Lesson plan on classification of animals


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Lesson plan and activity for the students as a follow up on Classification of Animals presentation.

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Lesson plan on classification of animals

  1. 1. Unit title: Animal life Time: 45 & 45 minsOverview: Animals are of different types and can be classified into groups according totheir similar characteristics. By showing a power point presentation they e students learnabout these classes of animals and their features. They will also learn how to organizeinformation in a visual graphic.Sub topic: Classification of animalsPre-requisite knowledge/skills: Based on the characteristics of living things the livingorganisms are classified into plant and animal kingdom.Learning outcomes: The students will be able to• classify animal as vertebrates and invertebrates• list the characteristics of different classes of vertebrates and invertebrates• organize information in a graphic organizerMaterials / resources required:• Ppt on classification• Computer/OHP• Student fact cum worksheet• Chart paperEssential Unit Questions:• Are all the animals same?• How are they classified?Time Class setting/ Resources Learning Sequence5 mins Whole class /individualwork /test sheetintroductionStart the session by having a brief recall ofcharacteristics of living thing. Ask:Kavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 1
  2. 2. • What are the characteristic of living thing?• MRSGREN• How are living things classified?• What are the two main classes or groups of livingthings?• Plants and animals• Are all animals the same?• Name a few animals.• Write the names on the BB.• Then ask: Can these animals be grouped in anyway? Or are there animals which showsimilarities?• What are the similarities?• Can we give each group some kind of name?Tell the students that they are going to learn aboutthe different animals living all over the world andsee their differences and similarities.10 minWholeclass/ppt/computer/Factsheet/note bookPhase 1: Instructional ProcessDistribute the fact sheet to the students and ask themto just read/browse through it.Ask one or two students the summary of the factsheet.Tell them that whatever they have not understoodwill be clarified after the presentation.Kavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 2
  3. 3. 10minsWholeclass/ppt/computer/Factsheet/note bookPhase 2:Show the ppt to the class.Slide 3: Ask what is a back bone?Slide 5: Discuss what is cold blooded? Why snakesare called cold blooded?After the presentation till slide 9 ask the studentswhat are the 5 min groups of vertebrates?Let them come up with their answers.Than show slide 10 and discuss the five groupsSlide 11: Tell the students that the next slide 11 and12 they have to identify to which class of vertebratesthe animals belong. They have to write their answersin their notebooks.15minsWholeclass/ppt/computer/Factsheet/note bookPhase 3:Show slide13 and ask them if they can identify someanimals in their daily /immediate surrounding that areinvertebrates.10minsWhole class/work sheet Phase 4:Tell the students to read fact sheet and discuss if theyhave any queriesTell them “let’s see how these animals can beKavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 3
  4. 4. classified.’After slide 20 ask them to recall what areinvertebrates and the three main groups ofinvertebrates.Tell them that they have to classify the animalsshown in the next slide as vertebrates andinvertebrates and write their answers in the copy.5 mins Whole class Closure: (DR Room)Ask the students:• What are animals?• How are animals classified?• What are the two main groups of animals?• What is the difference between them?(45/35mins)20 mnsWhole class in the classroom setting/ factsheet /chart paperPhase 5:Tell the students that they have to work in groups.They all have to read the fact sheet and make a flowchart showing the classification of the animalkingdom.FeedbackTeacher Feedback to the lesson planDuring the transactionWas the LO achieved?Timing:Kavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 4
  5. 5. Transaction:Any other difficulty:Suggestions:Class work sheet: 1Classification of Animals-Fact SheetTitle – ANIMAL KINGDOM We put livings things into two largegroups: Animals Plants Animals are split into two major groups: Vertebrates Invertebrates Vertebrates These are animals with a backbone. There are five groups of vertebrates:o Fisho Amphibianso Reptileso Birdso Mammals Fish• Are cold-blooded.• Live in water• Lay eggs (but some do give birth tolive young).• Have a moist skin covered in scales.• Breathe through gills. Amphibians• Are cold-blooded.• Lay eggs.• Have a smooth, moist skin.• Are able to live on land as well as inthe water. Reptiles• Are cold-blooded.• Lay eggs.• Have a dry skin covered with scales Birds• Have feathers and hollow bones• Lay hard shelled eggs• Warm blooded Mammals• Have hair and produce milk• Give birth to live offspring (no eggs)• Warm blooded Invertebrates These are animals without a backbone They breathe through their skin andreproduce by laying eggs. There are three broad groups ofinvertebrateso Wormso Molluscso Arthropods Worms• Have round or flat bodies• Generally have bodies divided intosegments• Breathe through their skin Molluscs• Crawl on a single fleshy pad.• Breathe through their skin• Can have a shell Arthropods• Have lots of legs and segmentedbodies.• There are four group of arthropods:o SpidersKavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 5
  6. 6. o Centipedes & Millipedeso Crustaceanso Insects• Spiders• Have four pairs of legs.• Have bodies divided into two sections• Centipedes & Millipedes• Have long thin bodies and pairs oflegs on each of their many bodysections• Crustacean• Have five-seven pairs of legs• Bodies covered in shellInsects• Have three pairs of legs• Bodies divided into three sections• Often have wingsKavita grover EVS Grade 5 Page 6
  7. 7. Exercise 1:Complete the flow chart showing the classification of animal kingdom. Write the characteristic of each group withexamples.Kavita Grover EVS-Class 5 Page 7Animal KingdomInvertebrates
  8. 8. Kavita Grover EVS-Class 5 Page 8