem- An ecosystem is a complex set of relationships among the living resources, habitats, and residents of an area. It includes plants, trees, animals, fish, birds, micro-organisms, water, soil, and people.
    • Producer- Producers are organisms that make their own food through photosynthesis.
    • Photosynthesis-putting together with light.
    • Consumers- Animals must consume something else, either plants or other animals, to get their energy
    • Herbivores-Animals that eat mainly plants.
    • Carnivores-Animals that eat mainly meat.
    • Omnivores-Animals able to eat plants and animals.
    • Decomposers- Many insects, microscopic animals, fungi, and bacteria get their energy by decomposing (or reducing) dead organic matter to its basic units, enriching the soil with nutrients.
    • Food Chain-the transfer of energy from one living thing to another living thing.
  • 5. Ecosystem-Day 1 An ecosystem includes all of the living things in an area, plus their surroundings, plus all the ways in which they interact with each other.
  • 6. Producers: Photosynthesis- Day 1 Producers are the beginning of a simple food chain. Producers are plants and vegetables. All energy comes from the Sun and plants are the ones who make food with that energy. This is because they produce their own food! They do this by using light energy from the Sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil to produce food - in the form of glucouse/sugar.
  • 7. CONSUMERS-Day 2
    • Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores
  • 8. Herbivores
  • 9.  
  • 10.  
  • 11. Decomposers-Day 3
  • 12. Food Chain/Web-Day 4 Food chains are models that illustrate how plants and animals in an ecosystem are linked by their feeding relationships. Plants and animals are usually part of several food chains simultaneously. Food webs are models that show how different food chains combine to form a more complex system.
  • 13. Field Trip-Day 5