Lesson Plan Science Year 4


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Lesson Plan Science Year 4

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN SCIENCE YEAR 4 Subject : Science Class :4H Date : 8 October 2012 Time : 8.00am-9.00am Duration : 60 minutes Total pupils : 33 pupils Theme : Investigating The Earth and The Universe Learning Area :1. The Solar System Learning Objective :1.1 Pupils able to identify and state names of the nine planets correctly. Learning Outcomes :1.1.2 Pupils can list the planets in the Solar System in sequence at least out of eight correctly. :1.1.3 Pupils can state on the rate the planets move around the Sun. Previous Knowledge : Pupils have learnt the constituents of the Solar System. Science Process Skills : 1.) Observing 2.) Communicating 3.) Using Space-time relationship Scientific Attitudes : Appreciating the contribution of Science and Technology & Noble Values Being thankful to God, Being Confident. Resources : Solar System model, laptop, LCD, Flash card, marker pen, manila card, glue, envelope, worksheet . STEP / CONTENT PROCEDURE TEACHER’S NOTES CLASSROOM LANGUAGE ACTIVITIESSet Induction Teacher shows T : Good morning class SPS:( 5 minutes ) power point To attract pupils’ attention slides of the P : Good morning Observing Solar System on the screen. teacher.
  2. 2. T : Class, look at the Resources : Teacher asks screen. Power Point slide pupils questions. P : Can you name the objects shown ? Strategy/ P : Planets and the Technique Sun. T : Today, what are we Predict-Observe- Explain going to learn ? P : We don’t know. T : we are going to learn about the planets in the solar system in sequence and the planets around the Sun.Development 1 Name the nine Teacher shows a T : This is the model SPS : planets. model of the( 10 minutes ) Solar system of the Solar System. Observing, 1. Mercury Teacher asks T : Tell me, which Communicating, 2. Venus questions and explains. planet is the Using space-time 3. Earth Teacher enhance first/closest to the Relationship. is the dwarf Sun ? 4. Mars planet. It was not consider as the nine planet in the
  3. 3. 5. Jupiter P : Mercury. Solar System. T : Which planet is6. Saturn Which is adoption NV : of a formal the furthest7. Uranus definition of Appreciating the planet 2006. from the Sun ? contribution of8. Neptune Science and P : Pluto. Technology9. Pluto (dwarfplanet) Teacher shows T : Now, please look power point slide Being thankful to containing God at the screen. important information of each planet in the solar system. *The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury. Resource : *The second planet from Model of Solar Teacher puts up the Sun is Venus. flash cards of names of each System, planet shown. *The third planet from the Sun is Earth. The Power Point slides planet that we live. The only planet that has Pupils will be living things. called at random to read and spell *The fourth planet is names of planets. Mars. Strategy/ Teacher corrects Technique pronunciation *The fifth planet is where necessary. Jupiter. This is the Inquiry Technique largest planet in the Solar System. *The sixth planet is Saturn. *The seventh planet is Uranus. *The eighth planet is Neptune. *The ninth planet is Pluto.
  4. 4. Development 2 The planets Teacher asks T : Are the planets SPS: move around some questions(10 minutes ) the Sun. to pupils. moving around Communicating, the Sun ? Using space-time Pupils make P : Yes. relationship observation and inferences on T : Which planet time taken by each planet to go takes the least time NV: around the Sun. to move around Being Confident. the Sun ? Why ? P : Mercury, because it is the nearest to Strategy/ the Sun. Technique: T : Which planet takes the longest time to move around the Sun? Why ? Question-Answer Teacher asks two P : Pluto, because it is pupils come out to role play how the furthest from Simulation the planets are moving around the Sun. the Sun. T : Now, I want two pupils to come out. One will be the Sun and the other a planet.
  5. 5. Development 3 Name the nine Teacher divides T : Now, we are going Note : planets in pupils into five( 15 minutes ) sequence. groups. to do an activity. SPS : Each group leader Communicating In each group, will come to the pupils discuss the names of front to take the Strategy/ planets in the Technique: solar System in manila card, glue sequence. Group discussion and envelope. and presentation T : Please discuss in Pupils carry out their discussions. your group to stick the name of Resources: Pupils paste the the planets names of the planets in provided in the sequence on the Manila card, glue. manila card. flash card. envelope in sequence to the After discussion, Power Point Slides manila card. each group has to stick the Mind map manila card on T : Please stick the the whiteboard. manila card on the whiteboard. T : Now, we go Teacher carries out diagnostic activity that through the enable pupils to remember the 9 answers planets in Solar System in together. sequence.
  6. 6. T : I will give you some tips on how to remember the 9 planets in the solar system in sequence. Mercury - My Venus - Very Earth - Excellent Mars - Mother Jupiter - Just Saturn - Serve Uranus – Us Neptune - Nice Pluto - PizzaDevelopment 4 Work sheets Teacher gives T : Please complete SPS : worksheets to the( 15 minutes) pupils. the worksheet Communicating based on the Strategy : Pupils complete instructions given. the worksheets Inquiry technique Teacher gives T : Now, we can Resources: enrichment activity to pupils
  7. 7. who have discuss the Worksheets. completed their worksheets early. answers together.Closure Conclusion To enhance T : Now, I want 10 SPS : pupils knowledge( 5 minute ) about the topic. volunteer to come Communicating) out. One pupil will be the Sun and the Strategy/ Pupils volunteer others will be the Technique : to take part in the activity. nine planets. Simulation T : I want you to line Resources : Each pupil is up by following given a flash card with the name of the nine planets in the Sun or the Flash card planets in the their solar system Solar system. according to the sequence.