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  1. 1. Infographic Marketing Better Creation, Better Promotion Credit
  2. 2. Design is about solvingproblems and providingelegant solutions.Information design isabout solvinginformation problems. David McCandless Clip
  3. 3. David McCandless
  4. 4. What Success Looks Like Name of Links Retweets Topic View Infographic World Cup 2010 Calendar (English) 53,538 18,000 Sports Link World Cup 2010 Calendario (Spanish) 19,044 18,000 Sports Link WTF is HTML5 and Why We Should All Care 14,200 5,846 Internet Link How Different Groups Spend Their Day 13,000 n/a Culture Link The Rip 8,517 1,500 Technology Link Left vs Right World 6,000 123 Politics Link The Billion Dollar Gram 4,000 n/a Money Link If You Printed the Internet 4,000 1,956 Office Link Coffee Drinks Illustrated 3,688 n/a Coffee LinkSource
  5. 5. GOOD
  6. 6. GOOD
  7. 7. LESSGOOD
  8. 8. LESSGOOD
  9. 9. UGLY
  10. 10. UGLY
  11. 11. Infographic Success 70% Content30% Promotion
  12. 12. Resource CurrentComparison THEMATICS Status Progression
  13. 13. Hooks &NarrativesResonate
  14. 14. Important Data: High and Huge Source
  15. 15.
  16. 16. You Can’t Do This In
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Source
  20. 20. Email Social Marketing BookmarkingBlogCommenting Content Blog Seeding RepurposingPress InfographicRelease Directories Content Social Media Refresh Home Page Sharing Banners
  21. 21. Start With Your Own Website: Fake Your Own GreatnessSidebar BannerInbound Links on other InfographicsMultiple Image FormatsPoster Ordering (Cafepress, Zazzle)Badgets / Widgets
  22. 22. Blog Seeding Your Go-to Network Sites That Posted Other Relevant Sites Your Past InfographicsPeople Who FollowYou On Twitter And Sites That Linked To Have Posted Your Other Stuff Infographics Sites That Posted Relevant Sites That Competitive Post Infographics Infographics
  23. 23. Who Linked To Past Infographics? Google Image Search (Image) (infographic URL) (Image) Research Niche Infographics• Search / other infographic sites by keyword• Search Google – Intitle:keyword + “infographic” – Inurl:keyword + “infographic” Create a “Likelihood – Keyword + infographic To Link” Score To Prioritize Targets
  24. 24. Promotion Outreach For every person willing to embed/post your infographic, there are probably a dozen willing to tweet or vote up your content. Source
  25. 25. Social Bookmarking StumbleUpon (Consider Promoted Stumbles) Other Niche Reddit SitesNetworks are valuable. Use your own or pay others for the use of theirs.
  26. 26. Infographic CloudInfographics.comIHeartInfographics InfographicsShowcase .com (paid)
  27. 27. Content RepurposingImages Video Presentation PDF YouTube, Flickr, etc. syndication
  28. 28. Post-Op Tips• Use and Google to find those who embed your graphic – request attribution and add contacts to your database for future outreach• Add additional text, internal links to other pages to aid SEO• Determine which keywords are sending traffic to the infographic – enhance on-page optimization• Learn from your successes and mistakes
  29. 29. If you’re navigating a dense informationjungle, coming across a beautiful graphic ora lovely data visualization, it’s… like comingacross a clearing in the jungle. David McCandless
  30. 30. Scott All major baked goods accepted.